They are on a roll lately, with actually giving information. Now.. When did Kogane and Azuma meet up and become friends?!? It was brought up in episode 1, and never explained..

The episode is more emotional rather than anything, with some kickass battle scenes. It was very much a prep episode, with the characters learning a bit, and the emotional baggage being worked out. Kaoruko got a lot of anger out, and we got an explanation as to why she was left alone. We were also privy to the moment their father arrived back on Treasure Island, thanks to Duroc, who then ascended back to earth, which is why we didn’t see them on the Island.

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Two battles are waged this episode, Justin Leon vs Oubos Limbs. At this point all 4 limbs know Azuma took off, and I swear Matobai is the only one whose reaction is reasonable. Why they didn’t tell the kids that Zetsubi was there in place, I don’t know. It would have saved them a lot of time, but of course things worked out and Akihito even took the opportunity to teach the kids how to make better use of their Bubuki; essentially acting as the Bubukis heart, similar to what Azuma does.

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How this happens is pretty cool. Hiiragi is the first to try it, and the power it gives him is amazing! It shredded the left arm of Epimew, Justin’s Buranki.


Hiiragi has come a long way from episode 1. He didn’t believe that Bubukis had a heart, or a will of their own, that they were just tools, and now he is connecting himself to Iwatooshi. His personality has gotten softer in season 2, which I think started more around the final few episodes of season 1 when he conceded to Azuma being the heart.


Bubuki users as the hearts of Buranki though, is kind of possible but kind of impossible. Souya is reintroduced as he steals Zanpaza, using a Buranki Hunt heart, and tosses Kaoruko the real heart. He admits that as a Bubuki user he cant fully utilize Zanpaza, so even on Azumas worst day, the strength and power he could pull from Oubo would have been better than Hiiragis best day.

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The emotional baggage  Kaoruko carries, the being abandoned, the being less valuable that she is angry about, is set to rest, unless its brought up again to drive the twins apart. Azuma explains his dads reasoning’s a bit, saying only he travelled the world because it was his job to protect his little sister from the world of Burankis. Which.. Kaoruko was the one obsessed with Oubo on the island, did they really think she would just… forget and move on? They left her at a school for Bubuki users, and they didn’t want her involved in the Buranki world??


For parents who didn’t tell your children how to operate the Buranki, and hid its existence until they discovered it themselves, you sure gave them the Buranki hearts, one real, one carved from wood, real early on in their lives.

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So right now the relationship between the twins seems to be on the med, with Kaoruko calling him Onii-chan finally. She is piloting Zanpaza, but that may not last long as it is an altered Buranki, so Guy would find it easier. So there may be a sibling spat over Oubo again in the near future.


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