Ups and downs! This episode is great, its heart wrenching, its informative, it took one of the most hurtful moments of season 1 and turned it into a moment of happiness in season 2, but.. Azuma man. You are so dumb.

Some of the past criticism I’ve had of this series is the lack of information. A lot of those specific instances have been recently addressed, with the circumstances of Koganes fathers death, and where Azuma and Kaorukos parents are. Now, we see the moment Guy told Kaoruko where her father is. He revealed that he took a non-contracted Buranki, like Duroc, who could open the portal to Treasure Island. This sentient Buranki, would either have to be unconscious, otherwise you would think we would have seen it on Treasure Island. Guy is also the man who told Kaoruko to tell Azuma how to ascend, by becoming the brain of the Buranki- WHICH! – leads into something possibly about Entei.

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Reoko, when separated from Entei is weak, who called it? this gal, but she isn’t immobile. She seems rather okay to be honest. She is Enteis heart, so why when the Demokratia scientist was taking a thermal scan of Entei, did it look like there was a body in Enteis head? Just like Azuma had been before Migiwa pulled him out? Could Entei be functioning with another heart that’s not Reoko, because he actually has a brain/that human in his head? And Demokratia is going to try and control it? Good luck.

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And a question that had been partially answered, and had their answers altered multiple times already: Guys Goal. First it was to take down the comet, then it was to resurrect the Progenitor, and now it is to resurrect the progenitor, by smashing the comet into Treasure Island! It kinda sounds like the writers forgot about the season 1 finale and had to make them work.

The progenitor, or Deus Magna, may be the Great One” Duroc mentioned a few episodes ago.

And the highlight, the moment of glory, the decapitation of Kaoruko! What? Kaoruko is to be beheaded, and her head is to become Enteis new heart, and it will be used to slaughter the Bubuki users. This goal was specifically told to Kaoruko as her mission, so why kill her now? If she wont actively be doing anything? I swear villains just like taking the long route.

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Just as Double, the evil assistant is about to sever Kaoruko in two pieces… it turns out its been Zetsubi the whole time! Oh thank god! The reveal was devastating in season one, but it’s a huge relief this time! The two don’t escape just yet, but then engage in a heated battle, meanwhile Azuma is strolling down the road, alone, off to rescue his sister. Without his Buranki. Without his limbs. This kid has no weapons without them.. And then, because they’re smart and are resting just outside Guys property, he gets in Guys car. Guy recognizes him. How could he not. He is Kaorukos twin and how many japanese kids are free roaming the french countryside?!… I guess his dad never taught him Stranger Danger before he took off.


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So in a reverse action, Kaoruko is safe, and Azumas heading to the lions den, on the back of the lion. Knowing his Buranki team he will wind up being saved, unless by some miracle he is able to summon Oubo, limbless, like Entei was before. If that’s even possible for Oubo im not sure, but I guess we will see soon enough!

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