omg a continuance of something! *gasp* unheard of. well, heres part two of Bitten!

pre-warning: smut ahead

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“he’s a small right?” Kageyama asked himself, looking at two different pairs of shorts. “Or is he extra small?” he stretched the waistbands of each to see how much space they would give him. They both seemed to be pretty much the same size.. maybe he should just go with small. If they were a bit big, that was fine, it would be roomy and easier to take off.

He grabbed four pairs of small shorts in varying colors, and headed to the pharmacy aisle. He wasn’t embarrassed to be buying condoms, but he sure as hell didn’t know which ones to get. Colored? Regular? Thin? Ribbed? They were all so fancy and unnecessary for an unwanted product. He didn’t want to use them, even touching them filled him with rage.

He tossed in two packs at random, and headed to the cash register. He picked up a case of water bottles and added them to the counter. He figured Hinata would need water. Tap water would be a nuisance, and cups would be a hazard, even if Hinata wasn’t in heat. He looked around while the cashier searched for the shorts tags and spotted some flowers. He asked the cashier to hold on a moment and rushed over and picked up a bouquet of yellow flowers, adding them to the queue. He handed the cashier the cash and took the bag, carrying the case of water out. He was close enough to Hinatas house that he could carry it. It would give him something to think about on his walk over.

It also made him walk slower. This was a stupid idea. He would have been at his house by now if he wasn’t carrying the water bottles. They were heavy and the plastic cut into Kageyamas fingers. He cursed each step. A few times a battle slipped out of the casing, with the plastic stretching with each step. Setting everything down and repacking the bottles took far too much time, so Kageyama left a few bottles when they fell.

Kageyama was 20 minutes late by the time he set the water on the doorstep and knocked on the door. He was breathing hard, tired and frustrated. He made things harder on himself, and now he just wanted to feel the soft body of Hinata underneath him. He looked up, and saw Hinatas bedroom window. There were volleyball curtains, of course. The room was dark, but he knew Hinata was in there. He never left his room during his heat, except to bathe. And Hinata said he wouldn’t bathe today. Kageyama took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. He caught a whiff of Hinatas scent, mixed with the scent of him in heat. It was particularaly sweet, and brought a purr of anticipation form his lips. He licked his lips and knocked again, but halfway through the second knock the door cracked open, and the sweet scent blew out the door, knocking Kageyama back a few paces. Before Kageyama could regain his bearings the door closed again. Kageyama moved forwards and touched the doorknob. “Hinata?”

Hinata stood behind the door, trying to stay upright. His parents had left to give them privacy, so he had to open the door himself. His knees were weak as it was, and Kageyamas presence made it harder to stand. He was so hot, he had to lean on the door for support, and accidentally closed the door. He could hear Kageyama on the other side, calling his name. ‘he’s here’ He twisted the doorknob a bit, and felt the door push back against him just enough that Kageyamas head poked in and looked around.

Kageyama saw Hinata on the other side of the door, and he looked fucking delicious, leaning weakly on the door. He was in a loose, half sliding t-shirt and shorts, his legs exposed. His hair was a moppy mess, his face was red, his eyes hazy, his collarbone exposed. He looked beautiful and smelt even better. Kageyama was going to get drunk off the scent alone. He reached a hand in for Hinata to take. “Come on, up” he said, shivering at the heat of the hand now in his. He helped Hinata stand up so he could get the door open.

Once Kageyama was in the house, he slid a hand up to Hinatas cheeks, feeling the hot skin. Hinata was resting his body weight into the touch. He could tell Hinata was having a hard time standing. “hey there” he purred, and kissed him softly. It took all of his strength to not pin him down right here and now. He slid a hand up his neck, growling when he met the collar, the metal warm against his fingers.

Sliding his arms under Hinatas legs, Kageyama carried him to the couch. “Lie here a moment, let me grab my bags” he pecked his forehead, hot and wet with sweat. He smelled fucking delicious.

Once the water bottles were inside he grabbed the flowers and supplies. He felt a bit ridiculous with the flowers. He had hoped Hinata would be more coherent and would have been able to see the flowers, but it didn’t seem likely. He brought them over anyways, and sat on the floor in front of the couch. Hinatas eyes were closed and he was breathing heavy, one arm outstretched towards Kageyama.

“Shoyo” he said casually, and helped him sit up, and took one of the water bottles and pressed it to Hinatas cheek. It wasn’t cold by any means, but compared to Hinata, a hot frying pan would be colder.

