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Love, Death, Destruction, and none of it bothers the main antagonist.


The 9th episode of Bubuki Buranki brought back Migiwa Kazuki, the mother of our two twin heart users, Azuma and Kaoruko.

Migiwa as the show goes on, I like her less and less. She has a very ‘ill do everything, sacrifice myself, and expect you to live on’ type attitude which  is infuriating from a character development standpoint. That’s where a character starts, 21 episodes later that should not be how the character remains. She seems confident in her abilities to live, but there have been multiple times in the show that we, and her children, are left wondering if she is still alive. She had an illness in episode 1 after all.


Her powers as a ‘witch’ appear to be stronger than a usual Bubuki or even a heart user. Comparing this of course to Reoko and her children. She easily is able to manipulate her Rinzo, and does so to eject her child from her vicinity as she sacrifices herself. Does she stop to say hi to her daughter though? Nope. She just carries on in her self sacrificial ways.

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Whether her proficiency in Rinzo manipulation comes from years of experience, or a higher concentration of Bubuki particles in her blood (the lore, its great) we don’t know. Perhaps at this point she’s just become so used to the Buranki that she’s lost touch with people, like people who lie in nature and are more in tune with the forest and stuff.


The lore that explains the reason some people are able to use Rinzo has to do with when Buranki first fell to earth. Guy says they crossed the ‘Starry Highway’ so space. They fell into the ocean, and the broken down particles were fed up the food chain to humans, concentrating and creating Rinzo.


I think Guy is unable to use a Bubuki, and that is partially what is fueling his anger at this point. He aims to destroy ‘all Bubuki users’ so unless he plans to commit suicide.. Or perhaps it is a case of self internalized hatred, in which he was discriminated for being a Bubuki user and came to hate himself and the Buranki for ‘tainting’ humanity. He uses that term a lot.


On the LaexEpizo front, its kind of come to an end. The Epimew Limbs had been brainwashed, and it killed their heart user. We were able to see who I assume is the Progenitor Guy is in search of. There was a very Nazi/Lion King marching sequence, in which Buranki were marching into the Progenitor.

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Guy sees Laetitia’s death as a necessary sacrifice, as if he’s gained something from this, but how he gained something.. Its not clear. The vision didn’t give away a location, and it as a different experience than we saw with Azuma when he entered Oubos head. The Oubo crew seem to bury Laetitia’s body as well, so what information Guy thinks he has is not clear.


Kaorukos name seems to strike a chord for Reoko, who is mobile again. She seems shocks to hear Kaorukos name, so im wondering if Kaoruko is a name that holds significance to Reoko, and Migiwa using it or honoring the person will be significant. Or maybe Reoko was just shocked at Kaorukos anger about being called Migiwas daughter.


Guy is still ever confident in his plan, despite Migiwa attempting to destroy Treasure Island. Perhaps the Progenitor is sealed inside the island, and destroying it by comet or by Rinzo will release the Progenitor either way.

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With three more episodes, the plot is coming to the climax. There isn’t much to wrap up besides the main comet-Deus stuff, and if things continue, im predicting Migiwa will have to become Deus brain and sacrifice herself.


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