The amount of cringe I went through in this episode set, in this series, I cant even count. Its insane. If im not cooing at the cute crying boys, its cringe central, and not just from Wataru anymore. Everyone is cringy.

So they’ve finally moved on from the pathetic Haru arc and have moved on to a conflict arc, which is good. We need to leave Haru alone, he’s gone through enough and just needs some positivity! He’s actually become quite the mother hen, doting on the teammates.

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Hasashi and Takeru, the broccoli character are at odds, and honestly it took too long to resolve. Its an oil and water situation, you get rid of one, and not the one whose working hard. You say ‘If you don’t want to be here, leave’ and that’s that. But for 2 episodes it was just constant bickering, and annoying broccoli  ‘jokes’ if you could call them jokes. I honestly didn’t know which character I liked. I hated them both. Both were rude, mean, and Takeru was infuriatingly lazy *she types lying down in a heated blanket*.


You could tell early on there was going to be an issue, when you can see Takeru copying the weaker member, falling and giving up when someone else does, either for gags, or to just be lazy. The music also changed when Hasashi would get angry at Takeru. It happened so much it better be on the soundtrack. It’ll be the most played song in the series.


After a painful episode and a half, Hasashi quits, and the event mirrors Haru quitting Judo. He was fed up of losing, he wasn’t happy with his team, and so both quit. There was never a connection made to Harus Judo exit, but with Kazu conveniently being tied up in his own arc setup, it was perfect that it was Haru sent to deal with the quitting of a committed member.


We are introduced to Harus sister again, and I thought we left her back in episode 2 on a good note. Apparently not as she proceeds to crap on all of Harus work, like he embarrassed her or something. Her introduction didn’t really offer anything to the plot so I think it was just that, a re-introduction, and there may be a conflict with Harus mother soon. Speaking of! The mother that came into the café back in episode 3 and the mother cooking food for Haru in episode 9 are VERY different. I wasn’t getting the ‘my son is a complete and utter embarrassment’ vibe from episode 9 mom… and considering Harukos reaction to him being a cheerleader, I wouldn’t think anyone in that family would have a good impression of the team, or Kazu for dragging him into it.. I honestly thought that the issue with his mother was going to continue, maybe I’ve been watching too much ‘reality’ tv.


The second arc surrounded Kazu, and his issues. Cant have a single character be happy, everyone’s gotta be messed up. Kazu is torn up about his grandma, who is losing her memory and doesn’t even recall Kazu at times. Except for when she sees cheerleaders, then she thinks of his mother.. Who Is also names Kazu… mi. convenient!

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Of course there cant be one character whose alone and sad, so we have this garbage filler  mini arc where Souichiro thinks Hasegawa is dating his sister, which he drags Haru on to spy on them. Yea they went on a date, a ‘gift date’ to pick the big bro out a present.


The heart of the matter is that Kazu wasn’t confiding in his best friend, and that lead to  a big divide. One which was easily crossed, and was a bit for nothing. We found out the reasoning behind the cheer team, but that was never really one of our questions, because.. There was already an answer for it. It just revealed a second answer for a question we didn’t need answered. But hey, the notebooks were brought up again, and as I predicted, Haru doesn’t see Kazu as a rival. And Kazu doesn’t see Haru as a rival.

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The final arc seems to be around the Sparks/Regional championships. They wont win, because… well they’re up against teams that have been doing it longer, but they wont disband. These episodes tied in training, and showed more of the characters, as well as the training style. Sho being a prominent member again has the Sparks spooked, but he isn’t enough to carry the team, and from what we’ve seen, the Breakers wont really be competition for the other teams. But hey, there’s been more unreasonable leaps in this show, like doing side plank pushups in an exercise ball… geez I cant even sit on one without falling over.


The team seems t be in a good, solid place as they head in, even if its just.. A lot of cringe.


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