Out of all the episodes, I like this set the best. I liked the mono story, the character development, but the outcome for the cliffhanger is most likely going to be cliché.

Hanae has gotten quite confident in his abilities, from taking the lead to commanding Abeno to get the tea for the guest. He even throws a shoe at him when he’s being an asshole. He hits Yahiko, but he was aiming for Abeno. This all started when Hanae made a choice to give up his body for a yokai, literally. He gave up his yokai sight to enable a blind yokai to see one last time before being sent to the underworld. The blindness was supposed to be temporary, but has stuck around and resulted in Hanae being fired from the Mononokean.


Yahiko being in trouble was partially due to indigestion, he ate potatoes with yokai dirt on them. This sent the crew on a mission to exorcise the yokai, but it wasn’t typical. There was emotional baggage, and in order to be exorcised, the yokai had to let go, he had to heal. I hope this has something to do with Abenos secret. I hope that between the Noya-yokai and the scarecrow yokai that coming to trust a human, and to let go of the guilt plays into the big secret of Abenos.


Abeno has gone off to see the Legislator now, in the underworld. He picked up his prescription again, and when he moved, it rattled, like a circular pill would. What that pill does for him, why its so important was never resolved. Why would a pill that causes excruciating pain be so important to him, important enough to bring it up, 3 times? There’s two more episodes! Any wrap-ups??

So 5 days later, Ashiya sight has not returned, so Abeno is going to visit the legislator. If anime has taught me anything, its that the legislator will hold out on how to give Hanae his sight back, until Abeno does something for him, or talks about whatever the ‘not your fault’ topic is.


One thing that bugs me about this anime is that it doesn’t explain their clients. Yes they are yokai, but what kind? What is the name for the scarecrow yokai? Why does Hanae not question what types they are? What kind of yokai is that sight stealing seal?? I would like to know, because the visuals are great, the color schemes are beautiful, I love the aesthetic of this anime, especially the underworld, but what is up with the lack of information and the left off plot points??

Overall, I hope im not reading too much into the scenarios and that they are going to represent something soon. The tidbits left around are very enticing, and id like to see some type of resolution. Although the resolution at this point may just be that Hanae gets his sight back.. If its not a quick resolution in the beginning of episode 12, like a lot of the cliff-hangers.

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