Is softcore Ecchi a thing?

Cheating Craft is so far from the first episode they are different shows. The test taking, and impact the tests have are not so much the main focus anymore, just a means to a setting. What does seem to be the main focus of the show is.. Romance?

There is an odd square.. Or.. Pentagram of feelings in this show, involving Mumei, Haku, Kou, Jun and now Shuu.

 Screenshot 2016-11-29 22.56.17.png

With Mumei in love with Haku, but her being oblivious, that leaves Jun falling for Kou, or any woman willing to demean him, and Shuu feeling.. Something towards Mumei. It was slightly erotic, but later on it was more of a rivalrous intrigue. But again, Mumeis in it for Haku and is oblivious towards the ‘advances’, which included being held against the wall and pen being (interpreted by Kou) a euphemism for penis.

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Kou, while I don’t think she has romantic feelings towards Mumei, she’s definitely jealous of his time spent with Haku. They did come in with a definite goal, and he’s switched over to a more Haku focussed path, so that could be the center of her frustrations.

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When the cast is not drooling over one another, there is some minor test taking. The crazy scenarios are a bit… too much. There isn’t really any logic to the goings on during that test time, from random students appearing and disappearing, the enemy’s being the observers, and the magic Shokatsu Technique that Mumei implements during every instance he gets.

The new character, Shuu, appears to have a magic technique up his sleeve as well, so this convoluted show could be ramping up for even more absurdity. If there even is a plot or an end goal anymore, id be surprised. There’s no progression in any of the episodes. Sure a little bit carries over, the introduction of a new character, or the goal to have the same pen as Haku, but last I checked, you entered that school to free your father..

The visuals in the episodes reflect the shift in focus. There are romantic themed backgrounds and the sharks tear the clothing off the character, girls and guys. There’s not really any symbolism around a prison, no vague statements about prison, there doesn’t seem to be anyone working from the shadows. There’s no mystery, no larger enemy.. At least not in the past 5 episodes. So im not sure what there’s really to.. Like about the series at this point.

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With so many things its over powered and underwhelming. We have the masochist, the hetero romance, the possible BL with Shuu, but he turns into other rival?

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