Teekyu doesn’t have this many plot holes.

So it appears Mumei isn’t dead. And his father isn’t in jail?

So in a battle that we will never see, Mumei and Shuu apparently duke it out. The loss sends Mumei into hiding, in which Kou, who insists on being referred to as Lady K, among the variations finds him.

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That battle seems to be pretty damn important, forcing Mumei out of school, causing an investigation, and driving him to go see his father in ‘jail’.

Kou, whose been more focussed on their goal the past 6 episodes, is surprisingly in the know, knowing not only where her father is, but that he’s not imprisoned.

This arc is the complete opposite of what the series entails itself.

  1. Mumei is training, legitimately. No cheating.
  2. Can this be considered a test? Or just training? He’s goaded into advancing his skills, which he does so with ease..
  3. There’s no cooperation between Mumei and Kou, the C and L type students, paired to succeed and free their father. But he’s not in prison, and Kou knew this. So what’s the goal, what’s the motivation?
  4. At this point does Mumei even care. Upon the reveal that it is his father he is fighting, he didn’t seem surprised, or questioning, he didn’t acknowledge it at all. He just wanted Kou back.

 Screenshot 2016-11-30 01.34.01.png

The episode is kinda half assed, in content at least. The animation is pretty consistently smooth. Some people look like a waffle from far away, but up close there’s some real nice shading and fine lines.

The comedy is pretty half assed as well. The training is ‘comical’ and lackluster. Being the center of a group hug of naked men in the sauna.. Complete with moans.. And sorting combustible ducks.. Yes that’s fantastic training. He’s a superstar and utterly destroyed his father in battle.

 Screenshot 2016-11-30 01.26.35.png

You think im joking?

The episode left off in the worst possible location, the beginning of a battle, or a rematch to a battle we will never see. Maybe if this battle is viewable we will find out the reason for the alleged romance friends to suddenly break up and fight to the alleged death.

Im trying to pull some deep meaning from this, but they’ve literally gone back on their entire synopsis at this point. The martial arts have taken over the story, and the end goal is gone. So.. Yup.

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