Hey guys! this is a separate plotline from my first, but its still within the OmegaVerse, so click HERE for the terms again.

This plotline has an additional rule, or condition attached to an Omega after they are Marked. The condition is one that is used to protect them from other Alphas, by making contact with other alphas induce nausea. So a bitten omega will feel sick if they are physically touched by an alpha that is not their Mate.

This element works for this plotline, but i wont be including it into the first one because it would complicate things and as the writer what i say goes, so bleeeh.

Anywho, this one is called Bitten. Cause I’m original as fuxk. Checkout Status if you want more, ill be updating that one soon with some cute OikawaxIwa pairings.

Also, this fic has planned smut…..soooooo… dont read it if you dont want, read it if you do. This chapter has a bit of racey stuff, so if you are under 18, click HERE please.

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“Bakayama” Hinata scoffed, tossing the volleyball against the gym floor, his eyes following it as it bounced up on the wall and back at him. He raised his hand and swatted it back onto the ground, the cycle repeating. “You’d think I asked him to…” he paused, trying to think of something worse than his request, and the ball flew past his head.

Hinata let out a whimper. “I just wanted to go on a date!” he wailed a bit, collapsing onto the gym floor. Noya looked over at him before jumping to save the flyaway ball from touching the ground. “Rolling Thunder!” he cheered, half expecting Hinata to jump up and cheer with him.

“Of course he’s going to make a fuss, it wasn’t his idea” he chuckled and bounced the ball on the floor, walking over to his distraught friend. “Kageyamas the type of guy who likes to take control, and no doubt he thinks he’s smart than you, because you’re the emotional one out of the two of you. He’s the analytical one.” He shrugged and sat next to Hinata, laying his head on his stomach. “you should ask him again, but be a bit needy, and let him choose the location. Make him think he’s in control. It’ll probably go better for you anyways, otherwise he would be stressed the entire time, or on edge about something.”

Hinata sighed. ”What do alphas even have to stress about? You guys are like.. top dogs.” He reached down and touched Noyas hair floof. His head was a bit heavy on his stomach, but the Touch felt good. He did feel a bit starved, Kageyama hadn’t really been open to Touch since Hinata asked him on a date, and with practice cancelled..

“its not all sunshine and daisies” Noya said with a chuckle. “There’s class tiers even in Alphas. It mostly goes back to parentage. That’s why we all get moved to different schools. If you were born in a rich family, then you’re a higher class of alpha. If you were born in poverty, then your pretty low in rank”

“Rank?” Hinata piped up.

“that’s the wrong word..” Noya paused, groaning as he thought. “There’s not numbers, but its like.. seniority.“

“But what does that have to do with me asking Kageyama on a date?” Hinata whined.

“Maybe he’s dealing with another Alpha” Noya suggested. “One with a higher seniority. It would probably frustrate him to have to listen to someone, and its not like Kageyamas one to vent to us. He’ll let it stew until he explodes.” He looked up at Hinata, rolling onto his stomach, but kept his head on Hinatas belly.  “You asking him on a date would be a reversal of power, you taking the dominant role has him spooked about his seniority” Noya shrugged.

“that’s dumb” Hinata pouted, “I mean I suggest things all the time, food, runs, extra practice.. he doesn’t seem to mind”

“When  Asahi suggests something now it still throws me off a bit. I mean society is trying to normalize the classes, so there’s an idea of equality, but.. instincts are instincts. Alphas are in charge, and its just.. it feels like common sense to us. Other challenging us.. like would you ever challenge Daichi on a decision?” he asked.

Hinata shook his head furiously.

“Exactly, that’s the response that we instinctively feel is to be expected. So when a beta or omega tries to tell us what to do.. it feels weird. But its easier within the pack. Asahi telling me to do something is different from some random beta telling me to do something.” He sighed. “Omegas aren’t the only class with worries you know”

“I guess” Hinata pouted. “doesn’t mean Kageyamas not a stupid jerk” he mumbled. Noya laughed and sat up. “hey, he’s your alpha” he held his hand out for Hinata to use to stand up. “Speaking of, he hasn’t marked you yet right?”