Hinata jumped before letting out a moan and reaching for the bottle, pressing it harder against his skin. He rolled it to the other side of his face, his throat open as sounds of pleasure and relief poured out.

Kageyama smirked at his mate, and grabbed a couple more bottles, setting them on his thighs, and pressing one to his belly. The sounds that came out were near orgasmic, and the redheaded Chibi was on the brink of tears. The cool water felt so nice against his skin! He forgot it was Kageyama pressing them to him, he figured it was the Gods showing mercy on him.

When the bottles lost the cold factor and Hinata came out of his bliss-coma and opened his eyes, Kageyama was still there, watching his every move. He hadn’t moved from the spot. If he dared move he would have taken Hinata right then and there. He would have ravaged him.

“K-kage..” Hinata sat up a bit and smiled. Kageyamas face looked like he was in pain, and Hinata could only imagine what his own face looked like.

“I got flowers” Kageyama said, lifting the flowers to Hinatas hands. Their fingers touched and a jolt ran through Hinatas body. He took the flowers and sniffed them. “They’re beautiful” he said and opened one of the water bottles, sliding the stems in. “but.. which smells better” he asked a bit coyly, looking at his mate.

Kageyama clicked his tongue. “As if you have to ask” he said. “im barely holding on here, Baka” he stood up and squeezed Hinatas hand, leaving the flowers on the table. “I got you shorts” he said, and pulled the shorts from the bag, shoing them into Hinatas face. Yea it was his responsibility, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t embarrassing to show this caring side. Hinata would probably boast about this to Nishinoya or Suga next week. “You said you had only one, so I got you more” he looked down at the blue shorts the boy had on now, sweat stains along the trim. “they’re small. I wasn’t sure if you were small or extra small” he said and reached down to touch the shorts, the fabric soft on his fingertips.

Hinata looked through the shorts and smiled. “Whoa! They look so cool!” he giggled. “Alright, turn around” He said, and waited for Kageyamas scowling face to turn the other way. He slid his shorts off, he was still commando, the sound of fabric moving against skin caused Kageyama to stiffen in place. “Okay, look at me!” Hinata smiled, one of the new shorts secured to his body. He had one hip popped out, looking very sexy. “They’re perfect” he smiled and did a turn so Kageyama could see how they fit. “Do they look good?” he asked, looking over at his shoulder at the Alpha.

“They’d look better on the floor, to be honest” Kageyama said, gripping Hinatas hips and pulling him to his chest, kissing his shoulder. He cheek brushed against the collar and he growled a bit, but he moved up and kissed Hinatas jawline. “I didn’t buy them for you to wear today~” he slid his hands down his torso, hooking onto the waistband to drag them down. He wanted to strip him and take him NOW.

Hinatas face shot red and he grabbed Kageyamas hands, stopping them. “d-did you bring..”

“Condoms? Check” Kageyama kicked the bag, and resumed stripping, tugging Hinatas shirt off and tossing it onto the couch.

“lets go upstairs f-first” Hinata said and turned so he was facing Kageyama, his face red. “I want you to take me upstairs” he tried to appease the Alpha. His stomach was churning, he hoped it was excitement, but it didn’t feel like excitement.

Hinata felt uncomfortable out of his nest in general, he didn’t even want to consider being intimate outside of his nest. It was an Omega thing, and he wasn’t sure where it came from, but when he thought about doing it somewhere else he felt his chest tighten, and not in a good way. Apparently after Marking that feeling lessens considerably, but until then he felt panicked. “C-come on” he struggled in Kageyamas grip. “upstairs”

Kageyama smirked and held him in place. The struggle, if anything, was inciting more of Kageyamas Alpha instincts, telling him to overpower the Omegas choice and go with his own. “What if I wanted to have you down here first?” he asked, sliding his hands down Hinatas side, gripping his hip. “what if I want you spread out on the couch first” he licked the available skin on Hinatas neck. “It looks so comfy and I don’t think I can make it upstairs” he teased.

Hinata struggled to free himself from Kageyamas grasp. His stomach was seriously churning right now, and his heart was pounding. He felt like he did just lost a game. “upstairs” he said. “It has to be upstairs” he backed up until his back hit the wall.

Kageyama frowned, annoyed at first. When he saw the look in Hinatas eyes he knew the Omega wasn’t playing at being hard to get. Something was off. “okay then, upstairs” he said and walked to Hinata, touching his arms. “is there a specific reason?” the boy was a bit pale, a complete color switch from a moment ago. Was this a transition in the heat? “Are you okay?” he asked. He was genuinely concerned. Hinatas breathing was heavy and he slid down to sit on the floor. He lay his head back, and closed his eyes. “a bucket” he groaned.

