I am not ready for this to be over!! JJ! Yuri! Yurio!

Episode 11 was a very tough one for Yuri. He messes up, he sees Viktor enthralled by others skating’s, he’s not having a good time! No one really is, except the resident friendship-couple here, Yurio and Otabeck. Those two had a grand time, Shocking everyone, breaking records, its great day for them!

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The episode isn’t heavy on the romance this week, save for the kissing of the rings at the beginning. Im a bit sad that the ring wasn’t added into the frames of Yuri’s performance. I know it’s a miniscule detail, but it would have been an extra punch to the heart.

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Yuri in this episode attempts a quadruple flip, Viktor’s signature move. He doesn’t nail it, and he beats himself up over it. He had so much pressure on himself for this competition, and rightfully so. He has said numerous times that this may be his last year, and he wants to make Viktor proud. Throughout the episode Yuri is kind of let down, and when he noticed Viktor watching others skate, he seemed to be disheartened, like has realizing Viktor may want to go back to skating. That would explain the final statement of the episode, ‘lets end this’ meaning their coach/student arrangement. If he releases Viktor, he would be able to skate competively against his friends again. I dont think he is meaning to end their relationship, because there’s been no reason for him to consider that. There has been nothing but positivity on that side of the story.


I do wish that animation wise, they had maybe redone the opening, and given it a new look, instead of the repeated frames again. Not that they should have started the entire performance from scratch, but that opening is just so ingrained in our minds that the frames are the same once we see that opening.


A round of applause for Yurio. Yes, put down your phone and clap for Yurio. Did you clap? Okay then, read on.

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Little Yurio broke the world record! He beat Viktor’s record! Our little Yurio channeled all his agape(aided by his newfound friend?) and performed spectacularly, with the same frames.. It’s a little hard to tell when they do better or worse when the frames are the same, so we judge by their mental state, and any added falls. But Yurio was in a good place, he wasn’t frantic like the last performance, he was strong, and level headed, and he was probably the strongest skater mentally today.


Otabeck had a strong showing today, coming out as the ‘dark horse’ of the competition. Yurio as he was watching was proud of his friend, and it was pretty damn cute. We got to see the first time Otabeck remembered Yurio, back in ballet. The story he told, about doing things his own way, the ice being a battlefield, the struggles he went through. I dont think we are done with him yet, I think there’s is more to him than we’ve seen so far, and with one episode left..


Now, JJ, my King, my Canadian brethren, the cutest arrogant polar bear in the world, what happened!

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He was overwhelmed by the pressure. Then he pulled a Yuri. Which is to be expected. Both Yuri ad JJ have set really high expectations of themselves, and much like a strict diet, any deviation feels like a fail. Even through the performance, JJs arrogance stood out, shaking off the messup and saying he would fix it later in the routine. The world literally spiraling around him, the cut scene where he climbed back up that pillar(and Yuri’s smug ass face). Ill admit, I sung along with his fans. I clapped and sung King JJ along with the others. He was built up to be such a great character (not that he’s not) but to have a failure like that, to lose his focus and to flub so much  of the routine, it shows real character that he’s able to stand up and give his signature “Its JJ Time!” line.

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One cant help but look at everything’s that happened overall. We’ve had good performances, we’ve had okay performances, and we’ve had skaters falter to the pressure. With Yuri’s goal to reach Gold, the same as JJs, is there a parallel to Yuri falling like JJ, or is that a cue for him to get in the game and gather his focus? Ae we going to see a successful Yuri, a happy ending, or are we going to get a sad but happy ending, where Yuri may have lost the finals, but won in his heart, surrounded by love?


So we are left off with Yuri asking to ‘end things’, which again, is not as traumatic as I think people are going to react. Its not a breakup. He wants Viktor to skate with his friends again. Chris said it was a boring season without him, Yuri doesn’t want to take up more of Viktor’s remaining time as a competitor. And considering Viktor did the jump with Yuri.. he hasnt lost his passion for the sport.


So, let me know any theories you have below! Now to check Tumblr for the over analysis im going to miss after next week *sniff* Thanks for reading, make sure to follow my twitter to see my tweets and updates! Checkout more Yuri posts HERE! And as always,


Thanks for reading!