Do you ever have that moment where you say something, and then something happens where your like ‘but I just… ugh fine’ and go to bed?

No mystery huh, no behind the scenes guys huh, no long term plot? Well then what would you call this episode? I have no idea. There is so much mystery, I have no idea what happened. There was a dramatic reading by Kou, interrogations of old and new characters, a romantic montage of Mumei and Shuu Rinnu, ending with the revelation that Mumeis dead? What? Did this SasuNaru fanfiction take a dark turn somewhere? Was it after Shuu peeked on Mumei in the bathroom? Or after Shuu broken Mumeis pen?

 Screenshot 2016-11-29 23.18.08.png

The episode was like a bad commercial, drawn out 5 times the normal run length. There seems to be an incident, revolving around 2 people. Kou and Mumei? Maybe, but no. later on, 2/3 of the way through we find out theyre talking about Mumei and Shuu. The camera man is kept secret, and may not even be in the room, as when the camera falls, there’s no attempt from the cameraman to put it right side up.

The questions revolve around the relationship between the two and some type of incident. The interviewees also say a number, of times they’ve seen something, and asked about the Shokatsu technique.

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For a recent character, the show has put a lot of weighted importance on Shuu Rinnu as a character in Mumeis life. Going back to episode 4, there was whole ‘red string of fate’ type talk, and in this episode he breaks the pen Mumei got to match Haku. The show being disjointed as it is, are they trying to introduce a romantic element between the two? A lot of the material in the episode 4 and 6 suggest that, between the indirect kisses, looks between them and insistence on fate, it is coming across as a last minute decision to try and inject something new. And its confusing as all hell. There’s mystery now, but bad mystery. What the heck even is this mystery?

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So lets see where it goes from here.. If Mumeis really dead, what the conflict was with Shuu, and if there even is a reason for this setup… unless.. Are they trying to parody other shows? Water being Keijo, Yuri in episode 5, and this one.. Prison so Nanbaka?? I don’t even know at this point, but checkout more Cheating Craft HERE and try and figure any of this out.

Thanks for reading!