Hinata took his hand and felt his neck, a small smile sliding onto his face. “not yet, he said that after we win nationals he will mark me, so tis a goal for the both of us” he smiled. “Im half inclined to sneak into this room at night and just ‘fall’ into his mouth” he said. “im tired of heats, they take too much time out of volleyball”

“You’d think he would be worried about the time your heats take you out of the gym” Noya said. “but just be careful. Id say to wait until after graduation, after an omega is marked, do you know what happens to them?”

“Heats are much more manageable” he said quickly. He couldn’t wait. He had had 4 heats so far, and the sweating, vomiting and weeklong torture was driving him mad. He resented his parents, and Tsuki a bit more each time. They kept Kageyama away from him during the heats, when they knew he would be able to make things so much better. Its not like he wanted to get pregnant.. they would use condoms..

“You also are protected from other alphas” Noya said. Hinata gave him a blank stare. “your body rejects other Alphas, touch from another alpha would make you sick” he said. “If Kageyama marks you, I cant touch you” he said. “Not even in a match” he said slowly, waiting for it to sink in.

Hinata looked at Noya for a long moment, trying to figure out why he was so focussed on this one aspect. Its not like any other alphas were going to try and mark him anyways, why did it matter if it made him sick, none of them touched him anyways.

Noya sighed. “What if you collide with Daichi on the court, going after the ball. You wouldn’t be able to play after because you would be sick, you would be vomiting” he said, and watched as Hinatas eyes seemed to focus and his eyebrows furrowed. “What? Nooo” he said in disbelief. “It can’t work like that” he said. “That’s not possible. How would Omegas go outside?!”

“Why do you think so many Omegas are stay at home parents?” Noya asked. “I’ve heard some Omegas can’t even touch their child if its an alpha” he said.

Hinatas face fell. “That’s so sad!” he frowned. “I don’t want that, I don’t want to not be able to be around my kids” he frowned, “id feel like a failure of a parent..” he felt his heart sink into his stomach. Just the idea of a child being untouchable got him emotional.

“So just wait a bit when it comes to the marking” Noya said and slid his arm around Hinatas shoulder. “don’t be in a rush, cause im not done hugging you” he pulled him into a tight hug, squeezing him. He hadn’t meant to make Hinata upset, and he felt a bit bad. But it was better that he knew. Geez, were they teaching the omegas anything in class?


After a moment Hinata pulled back and wiped his nose. “im gunna go home” he said. “Thanks for telling me..” he said.

“Shoyo!” Noya grabbed his wrist. “Why don’t you get a collar? It protects your neck. I know your heats coming up soon” he gave a small sniff. “If you get a collar then its kinda impossible for an Alpha to properly bite you, and maybe you can Kageyama..” he touched the tips of his fingertips together.

Hinatas eyes widened and he looked around suspiciously. “really? Do they work?” he asked. Noya shrugged. He had never used one, but he had seen commercials.

“they should sell them at the store” he said. “It has a key, so you could give that to your parents, so they know your safe” he said. “Don’t you think it would be a nice date for Kageyama, to enjoy his mates body while in heat?” he asked, purring a bit. Noya was devoted to Asahi whole heartedly, but that didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy some nice Omega AVs every now and then.

Hinata bounced off home in a significantly happier mood than before.


Two days later Hinata bounded back into practice with a nice matte black collar on his neck. It matched his Karasuno jersey, and covered just under half of his neck, making any full bite impossible. There wasn’t enough exposed space. His parents had agreed to is, and agreed to finally let Kageyama come over during his heat, and let the scent take them both. He was nervous and excited, he was afraid of pain, but he heard that it doesn’t hurt during your heat. He wanted to be overtaken by the instincts everyone else was drawn to!

Kageyama looked at the color incredulously. “The hell is that?” he asked, tugging at it and choking Hinata in the process. The metal collar kept its shape, but didn’t impede Hinatas head movement. Kageyama tugged it in different directions. “a lock?”

