Kay not gunna lie, im watching the Funimation broadcast Dub, mostly for the accents. I gotta say, some of these English voice actors cannot do made up language accents. Some over enunciate, and its so funny. Others are okay, but some.. Man im dying. Real accents, like French, fantastic accents. Im really enjoying this series.

Episode 3 has followed the natural progression of the show, in expanding the universe. We have the main character, we’ve seen them in action, now get to the meat of the plot. And the plot is some Lord of the Rings, Black Cauldron type stuff.


Majority of the episode was kinda useless to us at this point. It was a standard battle until the Ends became involved. Then, much like in episode 2 when Toyohisa joined in, then the battle became interesting, partially due to the added abilities, magic. I feel like its specific to Ends, who are the Drifters on the Black Kings side. He seems to be some Grim Reaper looking guy, so im assuming, that he granted them the abilities. Considering the Drifters are normal people kidnapped from time, they don’t inherently hold magic.


The use of Drifters is interesting for the Black King, considering he says he hated Drifters and his goal is to eradicate them. Now.. Is there a necessary attribute, or do they need to prove themselves worthy in their lives to become a Drifter? Or does Murakami just have to pluck them out? Because if a Drifter is just a person taken from their time and realm.. Then eradicating them all may be a difficult task. The Black King is great at eradicating natives though.


The Octobrists, are an organization.. We don’t know much more. This episode introduced the Black King more than anything, with carnage and the Ends.


There are more Drifters with the Octobrists member currently in Carneades. While fleeing the Black King he runs into 2 other Drifters. So the Drifters are aware of the Octobrists to some degree.


As for Toyohisa, Nobunaga and Yoichi, I think they are in the same realm as the Black King and the Octobrists right now. While the soldiers look different, the Octobrist guy mentions the ‘Forest Drifters’ and the girl watching over them probably cant communicate between realms?  Although when you can pluck people from time.. What’s a little inter-realm communication. So my only real bit of evidence is the mention of Forest Drifters, and that because the Black King is attacking, the Octobrist guy is going to try and recruit more Drifters to help. Usual plot practices dictate it… it makes sense..


So we may get to see the two groups meet up, I’m sure Toyohisa will love the opportunity for carnage. Although they may be abandoning that realm? Not 100% sure. With the addition of the new Drifter, the 4 on the ground, and the three in the forest, this 1 Octobrist guy is responsible for 8 drifters. Worlds worst babysitting job.


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