First off! Happy New Years everyone!! Its still 2016 for me, so for all of you in the New Shiny Year, how is it? Is the grass as green as we all hope has it just been set on fire again?


Anywho, I want to thank Rocco B for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition award. It means a lot, I remember he nominated me for the Sunshine award back in the summer and I had so much going on it slipped my mind to respond to it. #spacecadet

The Rules as told to me by our forefathers are:

  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  • Select up to 15 other blogs you want to give the award to

So, how did I start my blog? Well I’ve been on WordPress for a while, as in I’ve held an account or multiple accounts. Most of them were for school projects. I am a journalism student so managing a blog was one of our first year assignments. Well I failed that class. I didn’t know how to blog, and worst of all they were telling us what we had to blog about. So my posts went from a knockoff ANN roundup type thing to giving the pros and cons of the anti-religious wear bill that Quebec was proposing. I was not a happy blogger and I just.. Didn’t do it.


My second blog was about my application to Japan for my semester abroad. My only follower was my grandma, and it was about 5 posts surrounding my anxiety about not being accepted, my plans for getting a phone, how Adderall, my recent ADD medication, was SEVERLY banned in Japan, and eventually, how I handled my eventual rejection from the program. I found out the day I had a big interview for a job to help pay for the trip.


So I started Humbleotakusopinions at like 4am one night. I couldn’t find a great name, I just.. Kind of picked it. I’ve changed it now, to writingsonanime. Its less cringy haha. But I started it mainly to keep myself accountable. I didn’t really expect anything to come from it. I thought that if I wrote about what I was watching, then I would notice more and pay attention to the nuances because up to that point I felt like I was just passively watching to add shows to my completed list. I’ve got a whole notebook of ongoing/completed. Its insane.


I started with 3 posts a day, and they were fairly short.  I focussed more on the technical application, nitpicking every little frame. My writings definitely transitioned to something more of an episode unboxing. I unpack what happened and how it fits in the story. At least I think I do.


As school and work took more time out of my day I whittled my daily posts from 3 to 2, to eventually 1 post a day. I was so resistant to just 1 a day, because I wanted to be able to provide variety, instead of just 7 days of the same show over and over. This mindset I actually *stole*? From Jacksepticeye, a youtuber. He is a Letsplayer, meaning he plays videogames for a living, and he posts 2 videos a day, every day. I wanted to be like that. I thought that was a great kind of mindset to have, but I couldn’t do it, and im okay with 1 post a day, for now. I may ramp it up in the future again, but I don’t want my quality to drop. I feel like I put out some real garbage posts in the past just for the sake of putting a post out there. Gotta keep all those stat squares the same color!


So now im here, Im starting to post some of my fanfictions, just for fun on here. I am a huge fiction writer,  have an insane amount of handwritten stories focussed on my own characters in my closet, like an embarrassingly large amount. My obsession with Haikyuu and the recently discovered OmegaVerse have spurred me to write more, so a few more stories will be popping up soon.


Wow, this is really long.


Anywho, Advice for the newbies! *she says like she’s not one*


My first bit of advice would be to not stress. If you don’t follow your schedule, don’t panic. If that post is not up by 12noon ON THE DOT your readers wont disappear or come to distrust you. If you push yourself to have a post ready by a certain time, you will make mistakes that you’ll be mad at yourself for later. I’ve read some of my older posts and the run on sentences, the spelling mistakes, it hurts the writer in me. So take a deep breath, flip the clock the bird, put some anime soundtracks on, and let your fingers fly. Writing is supposed to be enjoyable, not stressful. And if you need to take a day off, go ahead!


My second bit of advice is to interact with other bloggers on WordPress and twitter. Since I started blogging I have met so many wonderful people, and at 4am when im up and writing, having that person to talk to is perfect. You can bounce ideas off of others, discuss recent episodes, freak out over recent episodes, or just talk about Noya Nendoroids! Meeting people not only makes blogging more enjoyable, but it also keeps the motivation up. I find the people on here are so valuable to me because I can openly talk about my interests, and they understand! Yes we are all in different places geographically, but we have a common interest, and that makes us a community!


Also some of us have LINE, cause we are cool like that haha! XD


So now some nominations… Duck, Duck, Duck….. Duck….. GOOSE!


  1. MelinAnimeLand
  2. HeyitsZel
  3. Venus Goomba
  4. A.Foo
  5. Wendi



Again, Happy New Years guys!! Thank you everyone who has supported me thus far, and please look after me in the new year!!!


Thanks for reading!



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