Ritsu has power!!


In a (not so) twist of fate we discover that Ritsu has the ability to bend Spoons when he’s angry. Not that he knows this because it was discovered after he stormed out of the room in anger and frustration, but yaaaaay!!

Is this a good thing? Ritsu right now has so much anger inside of him, and with Mobs record with anger, is it such a good thing for Ritsu at this point to be activating his powers? Is the final boss going to be a sibling battle? Most likely not, its only episode 6. If it was episode 8/9, id say probably. But this show moves too fast to have a real picture of the ending.


So we are shown a lot more espers in this episode, between the (not so) espers at the  Awakening Labs, to the adult esper Mob sees and feels sick looking at, to ppooooossibly the student council Prez. Although he may have just been seeing the older brother in his mind and not as a ghost.

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The majority of the episode focusses on Ritsu, as he struggles with the guilt and anger at not having abilities. With Mob putting him on a pedestal for not having abilities and ‘not being weird’. Which, when your not happy with yourself and someone says that’s a good thing… it can be a bit infuriating. Ritsu is called ‘one of the smartest in the nation’ by the student council, and is roped into framing Onigawara for an act of vandalism that destroys peoples opinion of the student, and that seems to weigh on Ritsus mind. His mental health isn’t helped when a fellow council member tells Ritsu to stop trying to act like his older brother.


The incident with Teru is also weighing on Mobs mind. Mob has a moment where he confesses he doesn’t want these abilities anymore, and I’ve got to admit, for as lecherous and scummy as Reigen is, he gives some damn good advice. He’s kinda cool when he isn’t faking a séance or doing the ‘cheeseburger tornado’ to get out of getting caught.

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I originally didn’t think there would be much of a focus on Ritsu, on the first few episodes. Im really happy with how things are turning out. The buildup of his abilities is taking a while, which is good. Id rather this subplot element be built up overtime instead of rushed through like a lot of the plot arcs. Out  of this series this sibling power dynamic is more along the lines of standard anime. In blue exorcist for example, when the younger brother starts developing demon powers.. Although he initially didn’t want them, so it’s a bit different. But it’s a great dynamic. I do hope that its not a quick reveal, to keep that contrast between brothers there. There’s no pre-set antagonist for the next episode, so mob may not explode!


OH! And Dimples back. And… Ritsu can see him. !!!


Rating: A


I know I behind. Im catching up. If anyone has a series they want me to continue again, im going through my unfinished ones to try and catch up. If you have one you’d like sooner rather than later let me know! Ill link a few of them down below! Check out more Mob Psycho 100 HERE in the mean time though!


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