Disorganized, but a lot less creepy.

This episode had the girl be more of the active participant, instead of the innocent girl on the train. If any episode was to be banned from YouTube, it should be this one, with the 10 hour long boob fondling, the play at a moan, and the attempt at kissing strangers. We still don’t see the eyes of the guy on the train, which usually means its an anonymous character.. Which is pretty sketchy.

The rest of the episode is pretty mundane, with the school physical, and the main girl trying to cheat the physical. Her self esteem seems to be attached to the fact that shes too short to kiss this strange man on the train.

Screenshot 2016-12-28 22.23.21.png

How this all ties into the guy at the gym and the workplace from before, im not even sure anymore.

There seems to be hinting’s at a plot, there was a ‘goal’ of type, and her journey to try and ‘achieve’ the goal. So its at least more linear than the other episodes we’ve seen.

Not my favorite of the season, as the subtle boobs are making more of a prominence. If it’s a slow build to nipples, id be interested to see how that works out

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