Oh my. Such Chuunibyou. Very Hero.


Back to the two partners! The overall theme of episode 7 was.. Partnership!

The theme of partnership is in both mini-stories, one which left off on a possible cliffhanger? It wasn’t completely rounded off, but it could be left at that point, if they so choose. They could also time skip and show a few days afterwards to see how the partnership has progressed.


Usami gets a full headful of Wifey on the brain and openly fantasizes about possible sex with Uchimaki, in front of Uchimaki!

Screenshot 2017-01-04 13.54.51.png

The pink haze of crush seems to fluctuate for convenience, as Usami is able to be the subject of Uchimakis art piece without any major incidents, after showing her panties to him while fantasizing. But the duo come up with a partnership in creating the piece for the art competition, because they were called out on a challenge. Some random second year who it literally so unimportant we never found out his name, and he wasn’t brought up save for the first and final moments.

He angered Usami by calling Uchimakis work trash, and that incited the duos partnership. Does Uchimaki take this as Usami defending him? Nope. To him, Usami just really likes Moe characters. *sigh* this boy.. Although, if and when he finally does get a clue, there goes the major conflict, the plot point tying all of these short clips together.

Screenshot 2017-01-04 13.55.49.png

The second partnership is with Imari and Colette. Imari seems to have inducted Collete into Chuunibyou-hood, decking her out with bandages to seal in the black dragon in her left eye. This may not be another arc by itself, but more of an ongoing point throughout the next few episodes, until Usami snaps again at Collette for thinking hero’s of justice exist.

Screenshot 2017-01-04 13.55.19.png

The Usami/Uchimaki partnership seems to have disbanded. They partnered for the contest and will now work on their own pieces now, but I think the Imari/Collete duo will last. Imari is less of a rival now, I feel like. But hey, manga fan to manga fan, she could still try and snatch Uchimaki. I like that the plot is picking up the pace, its not just silly mini stories, or at least in between those silly mini stories there are relevant stories to the overall end goal of  a confession or resolution to these feelings. Although.. If the manga’s still continuing, will we get a resolution?


Well, thanks for reading!