Now im even more confused about the Bubble. It slices, and explodes?

We’ve gotten to hear the ShiroChibi speak more in his episode than anything, and he isn’t in the same position as before. Before we’ve seen him while running away, or trying to push Boy Wonder away. Now he’s cooperating with the Boy Wonder and the Boys Detective Club, more or less. He’s more swayed by the promise to kill him than anything.

This desire to want to die is evident throughout the episode, and the main theme of the episode is what a life is worth. As part of the job the BDC breaks up Persephone, a company that promises a nice place to live, but will take its residents as they please and use their organs to better humanity.

 Screenshot 2016-12-12 21.47.51.png

As soon as its exposed its shut down and people are arrested. Our main characters ask themselves if that was the right thing to do, but that’s not their job..

The entire episode ShiroChibi is questioning why people don’t just die. Why doesn’t the grandma kill herself if she’s suffering, why don’t the residents just kill themselves if they are tired of living, they have the ability to die when they want to. Meanwhile here he is, suffering through life with this ability. I don’t think he finds his answer.

The stark difference between his attitude and Boy Wonders attitude towards life is represented a little bit into their color scheme. Boy Wonders colors are bright oranges and while ShiroChibis is all dark blues.

The main enemy, 20 Face, is not present in Trickster at all past the first episode, and he was built up to be such a badass too.. The minor incidents in these plots may have some connection to them, perhaps he’s influencing the ‘villains’ in these episodes. If so then his targets include robots, bioengineering professors and now he is in the business of selling organs? Although looking from a mastermind prospective, those aren’t abnormal for supervillains. But no one is eluding to 20 Face having a hand in the phenomena.

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A bit of character progression though, is that ShiroChibi has a place of belonging now. He has been accepted into the Boys Detective Club, and is even recognized by the boss, Handsome man with Gun, as the only one to follow the rules. Throughout the episode Driver-kun pointed out all of the mistakes ShiroChibi made, and was fighting against him being part of their team rather strongly. But in the end, ShiroChibi is told that he did a good job, and that he had a place to belong. And that could be the beginning of a personality change? No.. They wouldn’t.. Would they?

Overall the episode was a great little episode. If push came to shove this could be the end of a very short 3 episode season. There’s no cliffhanger or draw to tune into episode 4, but I want to know if Boy Wonder kills ShiroChibi and the Aggressive Bubble, which, has a radius of 30 cm, not 2 feet like I said last time. But whatever this thing is, as it blows shit up, attacks rat dogs, mechanical limbs, and blows up walls and cars, I want to know what it is!!

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