Okay so animation aside, what’s going in with this show. We have main characters that work well together, in both serious and comedic situations, we have a secret organization that seems to be doing as it pleases with people, and then we have the black king, who is, yes after Humanity, but in reality he’s trying to stop humanity from screwing things up more…. Is the Black King a good guy?

We don’t know what started the war between the Black King and the Octobrists, but we do know this: The Black King is on the side of the Demi-humans, those who are being shat on by the humans of this realm. He has taken the Ends, who experienced such betrayal in their former life, and either granted them power or gave them a purpose. Killing the drifters would be restoring the balance of time, when those people are not supposed to be in that area. We don’t know the identity of the Black King yet,  but so far, his only crime is that he is not on the side of the ‘protagonist’. If we can even call the Octobrists the protagonists. They’re more the curators of the protagonists. Toyohisa, Nobunagas and Yoichi are the current protagonists, and they have not met up with the bulk of the organization.

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If anything, they show more traits that are associated with the Ends. Magic aside. Nobunaga was betrayed by a person close to him, Toyohisa wants to help the demi-beings, and they aren’t too fond of humanity. And Toyohisa could rival Jean de Arc in carnage any day.


In this episode the trio catches Olminu, the woman who was spying on them. She reveals the information on the Octobrist group and gives the back story in the humans oppression of the elves. It’s a standard ‘humans are assholes’ story, to garner viewer sympathy with the elves and the goal of the protagonists. But the Octobrist seem to be on the side of the humans, either by choice, or by natural progression in being anti-black king. She has charms that enable foreign language to be insta-translate. Yoichi gets one stuck on his face, and does a jumping zombie impersonation, comedy gold. Throwback to lore and Hitori no Shita.

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So with the humans vs demi-humans aspect, this puts Toyohisa and co against the Octobrists, so when they do meet up, it will be interesting to see how they square up. If there’s a point in which the black king is pulling for Toyohisa to join his ranks, I don’t really see Toyohisa turning him down, considering his penchant for carnage and his affection for the elves. He doesn’t have too much of a tie in with the Octobrists yet.


As for odd things I notices, Olminu says that the Black King wants to slaughter every human in the world, but there are different realms, and if he has Ends, then I don’t think he’s limited to this realm only, so is he only concerned with Carneades, or are they just not choosing their terminology very well?

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And, we never are told how long Yoichi had been in this realm, but by my math *fancy* then the 400 years in Toyohisas world would have been 10 years and 8 months, that he was in Carneades. Now that may not be correct if the Octobrists messed with the timeline before, but using the conversion of Nobunagas 18 years/15 months statement that’s what I came up with. So they left Yoichi alone, for 9 years. He didn’t get curious and visit the other towns? He didn’t learn the language? The Octobrists weren’t monitoring him?? He was just… left alone for 9 years. Although depending how often the Octobrists visited the realm, and where in that time they dropped themselves off at…. Ugh my head hurts. Yoichis timeline makes no sense!!


So we have 3 factions at this point, with messy affiliations. When will they meet and how will they match up? Checkout more Drifters HERE! and check out the Hitori no Shita posts HERE!


Thanks for reading!