Kageyama looked at Hinata for a moment before standing up. “Ill just take you to the bathroom” he said and heaved the boy into his arms. He was still burning to the touch, but it was more like a fever than the sexual heat from before. Kageyama wasn’t even distracted by the smell anymore. He was more concerned than anything.

He set Hinata down on the floor and lifted the toilet lid. “Im going to get a towel” he said and left the room, returning a moment later to find Hinata with his head in the bowl. Kageyama rolled the towel and slid it under Hinatas knees, and used the other towel to wipe his face. Tears streamed down the little ones face as his body rejected everything in his belly, which at this point wasn’t much.

Hinata whined whenever Kageyama lifted his face to wipe it. He didn’t want Kageyama to see this part of the heat. He was supposed to be sexy and lewd and not… gross like this, with vomit and drool all over his face, tears making his eyes puffy. He never wanted Kageyama to see this. He tried hiding his face, and even sent Kageyama for water, but the water didn’t even stay down for long.

After 10 minutes Hinata felt safe enough to move and lay next to the toilet. His skin pressed against the cold tile floor underneath him. Kageyama reached over and rubbed his calf. “Think you can get some water down now?” he offered, bit Hinata shook his head and sniffled. He was so angry at his body for doing this to him today. He was finally going to give it what it wants and it goes and does this?!

“You don’t have to stay” he groaned, taking the towel and covering his face. He would rather Kageyama left now. He knew Kageyama was pushing himself to be here, and to be soft and caring like this. This wasn’t Kageyama normally.  He heard Kageyama stand up and leave the room. After a moment Hinata let out a sniffle, and curled into himself. It was good that Kageyama wasn’t going to see him like his. This was weak, and the Alpha hated weak things. Omegas were only good when their legs were spread.. not when they were vomiting.

Hinata didn’t know when he would get up, or when his parents would get home. He wasn’t particularly hungry, but h figured he would down a water bottle and take some vitamins to at least have something. He angled himself so that the floor was cooling down most of his body. He would have to move eventually to get new tiles pressed against him, but he didn’t feel like moving.

It had been a long time that Kageyama had been courting him, The other would flip between his harsh Volleyball training persona, to sometimes being sweet. The Alpha had such a pretty laugh, and such soft lips, and he knew that just being around him was hard for Kageyama. But he would be lying if he said he didn’t love those times. He loved the dark haired tsundere, who brought him flowers, and shorts, and water and love. He wanted to reciprocate, he wanted to be with Kageyama.. but his body betrayed him, and now he didn’t want to move. If as an Omega he cant even be with his alpha, he was useless.

Hinata was spiralling into his self loathing, and didn’t hear the footsteps enter the room. He jumped when he felt a hand touch his calm, and sniffled his nose to try and stop the tears. The towel was pulled off his face, and used to wipe away the residual tears. “Did you really think I would leave?” Kageyama smirked and leaned down, picking him up for the third time that day.

The two entered Hinatas bedroom, and Hinata noticed the flowers on the bedside table. Kageyama laid him on the bed, in his nest, and wrapped him in three thick, soft blankets. “Tight enough?” he asked and Hinata nodded.

Hinata was beyond confused. What was going on? Why didn’t Kageyama leave?

Kageyama crawled into Hinatas bed with him, and sat behind him, hugging the burrito boy to his chest. “listen, Baka” he nuzzled his neck, getting a full noseful of his scent. “im not going to leave when you’re in pain, Im not going to abandon you on the bathroom floor, so don’t every tell me to leave again” he growled for a second. “you are my mate. Id mark you right now if it weren’t for this collar” he tugged at the annoying metal. “I will see you on your worst days and on your best days, I will be with you always, holding your hair, wiping your face, feeding you medicine.” He kissed his jawline. “im not just here to have sex with you, although~” he purred.

Hinata didn’t know what to say, so his eyes watered again. He wasn’t even upset, Kageyama was being so nice to him which was weird! He just felt emotional and tired from vomiting. He wanted to sleep, but he wanted to keep listening to Kageyama..

“Do you feel better?” the Alpha asked. “Wrapped up, in your nest?” he ran his fingers through the omegas hair. Clearly it hadn’t been brushed in a few days as his hand was met with a number of tangles.

