The Breakers are back and are bringing long with them their phobias, self deprecation and mommy issues.

Kazu pushing his parents cheer team on this new team has been a rather constant theme throughout the series, and I mean, its what he knows. The first routine they are going to do is the same one his parents did. It seems a bit clingy, and more like he’s trying to replicate that situation, instead of carving out his own team. His genuine personality makes me think that’s maybe not a conscious decision, but its definitely coming across like that.


Haru is still terrified of heights, so, why not put a trampoline on his roof? Brilliant! Yea no. Haru is afraid of heights, multiple times in the episode he loses his cool while being up in the air. Its only after the team goes on a self deprecation suicide speech that he stands up and is more confident in himself. Haru may have decided to become a cheerleader, but resolve and ability are different.


Either way, fairy tale ending, Haru somewhat conquers his fear, and Sho does some stunts! After he said he wasn’t going to do stunts.. He’s extremely muscly as well.


We get hints at romance throughout the episode, with Ton revealing he has a girlfriend, Chihiru approaching Haru, and Kazu failing at being a wingman, and a possible crush on Kazu? Maybe im watching  too much Yuri but… sparkles surrounding someone while the background falls away… pretty standard motif for love at first sight right? Well congrats to Kazu!

Screenshot 2016-11-25 23.04.22.png

We get a bit of foreshadowing when Harus mother walks into the café and sees the poster advertising their performance. Whether she’s going to publicly humiliate him or wait to scold him at home we don’t know, but the short bob hair, the pearl necklace and permanent scowl doesnt lend to a favorable outcome. Maybe Haru runs away from home afterwards? I don’t believe he would give up the cheer team at this point, after having accepted it, and then using it to get over his fear of heights.


The production during the performance was both good and bad. The animation itself was great, the post-performance animation looked bare compared to the performance, but the camera work was a bit.. Off. In some locations it was too high up, as if the members were supposed to jump higher or something.

Screenshot 2016-11-25 23.00.48.png

Overall I feel like the episode was a bit rushed. One character has an injury he needed to rest for 4 weeks, but he was able to perform. We didnt get an element of time lapse, so it could have been the next day.. And for how long they practiced.. 4 weeks makes a big difference. They start off the episode celebrating the summer break but appear to perform on school campus. So the time element of it seems off and hard to follow.


Rating: B-


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Thanks for reading!