It may not be a hot springs episode, but is so cute!

The episode focusses more on Hanae, and him helping the yokai. He doesn’t seem them to the underworld, but he gets both yokai mentally ready.  What he does doesn’t really matter in the long run. What does matter is that Abeno wasn’t available to help, and that he feels like he’s screwed up the other job.


Abeno met with another client while Hanae was with the two cute yokai, never found out what kind of yokai, other than flying-type.

Screenshot 2016-12-14 03.01.01.png

Abeno did seem to be in a bit of a mood, he was irritable, and skeptical of Hanae. Granted he doesn’t have that best of a track record but he has had success, and the small job he was going to do should not haven caused such.. A response from Abeno. Unless Abeno is in a mood, which, he wasn’t answering his phone and he had a meeting. So he may be in a mood.


We don’t know who he is meeting, but it seems to be important enough for Abeno to worry about.


In the beginning we are stull with Yahiko, the kitsune. Through him we see a mini flashback of little Abeno, and he’s so cute. As a 7 year old he already new about the Mononokean and the underworld. So he was probably working for the master before he was 7 years old. So much of him is a mystery!

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Moving forwards I feel like this was trying to set up another mystery, but between the conflict with Yahiko, where Abeno says he didn’t kill the Master, and the fact that Abeno is not a yokai himself… they’ve explained all of the mysteries! The climax may have to do with the other Pillars who are involved in the master of the Mononokean, like the Legislator was. But we don’t know anything really…


We know so much yet so little of it matters. Checkout more Mononokean HERE!


Thanks for reading!