Hinata nodded before wincing at the tugs. That huuuuurt!! “I… we can’t do it outside of the nest” he said. “its an-“

“An omega thing?” Kageyama finished. “I figured. I googled it when you were puking” he squeezed him. “Omegas feel the safest during their heat when in their nest” he recited the google result. “so, until I mark you, the nest is your safe space, that gives you a bit of control on who and when you are impregnated by” he purred. “Its not impossible outside of the nest, but some Omegas have adverse reactions, like vomiting” he ended softly. “So, this is all my fault. Me and my alpha ego.” He admitted his own fault, which surprised Hinata, in a good way of course. “Im sorry, I didn’t know any of this beforehand” he inhaled.

“I didn’t either” Hinata mumbled. “I just.. I felt so panicked, I felt like my chest was going to collapse and explode at the same time. I didn’t know the reasoning though. I just thought I was being silly..” he frowned, and nuzzled into Kageyamas body. he felt so warm in his blankets, and in Kageyamas arms. He wanted to nap.. but he didn’t want to leave Kageyama.. he wanted to have their whole day.. he felt so weak though.. and his eyes were drifting… closed…


“Tobio~” Hinata gasped, arching his back against the bed. The Alpha was between his legs, kissing his inner thighs and tugging at the soft fabric still loosely shielding him. Hinata felt a surge of heat radiate through his body, drawing another moan from his lips.

He had woken up a few minutes ago, to the feeling of Kageyama peppering his collarbone with kiss marks. There was no way the team wouldn’t know what he had been up to after this. It was a swift transition to the original goal of the night, with Hinatas heat still in effect. Now that they were in the Nest, Hinata was in top condition, and he wanted to show Kageyama just how much he loved him.

The initiator was Hinata, Kageyama had been a bit hesitant if Hinata was healthy enough, but after light pressure, even he couldn’t resist the heat radiating from the small body. Hinata unwrapped himself from the blankets and nuzzled Kageyama, kissing up his neck and nuzzling his scent glands. “Tobio~” he moaned into his ear.

Seconds later he was on his back, still shirtless, Kageyama towering over him, his hands on either side of Hinatas head. Hinata turned his head and kissed one of his arms, keeping eye contact. Kageyamas nostrils flared, and he let out a small growl of wanting. This little vixen was teasing him, and he wasn’t going to hold back.

Kageyamas face was scary, it was hard and he looked like he was going to just destroy whatever was put in front of him, and Hinata couldn’t find it hotter. The heat surged from his lower belly again, his cheeks blossoming with red. “Tobio~” he purred, spreading his legs for the Alpha.

Wasting no time, Kageyama leaned down and kissed Hinata, biting his lip. One hand slid down Hinatas belly, roughly pressing into the need in his shorts. It felt nice in his palm, and he purred. He wanted to make Hinata his, in every sense of the word. He wanted to Mark him, he wanted to claim this body as HIS.

Hinatas scent filled the room, and Kageyama took a deep breath, smirking down at the boy. Without speaking he moved down the bed, nipping Hinatas skin as he worked his way down. He reached his thighs and spread them open, running his tongue along the sensitive skin crease. He smirked at the strangled gasp that left Hinatas throat and proceeded to nip and lick the area. The pale skin reddened as he teased it, and he could feel Hinatas body shaking under him.

Hinatas hand slid down into Kageyamas hair, gripping the strands as his body was teased. His legs started to close around Kageyamas head, the sensitive skin firing shocks throughout his body. He bit his lip to avoid making a sound, but he couldn’t hold back for long, its as if the built-up sensations were trying to escape.

Kageyama smirked at the boy, and held his thighs to the bed. “keep them open~” he purred and slid his thumb through the leg hole of his shorts, running it up Hinatas shaft. Hinata jolted, and Kageyama purred.

“Tobio~” Hinata whimpered, looking down at him. “pleeease~ I can’t take it anymore!” his face was red and he looked like he was on the brink of tears. Tobio leaned up and kissed Hinatas belly, nipping the skin under his belly button, watching a small mark form. He had left multiples of these marks all along his body, claiming him as his. They weren’t permanent by any stretch of the mind, but they would stay for at least a month. He wanted Hinata to know who he belonged to, even if the collar was in the damn way.

“how badly do you want it?” he asked the omega, who was squirming on the bed under the grip of his alpha, the pained look on his face was such a turn on. He watched the boy lick his lips, and arch his back. The way he called his name, the way his hand stretched out for him, it was all such a god damn turn on. Everything this kid did made him want to ravage him all the more!

Kageyama took a deep, long breath, hummed as he watched Hinata under him. He was stroking the omega, his shorts already discarded. When were they discarded? Who cares. The sight before him was perfect. The messy hair splayed against the pillow, the trail of drool sliding from Hinatas mouth as he came for the first time. Kageyamas head was filled with his heartbeat, pounding, screaming, his line of sight narrowed to just include Hinata, just his body, just his neck.

