Gore, Humor and politics? And those freaky eyes!! And it all works!

So episode 2 brings in more of an explanation as to the setting, both in Toyohisas new home, and in the organizations behind them. We are introduced to the Octoberist organization, regarded as wizards in the realm Toyohisa and Co are in. They seem to be in charge of the military or have a high position of power within the government or royal system. They are the only people who are allowed to deal with Drifters, and the elf children aiding Toyohisa broke the rules and the village is attacked.

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Now despite there being 101 Nobunaga series out there, I think this one is the most.. Accurate, personality wise. Not that I know him personally(totally not a time traveller) but the others are either set in space, or involve gender bending and time travellers from the future. This Nobunaga is more.. Angry and war driven, which is how he’s described in non-Nobunaga protagonist series, like Token Ranbu. When the soldiers are attacking the village, it spurs his desire to take the village for himself.

The entire time, the Drifters are being monitored by a woman who is reporting back to a man in white. I am not sure if he is an Octoberist, or is against the Octoberists. There are 2 clear factions, which we can see when Easy confronts the man, Murasaki, at the desk, and seems to try and take the hallway of doors for herself. The man doesn’t let her, and his eyes are creepy. He is also reading a newspaper that tells of the taking of the Elf village. Easy is able to alter the paper to show perhaps what her own faction has done. She refers to her… people… as Ends, while calling the mans people Hero’s.

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So the Hero’s/Drifters are under the control of the Octoberist, which is possibly the guy in Whites faction, because there seems to be an attack/action against him at the end, after Easy does something to the newspaper, reveling the text “Black King commences Invasion’

So we have this world dynamic that Toyohisa is in, and this Outer World Dynamic that is going on around them. Both by themselves seems pretty cool, but how will Toyohisa act in a more civilized world when they inevitably combine? Unless the Drifters are to be blindly used without knowing whose influencing them.

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It poses a good question. Once again, the art was phenomenal. The use of shadows and angles to make a more sinister villain and the absolute gore of the situations felt so satisfying. The silence as Toyohisa smashed his face in with his scabbard.. Was very dramatic. Overall I liked it a lot. The humorous bits didn’t feel out of place, they actually felt like a needed breather after an intense scene, and keeping the overall tone on a less intense but still serious note.

Rating: B+

I am really enjoying this series, 2 episodes in, which im kinda surprised at, considering Hoods Entertainment has made some of my least favorite animes, along with some mid-favorable titles. If someone told me Drifters was made by the same studio as Kanojo ga Flag, I wouldn’t have believed them. Checkout more Drifters HERE, and checkout this anime HERE!

Thanks for reading!