Boobs and butts aside, this episode is about teamwork.

So here we have ‘irregular at magic highschool’ type plot, with elites and normals with different treatments. The goal is to become an elite, and receive better food, lodging and training. Most of these elite are from special backgrounds, making Nozomi, the main character, snubbed and in the normal category.

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Nozomi is a very transparent character. She is loud, skilled, and easily motivated. Episode 1 it was money, episode 2, food. She wants that gelato. But she is also smart. She may not be socially smart but she is good at noticing others, and adapting to them. This comes to fruition when Aoba who refuses to speak, is reading the wind. So Nozomi reads Aoba.

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The episode covers a lot of the training aspect that goes into Keijo training, like figure 8s with you hips, rolling a tire with your boobs and butts, and wiggling 200 meters. The stories behind the characters didn’t come out much more.

The end goal, reaching the Land has been achieved, and once again they face an enemy. This time it is one of the teachers, who herself had a background in Keijo. Nozomi seems to have.. Gathered energy in her butt and thus destroyed her roommates swimsuits, resulting in a special suit for Nozomi? No idea what it is, just that its blue and covers her body.

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The episodes animation continued in quality through the second episode. The wind and the ball moving like it was on wind was believable, even if not everything is believable. The episode was more focussed on establishing room 309 as a contender, whereas they started off the underdog or assumed failure of the class. Room 309 is notorious for having all of their residents drop out. Foreshadowing to possible issues in the future? Or just an attempt to create the underdog tone?

It didn’t wow me like the first episode, in action or general content.

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