Butts and boobs moved to the back.

The episode, and the one before it really had a shift in focus. And I feel conflicted. I was promised butts and boobs. Where are the butts and boobs. But the plot… and the ‘plot’… *sigh*

The episode is very serious right now, in its character development. It reminds me of Gakusen Asterisk, where right now its super serious training, and it feels like the opposite kind of progression. Usually there’s more ridiculous episodes in the beginning and it works up to the plot heavy episodes as the series progresses, so either the series is going to get SUPER heavy, or super ridiculous, once people are invested.

We are being set up with rivalry’s, so im thinking in gunna go the route of a power pileup. With new ‘techniques’ created to one up the current rival. I mean there’s creative names already, round of applause for the creator of the Ass Guillotine.

 Screenshot 2016-12-09 03.59.22.png

Already out protagonist has a super secret, super dangerous trump card, that she wants to use and is told not to. Clearly she’s gunna use it. So she has to get used to this super tight suit, and she does. Come the end of the episode she learns the trick, and all is right in her world. She has the ultimate technique. Slow clap.

 Screenshot 2016-12-09 04.01.36.png

So if her ability isn’t going to be the obstacle, will her personality be the thing that keeps her from achieving her goal? She’s already distanced a bit from Nyanta, her main buddy. While they may not be rivals, Nyanta seems to be going down a self destructive training path. But it all happens so fast! Each episode has its own plot arc and it feels a bit disjointed. Ugh.

The episode was plot heavy, and its prepping for a ‘class change’ battle so it may be more boobs and butts next episode, which is what the show promised. No ones watching Keijo for the plot in the beginning.

Aoba is a character to watch though I feel. Between this and the last episode she seems to be a very methodical and smart character, despite coming off as quiet and absent. If this was a Shounen anime she would be the friend turned enemy of the series. But at this point who knows.

 Screenshot 2016-12-09 04.02.49.png

The week 3 curse continues.

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