Hinata squirmed away and took a few deep breaths. “It’s a collar so I cant be marked” he said. “not unless I say its okay. Noya told me about it” he smiled and moved close, whispering in his ear. “If im wearing this, mom said you can come over on Saturday” he bit his lip, waiting for Kageyama to clue in.

“You start your heat on fri… oh” he gulped. “so Saturday huh” he brushed Hinatas hair back, purring. “ill be there” he leaned down and kissed him, not caring for the audience they had. He was kissing his mate all he wanted.

Daichi walked in and clapped his hands once, drawing everyone in the gym to him. “Alright” he stood while the others sat in front of him. “Tsukis still out this week due to his heat, and Hinatas going to be out next week” he kept the Alphas updated on the Omegas. “So come Thursday, if anyone smells Hinata Phasing a bit early, tell me or Suga. We do not need a repeat of last month” he said. Hinata had gone into heat early last time, and it took Asahi sitting on Kageyama to keep him off him. Hinata shivered when he thought of Kageyamas expression in that moment. The pure lust and desire.. maybe he needed a collar for his lower area..

“Hinata” Daichis voice startled the zoned out Hinata. “If you feel strange at all, dizzy or otherwise, you are to go home. I don’t want you to put yourself or the teammates at risk” he said. Hinata pouted. Saying it like that made him feel like he was in the way.. But he nodded. He heard from Yamaguchi that practice had to end after last months incident, the Alphas were too riled up.. This was partly why Hinata hated being an omega. He didn’t get to play volleyball the way he wanted to now, he had rules and he had to consider how he would affect the team.. if he wasn’t completely careful he would hurt the others.. when he would be the one who would get bitten!

When the team meeting was over, Kageyama stood up and grabbed a volleyball. “Let’s practice your spike. I want to see how your new gadget affects your speed” he said.

Hinata pouted. “Its not massive or anything. Its not going to affect the swooshyness of my jump” he said but got into position. Noya called both of them before they started.

“Let me join!” he said and they agreed.


Hinata felt so hot, his vision was hazy. His heat had just started and was progressively getting worse. His vomit bucket was next to his bed, already half full. He lay on his side, then rolled to the other side, then lay on stomach and lifted his butt in the air, trying to get as much airflow as possible. He had already taken a bath this earlier, but he was drenched in sweat again already. He groaned with his face in the only pillow spared from his nest.

Hinata felt conflicting urges. He wanted to be wrapped in every blanket in the world, but he wanted to be dissected, every part of him exposed to the wind for just some fucking relief from the heat! He fisted the sheets in his bed, letting out another groan of discomfort.

He considered masturbating, considering this heat was brought on by that part of his body, but imagining Kageyama may make things worse. He was already covered in enough body fluids, he didn’t need semen to be added, not at this point yet. But he so badly wanted to here the males voice, if even for a second. He didn’t know what he wanted him to say, he just wanted him to open his mouth and speak to him.

He reached for his water bottle, downing half of the lukewarm tap water in mere moments. He switched positions in bed to find his phone. It was somewhere among the pillows. He dialed Kageyamas number, his breath heavy as the phone rang.

He felt the collar on his throat, cold against his hot hands. It was sticking to him a bit, the skin under it was itchy and sweaty. It was Friday night, and Kageyama was coming over in the morning. But he wanted to talk to him NOW! He wanted to hear his voice, he wanted to cry and complain and whine and he wanted Kageyama to hear him moan and pant and he wanted him to come over!

The phone line clicked open, Kageyamas voice on the other end. “Moshi Moshi” he said, knowing it was Hinata. “How are you doing? Are you okay?” he sounded a bit worried. Why would Hinata call if everything was okay?

“No its not okay!” the male whined. “Im hot and sweaty and I just had a bath too” he whimpered. “Tomorrow im going to be sweaty a lot, is that going to gross you out?” he asked. To himself he smelt horrible, he didn’t know how it smelt to an Alpha, if the sweat messed with the pheromones..

