This show is really funny, with its colors, sparkles and characters.

And of course the one female character has to be defined by who she has a crush on..

The show throughout keeps a happy tone, and in the last few minutes you are reminded of 15 as a sinister character. They kept it so lighthearted I wasn’t sure if they were going to keep up with the backstory they set up in the first episode.


We were told the backstory of the 4 prisoners, and why they escape prison. The reasoning’s are rather shallow, but they work with the lackadaisical attitude the prisoners seem to have about being in Nanbaka prison, and matched with what the prisoners themselves have said they liked about the prison.

Not much more was told about 15 though, he is native Japanese, and breaks out as a hobby. We know from episode 1 he’s looking for the man who put the shackles on, so what we know and what Hajime knows is mismatched.


We also saw a lot of the other supervisors, and they seem to be as creative and colorful as the inmates. Hajime is rather subdued compared to his collegues. This series is reminding me if Kill La Kill if that show had any chill. Between the hair colors, clothing accessories and nail polish, each character seems to have a pharmacy to style themselves each morning.


Again , the tone was rather calm throughout the episode with no breakouts shown, and only 15 breaking out of his cell to hang out with Hajime or get some decent sleep.

The episode ended off on a new character introduction, a blonde boy with a mouth of shark teeth. We don’t know who he is yet or why he’s grinning at the sparkly pink door of cell 13.


Overall the episode was a little on the boring side. Im all for the dark mysterious 15, and either following him to abandon his friends and search out the man who shackled him, or having him go through some other emotional turmoil thing, but we really didn’t get any new information this episode, besides the fact that the warden has the hots for Hajime, while Hajime is terrified of her. Come on, a woman in power and she melts at the sight of the bald guy? Despite being boring, I didn’t dislike the episode, I think it’s a great slice of life series so far, and any added excitement is really just a plus. The humor isn’t gag-y, more of a ‘out of left field’ and ‘facepalm’ kind of humor.

Rating: B

Not mad at this show at all. I am confused about the sparkles and whether they serve a purpose or are just… there. The supervisors may or may not play a bigger part later, and the introduction of them lends to maybe a direction including prisoners of other buildings coming to 13, or the main prisoners escaping to other buildings or being separated into different buildings. Who knows! Well I mean probably lots of people because im like 5 episodes behind… SHHHH!!

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