Shos secret!! Which kinda contradicts what he’s said in uplifting speeches before..

The team now had a buttload of more members! Including that cute little pink haired kid who may or may not be in love with Kazu. He had a bit of ‘Rose of Versailles’ filter over Kazu at one point.. But it may just be he idolizes him.


The episode jumped in really fast, and got right to work on the humor. Now Watarus humor, half misunderstand, half cringe, is the team mascot it seems, because everyone’s making cringy jokes, like ‘you sure your not a girl, don’t wanna assume’ and ‘why don’t the breakers have breakdancing’


They’ve also acquired a new coach, Sasaki Takagi.

Screenshot 2016-11-29 22.29.04.png

All throughout the episode there are digs at Sho, signs that this coach knows something abut Sho, and that she expects a lot from him. With her talking over his role, she assigns him as the drill captain, the assignment of positions, and talks to him as if they have a longstanding relationship. Sho around her is quiet and obedient. The opposite of the Sho we know. Well we find out when he’s pushed into assigning a position for himself that he used to be a base for Sparks, and he slipped up, resulting in the paralysation of the flyer, the coaches daughter.

Screenshot 2016-11-29 22.10.09.png

We see Haru transform! This coach has a lit a fire under him and its great. Multiple factors contribute though, from his fear or avoidance of his sister, to his dependence on Kazu. He considers himself a wimp, but after confiding in Sho, and being mocked by the judo club, he (for the third time really) takes  a stance.


Even pre-Sho, Harus attitude towards the team was described as ‘mother hen’ and even threatened to kick a guy out because he was picking on the pink haired one. But going around and being encouraging and giving advice, Haru was pretty cool. Where this works into his personality, or the overall theme of facing yourself, not really sure. It doesn’t really.

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To handle Sho, he demonstrates with the (tentative) help of Kazu that you will fall, you just have to know how to fall. So he throws Kazu, and the judo training kicks in and he falls safely.


Kazu himself took a more backseat, save for the conversation with Haru. Kazu is being made into Harus rival by the coach, in order to push the boys to push themselves. There hasn’t been a rivalry air about them, so im worried about it feeling forced. Haru may feel like in order to be a rival he may have to take a step back from their friendship, which he wouldn’t do so I can see some conflict with the coach there, but I do think this new coach will be a good thing. Why a semi-professional coach decided to join them im not sure, maybe it was seeing Sho, or maybe she just had time. Either way, get a bit of sake into her and she laughs at you like an elder sister would.


We got to know why Sho is so moody. I think if Haru asked Sho to be his base, that would go a long way in building Shos confidence up, but Harus still a bit of a wimp so he would probably be more afraid by that story than confident. But who knows, maybe he will make a 4th resolution. He makes a ton of resolutions to do stuff. Like.. Every other episode.


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