There are some animes that make you hate humanity, Black Bullet was one of them. The way people treat others, and then to see it happen to characters.. People really suck.

Abenos mood is explained. The job he undertook was from a human. This girl had a yokai in her house, and her mother just wasn’t having it. Even after the yokai caused the house to shake, and then the walls to change color, she didn’t believe them, and she treated them like garbage.


Not only does she berate them, but she tries convincing Hanae to get a ‘real job’. Although, from Hanaes explanation it did sound like he was following his best friend, who thought he was a psychic, through peoples houses, like a bad case of chuunibyou.

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The girl, the client was an obnoxious girl. She caused problems from the onset, and did nothing to help what so ever.


Hanae actually saved the day, or.. Redeemed the day after he failed in his job to stop the girl from screwing anything up. But he was able to calm down he yokai who was scared of humans. Now how he did this,  just by talking, was a bit corny and bland, but in doing so he came to a kind of realization, about what it means to be part of the Mononokean and to give up his body and soul to help the yokai. This doesn’t further the plot at all when it comes to Abenos past and the big secret he’s hiding, and really the mystery behind Hanaes eluded to powers hasn’t been broached at all since…


But the yokai was SO Nishinoya from Haikyuu. You cant tell me this ISNT Nishinoya! Its him. End of story!

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The story leaves off on a cliffhanger, Yahikos in trouble. It probably indigestion. Although, he did look rather large. Maybe they have to force Yahiko to be exercised. He started working at Zenkos shrine, maybe the spiritual power was too much and he is too unstable to be in the human world anymore. Well that would be a kick to the heart.


Well we are left with the image of an eye-husk-scarecrow yokai, so that’s confusing. The story wasn’t really built on this episode which is bugging me more and more. The first 6 episodes held together so nicely, back in a time when the consistency wasn’t 100% necessary. But now.. As we near the last 4 episodes some closure or climax would be nice.


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