Reoko, Laetitia, Epizo and Kaoruko. Who is still under Guys thumb, and who knows about his big plan?

Well Kaorukos manipulation was quickly undone. Once she saw Maxim and the others, dead by Guys hand, she snapped right out of it. She should learn to be a good brainwashing victim, like Laetitia. Guy has been Kaorukos center figure for… 9 years now, and you’d think that would strengthen that Stockholm syndrome and she would follow his every word, but apparently not. While I appreciate the good guy remaining a good guy, kinda, the setup in which  it would be brother vs sister, with the viewer understanding both the motivations worked in creating an emotional struggle that would have been great thematically if it had been more played out.

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In a previous episode we were told Kaorukos first job would be to take out someone within the Demokratia organization, so we ruled out her brother as the target, but loe and behold, her assigned target is her brother!


So armed with Entei, Kaoruko is the newest experiment on what can be done with the Buranki. They elude to Zanpaza, the Russian Buranki, being utilized without a heart user or limbs. Its said as a dismissive comment, but im pretty sure its been a consistent theme that the ability to use a Buranki heart is passed down genetically, so unless one of the Users has a sibling we don’t know about, then there’s probably some scientific experiments going on. Well the big plan IS to take down a comet, so experiments aren’t too far out there.


The motivation behind the characters are changing, and that is changing relationships and dynamics of the teams. Epizo is no longer with Guy after finding out about Maxim, but Laetitia is, and Epizo is staying with her. He’s her Knight in Shining armor I guess.

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Letitia is the British heart user, and is currently in a wheelchair. How that happened we don’t know, and why her legless Buranki has 2 leg Bubuki.. Who knows. But she wants Entei in order to restore her body, like it did for Reoko. Whether that’s possible or not is unknown, because Reoko is technically Enteis heart, but Kaoruko is able to pilot Entei with one of the hearts stolen from the Buranki Hunt on Treasure Island.


After rescuing Reoko, who has regained some of her strength back with Entei being in such close proximity, the team proceeds to leave Kaoruko, collapsed in a fiery Entei, as the fortress around them is set ablaze. You wonder why she doesn’t like her brother! But if they are taking Reoko away from the fortress, and away from Entei, isn’t she just going to lose her strength again? And Kaoruko isn’t just going to give up Entei.


The way it ended up, im guessing Kaorukos going to spin out of control, and get herself hurt. Guy clearly isn’t opposed to killing those he doesn’t need anymore, and after gathering enough information from Kaoruko, who not only let Reoko get away, but aided her brother in freeing her, I can see Guy killing her. If he succeeds, I don’t know as she is a major character and a fairly new character.


So with a few holes, like how Epizo wiped his eyes, but so does his Buranki(when he’s not the arm user) or how smoke bombs were placed in every nook and cranny when there are 50 soldiers in every direction, the plot is at least moving ahead. It was a bit fast and unexpected, which disappoints me, so I hope there’s something big planned that they needed the extra space for.


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