Just as I open my mouth the format changes. The entire episode had a single plot, surrounding Imari Maria, the girl sent to steal Uchimakis heart.


In the typical anime trope, here comes the attractive transfer student! Now clearly she’s going to win Uchimakis heart! Usamis bag strap broke, so its bad luck for her, boyfriend for Imari.

The episode sticks with that idea, that there’s a love triangle type deal surrounding these three characters. We have Imari who’s a manga fan like Uchimaki, and they talk and discuss, and play ‘guess the line’ from an anime. Usami happens to walk in JUUUST as they hold hands, and recite an anime line about being friends. Its how all anime fans make friends… right? There’s a secret handshake involved?

Screenshot 2016-12-29 00.19.55.png

So the downward spirals begins, and I feel so bad for Usami. We are with her on her upwards trend of feelings, the opening of the episode is her happily talking to Uchimaki in the phone, its genuinely a cute pairing. And we are bystanders as this twin-tail chuunibyou 2d-come-3d girl comes in and swoops Uchimaki up and away.


Usami of course cant maturely handle her emotions and they end up in a pillow fight because Usamis not talking and Uchimaki doesn’t understand why. Read a manga! She’s literally doing what chapters 23-28 of any Shoujo manga does!

Screenshot 2016-12-29 00.23.29.png

The episode was much more plot based than the others, and it had a different feel. There was little to no comedy, and the side by side comparison of Shoujo manga dialogue next to what is actually said serves as the humor or the.. Cringe.. Of the episode. More and more Usamis just plowed down by reality, but she still has a crush on him. I remember having those feelings.


Imari isn’t portrayed as a villain, or a seductress at all. She’s played as a neutral character, its just we are rooting for Usami in this. I think that Imari will definitely return, she did ask the two there if they were dating, and asked if she could date Uchimaki. It may not have been a serious offer now,  but down the line it may be and we may have to face that with Usami.


The episode ends on a good note, with Usami accepting Imari as Uchimakis friend.. For now.

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