Boy Wonder and the Aggressive Bubble return! In this episode, The Aggressive Bubble attacks innocent Udon!

Im still so curious as to what this ability is, and when it comes into play. We learn a bit more about ShiroChibis ability in this episode, and maybe how its…possessing him? So far we know he has memory loss, so he doesn’t know when the ability came to him. He says he ‘doesn’t know’ where his parents are, so did he run away from home, did they abandon him, or does he not know if he even has parents..

With mystery based animes, you get a mind set. Like ‘why did they show that?’ or ‘that was mentioned for some reason!’ and you piece things together. For the most part when creators go out of their way to show a particular scene, object or action, you know they are going to do something with it. Mystery based animes just intensify that 10 fold.


So the Aggressive Bubble, when does it come into play? When and how does it decide what is and what isn’t harmful? Its circular, we saw it in the water from episode 1, and it picks and chooses what it attacks. ShiroChibi can walk, so the bubble isn’t just an invisible black hole, sucking up everything within a 2 foot radius. It allows him to pick things up as well, as he holds the wallet and can shake the vending machine. But when he goes to pick up the noodle cup, the Aggressive Bubble destroys it. Why it does this.. Makes no sense. We are told that if he doesn’t eat, then the Bubble with shove anything down his throat, so why destroy the food? Is it because Boy Wonder showed up? We don’t know he’s there until after the noodles are destroyed though.

 Screenshot 2016-12-12 21.28.38.png

Not even forgetting the way ShiroChibi breaks into buildings. He walks into the wall and the Bubble eradicates the wall in front of him. What if the Bubble didn’t see the wall as a threat, because he’s not running at the wall with intent to hurt himself, and he just… runs into the wall. The fact that this Bubble attacks the wall and the food, makes me think maybe it cant read his mind, so it may not be a possession… but I definitely feel like its something sentient.

 Screenshot 2016-12-12 21.33.47.png

So a subtle little tidbit as that ShiroChibi is now a member of the Shou~nen! Tan~Tei!-bu! Complete with his own finger-pricking badge. He’s gotten cut twice in 2 episodes, this Bubble needs to up its protective game. Being pricked also means the Bubble has faults!

What is this damn Bubble;??

Picking it back up after a while, and yes *sigh* im watching the Broadcast Dub. Im not an elitist okay? I like the dubs as well, and its easier for me to watch while getting ready for work. The choices for ShiroChibi are a bit iffy but Boy Wonders is pretty spot on.

Thanks for reading!