D.Gray-Man Hallow is a mixed bag for me. After the first episode I was so against this continuing. I was not happy with the quality, nor was I happy about how they skipped over pertinent information. The Alma Karma arc is my favorite arc.. In maybe any anime, and I wanted to be happy.


I know what’s going to happen, but im still going to cry. Poor Alma and Kanda..

The episodes cover the second half of the Timothy/Level 4 Akuma battle, to the beginning of the Alma Karma arc. In between we learn of the Third Generation exorcists, their creation and philosophy, as well as the de-evolution of Allen-Nea/14th. If this series has gotten anything right, it’s the distinction between Allen and Nea. The de-evolution is slow, and the cues are pretty good. His name being erased in a memory with Mana is a very symbolic action, considering not only Allens attachment to Mana, but Manas connection to Nea, and the fact that Mana gave Allen his last name. After his parents abandoned him, Mana became Allens whole world.

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Marie eluded to Allens transformation into the Nea early on, noting his weakness for Akuma souls as something that would hold him back. When its that part of his personality that keeps him anchored into Allen Walker. Fans of the series to of any degree know that Allens ‘hero’ mentality is his defining characteristic. His cursed eye allows him to see Akuma and Akuma souls, and he uses it to help him in battle and in public when searching. His eye is activated when he bumps into a Third, who is half Akuma.  His drive to save the souls by exorcising them has been Allens driving force. Having someone tell him to throw that part of him away… it feels like foreshadowing.


The crap part about reading the manga first, is that I know what’s happening next, and I know pertinent information. But… I… cant.. Spoil…. Although at this point they’ve missed so much information that at this point in the manga it may be revealed.


They miss a lot of information, which would be used to explain a lot of the Third Generations. They were able to enter the orphanage because the barrier only allowed Akuma DNA to pass through. Hence, half Akuma is allowed. But you don’t know that because they didn’t include it. And its insanely frustrating.

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The comedy is similar to Drifters, where there’s a serious moment, followed by a punchline, to break up the serious mood. The relationship between Allen and Kanda is a good tool for this humor, as they go at each other now, mostly over Kanda calling Allen a Bean sprout.

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Im not as angry at the series as I was, my first two posts were pretty angry. And im not entirely pleased either. I praised the music in the first episode as its only redeeming quality, but good lord it’s a copy of the Inuyasha soundtrack, a couple times I was like “Narakus approaching” because it is the exact music.


If the series is going to do anything right, I hope they get the Alma memories right. These memories, just don’t mess them up please? Don’t leave information out, because it will gut punch you.


Im curious as to how far the anime is going to cover, whether it will continue to the manga’s current point,  or if it will attempt a wrap up the series instead of leaving it like the original series. Im on the fence on both options..

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Either way, the episodes were fine. I missed this series so much. The buildup to the Nea reveal is slow and periodic and it sends a chill down your spine.


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Thanks for reading!