Not gunna lie, JJ kind stole my heart this episode. He’s joined the ‘nice butt’ club.

This week the episode, romantically was toned down. I half expected Victor to be overly affectionate now, but I liked that the focus didn’t shift from the competition to the kiss. Although, if this was real media, there would have been some mention of the kiss in the opening. A taboo romantic element on a global stage? News sites would have hit that headline hard!

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There are a lot more love elements as the show goes on as well. First there was Yurio and his grandpa, Geordie and his ex, and now Mickey with his sister. Maybe Chris with himself. Each is a different type of love and in different stages of love. They may not be romantic, but they are a form of love.

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The episode focussed more on Yurio than Yuri and Victor this go round, with the climax being Yurios performance. His reaction to his grandfather not coming, and the anxiety that follows that is both out of character and very much in character for Yurio. He’s on his home turf, and his main support figure isn’t going to be there, so the spunky Yurio was more affected by his emotions and off his game. In Japan Yuri also felt nervous, partially due to being on his home turf and feeling that added pressure.


The Yuri and Viktor scenes were much calmer, both in terms of steam and drama. Yuri was calm, there was no crying, or incidents between them. There was that moment of pulling Victors tie, and kissing Yuri’s skate.. Im not sure if kissing the skate is an industry thing or if it was just a Victor thing. Yuri didn’t pull anything surprising in the performance, but he did ace it!

Before the actual skate, Yuri was very confident. Going back to when he was okay with people hating him for taking all of Victor, now hes making a conscious effort to intimidate the competition before they intimidate him. Its the polar opposite from last weeks episode, and its kinda hot. It may not have been a big splash, but it was a big moment for him in terms of his personality as a competitor in demonstrating eros. And blowing an air kiss to the judges~ it may not be a lip lick, or aimed at victor, but its sexy~

Speaking of acing it, JJ, proud to be Canadian with exports like him. I was half expecting a docile ‘in Americas shadow’ type character, so im so pleased! He’s spunky and sexy and he has so much confidence! I do wish he had worked in an ‘eh’ at some point, but ill take it! his music is already on Spotify I hear, which is great cause I want it.

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Each skater still maintains their personalities, which when you have characters from around the world is a great way to represent the fan base. The personalities aren’t strictly stereotypes either. Yes JJ has a maple leaf tattoo, but he’s not apologizing every second. Leon, the American skater, was skating to a boyband like song, but he wasn’t rude or eating McDonalds or boasting. He was rather toned down. I like the visual representation as well as the personality representation. They may be background/supporting characters but they maintain their own rivals, backstories, motivations. This helps for when the main characters aren’t going to be in the spotlight, there’s lots of personalities to choose from.


The ending was a bit.. Meh. If victors leaving then that means he wont get to see Yuri’s skate live, so either Yuri’s not going to make it or he’s going to win for victor! Both sound like cliché plot lines, so I really hope im wrong. This is why I don’t have a dog.


Overall the episode was toned down. It gave a breather from the heart pounding and let the dead fans from last week a chance to pick themselves back up. Yurio fans got to see him go through an emotional turmoil, but still hold himself together. For a 15 year old, he has a lot of emotional strength compared to the 23 year old he’s competing against! He was able to pull himself out of the mini-panic.


Rating: A-


This show!! In 4 weeks when its over im going to be so sad. But if it was dragged out it would do the story justice. Plot twist, Yuri and victor skip off into the sunset singing the best friends song holding pinkeys. o.O thank god this season doesn’t end in April, or the April fools day posts about this series would be everywhere.


not sure how Spotify works, but heres the youtube link to JJs theme!



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