My heart!!!

Episode 10 was just a barrage of feels, hitting us over and over. From the rings, to Pichit noticing them, to the photos, it was almost too much happiness. The episode was so heartwarming and so death inducing, and in the final moment flipped us right on our asses.

Yuri, has officially joined the nice butt club. That perky thing up in the air~ just as Viktor bursts in, perfect timing!



The date that the two went on, or the sightseeing that they embarked on, was really cute. Viktor was quiet and was watching Yuri, noting on the mannerisms he had noticed, and what Yuri does when he is quiet.


The first part of the episode was narrated by Viktor, which I really really liked. Its been Yuri for the previous 9 episodes, and Viktor being the narrator allowed us more insight into not only the way Viktor thinks, but information Yuri wouldn’t have access to. Yuri doesn’t know about when Viktor met Chris, or how it felt to stand next to Chris in the grand prix podiums. The way that Viktor interacts with the other skaters on such a comfortable level is something we’ve only seen recently with Yuri, who has said that Pichit was his only friend before. Now he’s actively communicating with his fellow competitors outside of the rink. And sober.

 Screenshot 2016-12-14 04.15.25.png

Yurio, the guy who both is annoyed by his fans yet defends them at all costs, a character for who the most part has been handed the short end of the stick in life, finally has a friend! Otabeck, the Kazakhstani(?) skater remembered Yurio, and asked to be his friend! They both seems to be a bit on the lonely side with Yuri and Viktor being the center of attention, and Otabeck is the only new character this episode, so there’s significance in that. He ASKED to be friends with Yurio, and the scene was all hair swooshy and if this was any ole BL, those who would be the second pairing and they would be the next to fall in love. But with the over all theme of love, this could be the counterpart to Vikturis finding romantic love, with Otabeck and Yurio finding true love in friendship? Maybe?

The rings, oh the rings. I saw a screenshot beforehand, and assumed Viktor got Yuri a ring for good luck. It’s a very Viktor thing to do. I was excited, but I wasn’t shocked by it. When it was Yuri buying the rings, I damn near lost it. I was not expecting him to be so bold! He’s taking strides, he is an active member of this relationship! He is still surprising Viktor, and its adorable.

 Screenshot 2016-12-14 04.19.42.png

I wasn’t sure if they were going to mention the rings to the other characters, or if they would be the secret between them. But they were caught, and everyone was so happy! Which got me thinking… never does anyone say ‘but your two guys’. Ever. Genders not brought up, and even after the kiss, there’s been no major fallout surrounding their growing relationship, even surrounding their position as coach and student. No ones really giving any opposition to this, other than Yurio, but his opposition was more on the basis of Viktor left me for THAT guy? But not in a romantic way.

The photos, oh the photos. Works of art. If anyone was the single camera holder, id have to guess it was JJ. He isn’t seen in any of the photos, and King JJ himself would not allow himself to enter such a state in that he would display such behaviour, for he is KING JJ. Gawd he’s so awesome. His dad has a trucker hat. He looks like my grandpa eh!


I figured the photos were going to be for fun, just something to squeal over and enjoy, and then they hit us with the Yuri Rewind. He asked Viktor to be his coach. He air humped him, and danced with him all night. That’s why Viktor dropped everything, that’s why Viktor was so affectionate right off the bat. He fell in love with Yuri that night. And im dead.

Also, that Gamerguide article about Yuri Season 2 is clickbait garbage. It literally says nothing has been confirmed and they don’t know if there are talks about a second season in the works. It try’s to predict what the plot would be, and saying that the fan base would be into it, which may not be entirely true. I think Yuri should stay at one season, because a second season wouldn’t have this subtle, slow buildup that season one has. I think a second season wouldn’t not be a good thing. Do I want a second season? Of course! I want it to continue forever, and I want to bask in the glow that is Vikturi till the day I die, but I don’t think that a second season would have the same effect. I may be wrong. I could be completely wrong, and a second season could be the perfect thing, the writers could be phenomenal and it could cure cancer. But right now, this very second, my vote would be for only a single season, to not drag it out, to give it a proper ending, and end on a high note, like Yuri WAS planning to do, before his whole.. Retire/proposal speech.

So checkout more Yuri HERE! Ill have episode 11 up on time, I promise!!

Thanks for reading!