Oh my god this is dark.


There’s always something up with the little animal avatar that offers you powers. Getting involved with them never works out, and Nemu paid the price.

A number of character types have been set up. Out protagonist and her friend, Snow White and La Pucelle, the tsundere who will be Snow Whites rival, Ripple, Calamity Mary, the ‘villain’, and the group of 5. Three of which  are so incompetent im wondering what Pons vetting system is.

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The dilemma from the last episode crosses over, and it’s the revelation that 8 of the 16 Mahou Shoujos are going to be deleted, because there are too many now, and its going to drain the towns mana.


First off, im calling bullshit. This is some weird experiment that is being used for some reason, but its luring in girls and boys, giving them power, and taking it away. There’s no way that there is some Pon little guy giving away powers for no reason. He’s up to something, and the way he manipulates them is clear.


So far no one suspects anything. The understanding is you just lose your abilities, not are killed all SAO like. The cutesy anime took a very very dark turn.


I don’t believe they will realize what is going on until one of the angels are dead, because they know one another in the real world. The Mahou Shoujos, aside from our protagonist and her friend, don’t know one another in the real world (to our knowledge) but two Mahou Shoujos sharing an appearance, they are most likely siblings.


We have conflicts arising within the girls themselves, with Calamity Mary being the villain of the group, shooting others to try and establish dominance.


How some of them became Mahou Shoujos.. Its clear that they are gathering characters, not just strictly those who are interested in being Mahou Shoujos. Is this some intergalactic Big Brother again?

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So the competition continues, it may stretch out over up to 8 episodes, because one girl is to be eliminated every week, but I think it will resolve before then?


The pairings, with Ripple and her mentor, and La Pucelle and Snow White, are both close and seem to be working together to gather more candies. The partnership aspect could either help or hinder the characters, and my gut instinct was telling me that Sou-chan would be eliminated. So much time was spent on him in the first episode, that if they want to shock you, they will kill off the one boy Mahou Shoujo, and Snow White would turn to the dark side. I think that would be a very good twist.


Either way, the episode taking that twist at the end really appeals to me. I was not expecting that type of elimination, I figured who they eliminated would be the shock factor.


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