We are back with the couple from episode 2, the working pair.

I wonder if the assistant is related to the train girl, granted the similar traits are brown hair and big boobs, so its not like they’re identical.

The last episode with these two was very much on the happy, best friends vibe. This episode was more.. Alcohol induced. The assistant cant hold her liquor and It results in some odd confessions, about cats, but they are misunderstood by those overhearing.

This episode, Senpai didn’t have eyes, or we didn’t see his face. We didn’t see the eyes of the Boss, or the co-worker lady in this episode either.

The boobs are not a huge factor with this pairing. The Kouhai opens her blouse a bit when she is drunk, and we see her boobs pressed against his back as he carries her home, but compared t the first pair, this couple is tame.

 Screenshot 2016-12-28 22.28.42.png

The relationship between the two is also more causal. She reveals to her Senpai that she fakes having a long distance boyfriend to ward off potential suitors, but she’s comfortable telling her Senpai his because he’s ‘not that type of guy’

This gives off the feel that the two will head off in a different direction, maybe more ‘pure’ way of becoming a romantic couple, as apposed to kissing strangers and giving them your buttons. But who knows.

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