Love is in the air, and you know what’s not in the air? Migiwa!

That’s right folks, the mom with a plan is back and ready for action! She makes an appearance at the end of the episode, and is here to confront Guy directly!

Justin Leon, the man who came in towards the end of the first season and hasn’t really made much of an appearance in the second, is built up to be feared, but I never really felt anything powerful from him. He is supposed to be this powerful, commanding, and feared character, but anyone could really see through him if they looked even a little. He’s one dimensional, with grandiose plans that pale in comparison to Guys *ever changing* goal. I don’t really trust what Justin says about Guys plan, because I don’t see him as someone Guy would trust past being a maniacal meathead. His character lessens even more so when he is abandoned by the limbs he considers weak, and is left to pilot his Buranki on his own.

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On the Epizo front, he is full blown in love with Laetitia, and has been told by Guy to kill Azuma and destroy Oubo. To force his hand, Guy has removed Laetitia from her Buranki, and is not allowing her to take over Entei. Which.. Duh. He claims that only Reoko would be able to utilize the immortality that Entei brings, unless someone was able to enter the cranium of the Buranki. This is clearly a trap, partially because someone is already inside the head! And partially because this is a man who wants to destroy/experiment with Burankis, and has amassed a following of desperate teenagers in love, who are willing to do dangerous things based off of unsubstantiated promises. He could literally say he would turn the sky purple and Epizo would do it.

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Oh love, speaking of, Hiiragi, never really made a move on Kinoa, which is a bit disappointing considering that would have been cute. Instead Koganes started blushing at Azuma. That poor girl is going to get her heart broken. I don’t see any relationships going through with this cast though, but Hiiragi and Kinoa would be my pick if I got to choose.

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Now the twins are relatively getting along. They like to push their foreheads together and growl, which is a new thing for Azuma. Even in episode 2 when he reunited with his sister, he was very calm and courteous, despite Kaoruko being a butthead little sister (sympathy). I guess siblings are just destined to not get along.

 Screenshot 2016-12-22 02.40.49.png

So what’s Guys real plan? Is he experimenting? Exterminating? Is Justin just out of the cast now? Or will be pull like a bratty temper tantrum? If he does, I don’t see Guy really hesitating to kill him, especially now that his limbs have abandoned him. Guys kinda on a roll for taking out his own members..


Either way, Momma Migiwa to the rescue! I cant wait for the mother/daughter reunion.

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