Kageyama was silent on the other end, which made Hinata worried even more. He groaned, rolling over to try and get the cool side of the pillow, while also wrapping himself in a blanket. “Kageyaaaaama” he whined.

“Hinata” the voice whispered on the phone. “id prefer it if you didn’t bathe again before I got there tomorrow” he whispered, embarrassed at his own request. It was a weird request wasn’t it?! But he wanted to bury his nose in Hinatas body and take him all in, absorbing Hinatas scent before he devoured him. He could picture the little body underneath him, and he wanted to run his nose over every inch, he wanted to bite and lick and grip and caress the curves and creases before him.

“-yama!! Kageyama! Im gunna hang up!!” the voice moaned on the phone, shaking him from his daydream.

“Sorry” he cleared his throat. “what did you say?”

“I said..” pause. “I suu-suppose…I could” he said and rolled over again. “but don’t do anything weird” he said, biting his lip.



Kageyama on his bed, leaning against the wall. “How can I help you right now?” he asked, hearing the boy struggle. The shallow breathing and groans were carrying through the phone, making Kageyamas chest all hot. He wanted to hear more.


“Do you need me to just talk? Or do you need some.. guidance?”

Hinata was quiet for a moment, so Kageyama just started talking. “I was hoping that after this week we could practice the new spike again, where your eyes are open and you aim. I’ve rewatched a lot of the game footage, so I may be able to replicate it again in practice. Plus the scoop motion you do to change the direction of the ball is-“

“no” Hinata breathed.

“No to the prac-“

“No” he breathed again, groaning a bit.

Kageyama bit his lip and nodded. “Take your shirt off” he instructed. “Do you have headphones? Plug them into your phone to free up your hands” he said. “I don’t want to be on speakerphone.” Last thing he wanted was for Hinatas mom to walk in on him.. guiding..

He could hear fumbling through the phone, and the line went dead for a moment. A second later the screen lit up with another call.

Hinata explained “Sorry! I hit the end button by accident. My finger slipped”

“You have the headphones in?” he asked, “Good. Now take your shirt off. Are you wearing underwear?” he felt embarrassed just asking.

Hinata shook his head before giving a verbal no. “They get so messy so easily’ he whined. “im in my shorts”

“Practice shorts?” Kageyama asked, adding that mental image to his mind.

“Nooo, they’re just loose shorts” he said. “I can’t wear my school shorts now! Daichi would kill me, and so would Tsuki” he reached down to touch the light blue fabric. “they’re the only ones I have that I don’t wear outside. If I wore other shorts, then there’s a chance id smell like heat every time I wore them!” he reasoned, even though Kageyama hadn’t asked for more information.

Kageyama just hummed. He would bring Hinata more shorts tomorrow, not that he would be wearing clothes at all that day, but for future times, he had to take care of his omega, and providing clothing for him was part of that. When they were official mates, then Hinata would be his responsibility entirely.

“Take your shorts off” he said, and waited for the completion. He dropped his voice low, almost to a whisper. He wanted Hinata to hang on his every word. He could tell from the whimpering sounds he was making that he was either extremely uncomfortable or extremely turned on, maybe both.

“Tomorrow, im going to run my hands along your body, your left hand is my left hand. Your right hand is my right hand” he whispered and licked his lips. “First ill start by running my right thumb over your lips, parting the two gently. Then, id slide my hand into your hair, and keep it there while I kissed you” Kageyama touched his own lips, the images playing in his own head as well.

“Wh-what next?” Hinata asked.

“Id take your left nipple in my right hand, pinching it and watching it harden” he waited for the gasp on the other end. “and then id slide my hand down to your belly, rubbing your hips and kissing all the way down to that tiny little navel of yours” he smiled softly, remembering the little belly button. He teased Hinata about it when he first saw it. Hinata was changing, in the club room close to his heat. In a surprise moment of weakness Kageyama had pinned him against the floor and ran his hands all over his torso, purring at the soft dip in his belly. It was tiny and cute, just like Hinata. They had laid on the floor for a while, Kageyama teasing Hinata by poking his belly button. Apparently, his belly was ticklish. It was a moment of gooey weakness for the Alpha, that he only indulged in every once in a while when Hinata needed it. Volleyball was different from this, learning how to handle essentially two Hinatas was important.