While the omega was panting, recovering from his first mid-heat orgasm, Kageyama descended on the soft flesh, feeling the penetration of the skin, the blood that followed, and… the metal. The taste was off-putting, and Kageyama pulled back immediately, holding his tongue out like he had tasted something terrible, and he had. It was disgusting.

Hinata was in shock, unable to move. He felt teeth, was he marked? He demanded an answer, but Kageyama didn’t respond. He was focussed on the Mark, or.. half mark. It wasn’t complete so it wasn’t effective. It would heal soon enough. If it was a real mark, if he had gotten a mouthful of that sweet skin, the omega would be his. He would indulge in this every night. He would caress this body, kiss those lips, plunge into this soft place every opportunity he had.

Lifting Hinatas hips he closed his lips around his cock, the jolt of the body spurring him on. It was hard in his mouth, and it smelled just like Hinata. It smelled perfect. Sliding up he felt the tip pop form his lips and fall towards Hinatas belly. He moved downwards, pulling his hips to his chest, almost flipping Hinata over. He nipped the round perky globes in front of him, before burying his face between them.  His tongue quickly found the source of the heat, the soft pucker, hot to the touch.

It was hard for Hinata to object to what was being done to him, because every ministration made his body shudder and submit. This was what he wanted, the was what he needed. He wanted it to be Kageyama. Each touch felt so perfect, searing the moment into his skin. His head was full of Kageyama, and his body throbbed. His ass, his crotch, his nipples, his… neck. He reached up and felt his neck, there was some blood, but he wasn’t bleeding. He had been bitten. Was he Marked? Was Kageyama his forever now?

Hinata reached up to hug Kageyama, but soon he was nearly upside down, held in place by his Alpha. He gasped when he felt the tongue along his most sensitive area. He gripped the sheets under him and felt the air in the room become thicker, and the heat even stronger. He called out for his Alpha, reaching out for the male to hold him and grip him and take him!

The scent became thicker, and Kageyama let out a low growl, deep in his throat. He rolled Hinata onto his side, and ran his hand over the soft skin on his outer thighs. “Oh fuck” he moaned to himself, and slid down his own shorts, exposing himself. He was so fucking hard. He wanted to plunge right into him. He wanted to spread him open and take all of him.

“Tobio” Hinata wheezed, his eyes half closed and a smile covering his face. His hand reached up to touch the half-Mark on his neck. “My Tobio” he smiled softly, and bit his lip.

Kageyama reached over and touched the Mark, smirking. “You’re mine” he growled, and lifted his top leg, exposing his whole undercarriage. Kageyama leaned forwards, pressing his tip to Hinatas pucker. He felt the muscle give way easily, and in one fell swoop his hips collided with Hinatas soft flesh.

Hinata gasped and gripped the sheets under him, but Kageyama didn’t give him any time to breath. Immediately he was thrusting into him again, his body slapping against Hinatas over and over. He pulled out, and rolled Hinata onto his back, before lifting his hips and pushing back into him, driving the air from Hinatas chest and. He felt the omegas arms wrap around his neck, jolting at every thrust.

Hinata came first, for the second time. He cried out as his body shuddered, tightening around Kageyama. He pulled Kageyama to his chest, and almost cried tears of relief. He felt so good, he felt warm and safe and sexy. He looked up at Kageyama, still thrusting into him. His face was contorted in pleasure and possession. Hinata could feel him staking his claim on every crease of his body. Only when it was too late did Hinata remember their mistake.

“No! No! Stop!” he pushed against Kageyamas chest, wanting him to pull out. Kageyama didn’t answer him, he was pushing into him harder and deeper, bruising his thighs. Hinata could feel him swelling, and tried again to push him off.

Kageyama was too far gone, he gripped Hinata as he gave his final thrust, filling him with everything he had pent up, his body emptying itself into Hinata, into the deep hole he carved in Hinatas body. He gripped him to his chest, wanting to sink his teeth into that soft flesh once again, to solidify the claim on his body.

Hinata gasped at the sensation of being filled. It felt so good, instinctually he felt fulfilled, he was so happy. He wanted to keep everything inside him, he wanted Kageyama to fall asleep inside him, he wanted to stay like this, this exact position as long as he could, but he had a sense of dread deep in his stomach. “we didn’t use a condom” he whispered, before he was overcome with exhaustion and passed out.