So with the first ova series being about Ban, it seems this one is going to focus more on King and Diane. There was hints at it in the second episode, the entire 3rd episode, so lets see the 4th episode!!

King has been my favorite Nanatsu no Taizai character for a while now, mainly because he’s an adorable little button. He is definitely the Moe character of the bunch. You want to support him as he struggles with his feelings for Diane, and Dianes feelings for Melodias.

This episode is more the climax of this love triangle, and if it is being addressed now, does that mean it wont be a big factor in the second season? Like the ‘kill Melodias, get Elaine back’ element?

The issue of Diane memories has been one of the more soft plot elements in this series. King lost his memory, befriended a young Diane, fell in love, and then were separated. Fast forwards 185 years, and they are reunited, but Diane doesn’t remember any of their time spent together, so King has these unrequited feelings. Towards the end of the first season we get hints that Diane has recovered her memory, and through small phrases, connected to flashbacks of the same phrases used 200 years ago… there’s more of a possibility her memories returned.

The episode doesn’t focus on what the main series would consider important, a demon, for example, running rampant on the town and almost killing a newlywed groom. They defeat the monster, yes, but the reappearance of the beast after the battle has already been concluded doesn’t seem to be a prevalent issue for our hero’s. Instead the focus is on the fact that King caught Diane in a princess carry, and is now asking if she has her memories back.

Screenshot 2016-11-29 13.27.13.png

Shortly after receiving his answer, of course.. A brick drops on his head, and he loses HIS memory of the day, including the answer, and the fact that he even asked.

Its hard to believe that this ova series, despite it not following the manga, is non-canon. Maybe its bridging the different endings between the manga and anime, in preparation for an unexpected second season. There are some heartwarming elements, like Diane apologizing for damaging the town, while the townsfolk apologize for hating the Sins despite their innocence, and the whole focus on Kings feelings, which are a huge part of his character. Who is King when he’s not falling head over heels for Diane?? Maybe this half confession was a slight Fanservice move, because it sure made my heart skip a beat, before my face hit my desk.

Screenshot 2016-11-29 13.25.51.png

The music again though.. It did not match the situations again. It was either too intense, or carried on over different scenes. Montage music was carried over into other scenes, danger music was used when sad music should have been used, and sad music was used when happy music should have been used. It was kind of all over the place, which didn’t help with the feelings you were trying to feel over Diane and King.

King was surprisingly bold in this episode, from ranting aloud, when others could hear him, to not freaking out when he was holding Diane, to a lack of heart pounding when asking his question. He was even so bold as to imagine Diane swimming topless!

But alas, he’s lost his memory and is back to being all panicky around Diane. Well, the memory balls in her court now, so lets see what she does with it.

Rating: B+

I do like this series a lot, and the first favorite character poll had King WAAAAY in the lead! Emotionally, I think he has the biggest backstory. Melodias being at least part demon, that’s like plot relevant backstory, but the DianexKing romance is cuter than BanxElaine for me. I want King to succeed.

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Thanks for reading!