Okay so this is different, its a fanfiction, read it or don’t. I wrote it for fun, I really enjoy writing, which is why i  started a blog. I was inspired by this universe, and after reading some of the ‘rules’ of the universe, I wanted to write within it.

Each writer has different ‘rules’ that can be applied to their story. I made this list to explain how and which aspects of the OmegaVerse will be included in MY stories. Other writers may included different elements, or they may understand them differently. The sucky part about being a writer is the audience not understanding what you mean.

If you have questions, feel free to ask me, I’m by no means an expert in this universe, i can only explain as best as i understand it.

So with further ado, here is my list of terms. If i alter any for a particular story, i will say so in that specific story and I will include any new terms here before the story is live.

Thanks for reading!


What occurs in the Omegaverse is that between the age of 2-12 children will ‘present’ as either Alpha, or Omega. If nothing has really been shown, then it is assumed they are Beta. These classes divide people, and act as layers of respect. Depending on the class presented the effects of pheromones will affect others, and the person will be affected by others pheromones.

Alphas– Highest class, often high class people or in powerful positions. They are often leaders of Packs, and are able to choose a mate from both Beta and Omega class. Alphas are territorial over their mates, and are the most aggressive of the three classes. Children who present as Alphas usually experience a period of extreme anger, as their instincts take a prominence in their personality. There are multiple cases of Alphas being abusive due to their instincts and penchant for aggression. Alphas are heavily affected by an Omegas pheromones, even more so when experiencing a ‘Heat’. Alphas make up 20% of the population. The threshold for touch is extremely high. Alphas do not require regular touch.

Betas– Middle class. Betas are the most similar to regular humans, except the males are able to carry children. A male Betas semen is infertile. Betas do not experience a ‘Heat’. Betas make up 70% of the population. The threshold for touch is medium, regular contact during daily activities suffices.

Omegas– Omegas are the lowest class, and often the most abused, due to their instincts. Omegas experience a Heat, which attracts Alphas and Betas who try to impregnate them and bond them. An Omegas instinct towards other Omegas is instant companionship, a high need to protect one another, from those who seek to take them. Omegas semen is infertile, and are able to conceive children. The threshold for touch is extremely low, and Omegas require an almost constant physical touch.

Heat– The Heat is the period in which an Omega is its most fertile. The body of an Omega releases pheromones to attract a mate, and will produce slick and will Heat up to relax the body for impregnation. Omegas as early as 8 experience Heats once every 2 months or so. ‘Suppression pills’ or birth control are available to Omegas, should they request it. The time during the Heat is when an Omega is at their weakest cognitively. The Heat draws Omegas to ‘nest’ and lasts from around 5-7 days. First Heats last closer to 10 days.

Touch– Touch is the physical contact between people. Each class has a different threshold before touch starvation occurs. Touch can include simple touches like pats on the back, handshakes, or hugs, and be as intimate as intercourse or scenting. Touch Starvation is the onset of depression when one has passed their touch threshold. Touch Starving individuals will become depressed, withdrawn and subsequent touches will be accompanied by a burning sensation. Touch Starvation is easily remedied by constant contact until the symptoms subside.

Pack– a group of individuals, with different classes. One can be part of many Packs within their lifetime, from the family Pack, to school Club Pack, to a more formal Pack into adulthood. Packs often have a leader, and Alpha, and consist of other Alphas, Betas and Omegas. The accepted leader becomes the Leading Alpha, and is able to exert some control over the other Alphas. Members can be expelled from the Pack, along with their mate, if the Leading Alpha decides its needed. The Pack acts as a family, taking care of one another. The Packs are formally recognized as a type of extended family when it comes to access to a member in settings like a Hospital.

Nest– Nesting is the compulsion Omegas feel during a Heat. The Nest usually comprises of pillows and blankets, and can take place on a bed, or in a closet, or wherever the Omega personally feels safest.

Scenting– Scenting is the act of transferring one’s scent to someone else, either by touching another scent glands, or through proximity. Conscious Scenting can include touching another’s scent glands (located just under the jawline on both sides) in order to carry their scent either for comfort or touch purposes. Scenting occurs naturally between people who are in close proximity for an extended period of time. It can be seen as a friendly action, and is often done between Pack members of varying classes.

Bond– a bond is what is between mates. Once two have chosen one another, the Alpha bites the back of the Omega or Betas neck, giving them a Bond Mark. This mark remains and heals as an indentation in the receiver’s skin. Betas and Omegas are not able to give someone a Bond Mark. The mark Bonds the two, making foreign pheromones less effective, and even offers the Omega some control over their Heat. Alphas are extremely territorial of their mates, and have often entered physical altercations over an disrespectful Alpha courting their mate. Respect between Alphas concerning mates is generally upheld. A Bonded pair are often referred to as ‘attached’ when spoken about separately. i.e. He is attached, and not available to be courted.

Courting– The act of Courting is when an Alpha is interested in an Omega or Beta and is trying to persuade them to be their mate.

Gland Sickness– Gland Sickness is the illness that affects the scent glands of a person of any class. The sickness affects the smell the individual gives off and is often described as a sour smell. The sickness is self-clearing within 3 days.

Suppression Pills– The medication that allows an Omega to supress their Heat. It must be taken every 2 days, allowing time for the pills effectiveness to prevent the Heat. The pills cannot be used before the first Heat occurs, so the body has time to acclimate to the new body chemistry.