Hinata slid hid finger down to his belly button, his skin was super sensitive and hot. He gasped when his finger found the dip, it sent a shock up his spine.

Hinata drove one hand into his hair, and he arched his back. He could see a tent in his shorts, and he was just getting hotter! Hearing Kageyamas voice in his ears drove him nuts, he wanted to hear it in person, he wanted to feel Kageyamas actual hands on his body, he wanted to touch him, to feel him, to touch that body as it rocked into him, driving his heat out of him and leaving him a mess on the bed. He wanted cry out Kageyamas name over and over, gripping his back, touching his skin as they heated up together!

Hinatas groans turned into moans as the fantasies spurred in his mind, Kageyamas voice adding fuel to the fire. He felt so hazy, he couldn’t figure out what was his fantasy and what was real, his temperature skyrocketed and he was just breathing so heavily.

Kageyama listened in. He tried getting Hinatas attention, but he was mumbling his name, and moaning, and so Kageyama just listened, rubbing his inner thigh to begin with.


After a few minutes Kageyama tried getting Hinatas attention again, and was met with a hazy ‘yea’ and not much else. The boy was so out of it, it was adorable. Would he be this unresponsive though tomorrow? The idea of a weak Hinata made Kageyamas nostrils flare. Hinata never stopped bouncing everywhere, a tired Hinata was new, and slightly hot.

Hinata, naked, weak with longing. Curled in bed, in need of his Alpha to make him feel better, in need of an infusion of energy~ he would spread his legs and weakly reach up for Kageyama, and with each thrust he would gain more strength, he would get louder and grip him tighter.

Kageyama resisted touching himself. He wanted to hold back until tomorrow, he wanted to pump everything into Hinata, he wanted to fill him, he wanted to coat him inside and out.. but they had to use condoms. That part he despised. It was the opposite of what he wanted, of what the instincts told him to do! Could they raise a child now? Hell no. did he want to impregnate Hinata and watch his body swell with is child… kinda. it would affect his volleyball abilities, but there was part of him that wanted to see the boy all round and fat. It was the alpha instincts, to create children with omegas, to bite them, gather them, love them.

Kageyama felt a surge of adrenaline just thinking about Hinata carrying his child. He technically didn’t have to be marked to get pregnant. Kageyama growled with desire when he imagined Hinata pregnant again, a deep mark on the back of his neck, a warning to every other alpha to not fuck with this omega. Any and all alphas who tried to mess with him would be beaten within an inch of their life.

“-yama” the voice piped up on the phone again. Kageyama was now standing up off the bed, phone still held to his ear. The hairs on his body were standing up and he had been growling for a moment, which had Hinata worried. “are you okay? Are you at home? Are you safe?!” Hinata barraged him with question, which were shoved off. “Im fine. Im just.. im looking forwards to tomorrow” he said and rubbed his forehead, pacing a bit. “Im going to go for a run, before I do something I regret” he said, waiting for Hinata to agree and he hung up.

Kageyama growled and beat his fists against the door. “Dammit!” he groaned. He wanted t go to Hinata right now, before anyone else got him. He wanted to devour him in his bed. He wanted to hold him and sink into his body, marking him inside and out. He paced for a few more minutes before he grabbed his shoes and went for a run. He needed to calm down before he lost control of himself and overtook Hinata tomorrow. He needed to pace himself, he needed to calm down!

He ran for 2 hours, stopping every now and then for water. He kept wanting to turn to Hinatas house. Even now, he didn’t know exactly where he was but he knew how to get to Hinatas house. He could just.. feel it.

When he got home he collapsed on the bed. He had to get up early and go to the store for water, condoms and shorts. He crawled under the covers and groaned, his eyes dropping as he succumbed to sleep.


Well anyone who made it this far, i applaud you. Ill post more in a few days, so hang tight!