Man I hate it when mysteries go no where. The last episode left off on a suspicious note, with Abeno being ‘found’ and seemed to be spooked about it.


Now this coupled with the freak-out he had over something ‘not being his fault’, they felt connected to the fact that the last master of the Mononokean died, and the yokai suspect Abeno killed him.

Aside from being a protagonist and that clears him of any wrong doing, Abenos does come across as a delinquent. The blonde hair, the part time job, im surprised he hasn’t been expelled!


Joking aside, the death of the last Master weighs on a lot of peoples minds. Abeno is aware of the rumors and does nothing to quell them, and he avoids the underworld. When he returned in the 5th episode people were surprised he ‘showed his face’.


There’s a lot going on in this anime and it feels very connected, but also not. I feel like I have to get some red string and tape the plot points on a wall to make connections.


This episode from the onset seems to be disconnected from the major mystery, and I think that this Fox Yokai is the ‘found you’ voice from the previous episode.

Screenshot 2016-12-11 06.42.34.png

The yokai is a person form Abenos past, 8 years ago. This yokai remembers Abenos, and the previous master. So Abenos been the mini-Mononokean, the mini-nokean, if you will, since he was 7 years old. So was the master his guardian? Was he an orphan? Is he part of an Onmyouji-esque family line where this is expected?


Hanae in this episode is learning to use his spiritual awareness better, in playing with this Kitsune, or Yoko,(a fox yokai) he picks up on Fuzzy yokai aura. But Hanae not being able to find the fox is not surprising, considering Abeno couldn’t pickup their presence until they were touching him.

Screenshot 2016-12-11 06.50.02.png

The Fox also calls Abeno ‘Haruitsuki’ No one really questions that name calling, so it may be  Abenos family name.. That the only explanation I can think of that would makes sense.


So once again we get more questions and no answers. But I really like this series. I feel like its building up to a reveal. Maybe not a big reveal, and there’s no real enemy… so there’s not much to look forewords to… but I still do. This series is one of my favorites of the season, despite not… finishing it yet… oh shush.


Each episode really kinda wraps itself up in a nice conclusion, but there’s gotta be an enemy soon right? It may be more of an emotional enemy, or a real surrounding Abenos past instead of a yokai to defeat/exorcise. They have been building up Hanaes potential to be dangerous as well, with the Legislator warning Abeno about him, to his growing spiritual awareness. Hmmm


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Thanks for reading! Ima try and finish  up a bunch of my left but not forgotten series! I promise!!