So much to unpack in this episode! And that stupid emotional scene at the end, damn it got me.


So this episode is the leadup to the climax. A lot happens, and it leaves off in my favorite place, the beginning of a battle. We meet Deus Magna, it was inside Treasure Island, and the Comet was its head.  Guy also is a heart user, who feels Buranki are a curse. He passed the heart onto his son, but it was passed back to Guy after his sons death. As for Migiwa, whether she is alive or dead, its unconfirmed, but her body is not in Zanpaza when Kaoruko goes to retrieve it from the bottom of the ocean.

Deus Magna, the Great One, the God of Buranki, is dead. From what we found out from Duroc about Buranki anatomy, a Buranki dies when it makes a contract and its head is emptied. The Comet/head of Deus is empty. Who is the Heart Holder of Deus, we don’t know yet, but I have a feeling it may be Migiwa. The visuals surrounding Deus Magna are stunning. He is smooth silver, tall and lanky. His body is jointed and peppered with what looks like bits of the universe, or deep blue starry sky sections. The sequence from when he was being freed was visually stunning, with tiny bits of island flying everywhere as he emerged. He stands tall, and we get to see his size compared to other Burankis. An entire Buranki is able to fit inside the Comet with so much room it might as well be open air.


Speaking of Duroc, Guy somehow acquired Duroc and forced it into a contract. We don’t see the process, but from what we know of Duroc, they would not have like to be in a contract. How Guy, who has currently killed or turned his Buranki heart minions against him, brought Duroc to France is unknown, and kind of unrealistic.. A scene where he forced Duroc to submit in that Hot Springs cave would have been a good connection scene, as Guy now has a heart modified to completely control Buranki without being assimilated into its head.

Screenshot 2017-01-04 14.17.03.png

Migiwa is in ghost form right now, so we don’t know where her body is. Whether it has been destroyed, or if she is somewhere underwater or inside Deus Magna, we don’t know. Right now her mind is back in Episode 1, in the Buranki Graveyard with Oubo. Looking back.. What even was the Buranki Graveyard?? The space to just hold limbless Buranki? Oubo starts speaking to Migiwa, and calls her ‘Our child” While I don’t think Migiwa had a child with Oubo, I think he is referring to her being a child of Buranki, in the more spiritual form. Which would explain her connection to them. It is also why I believe that she is the heart user of Deus, and why she is able to still use Rinzo after passing Oubos heart onto Azuma.


When confronted with the fact that she may be dead, Migiwa seems to be surprised, and not relieved. She had a self sacrificial complex, so being saddened by being dead is a conflict of her character at this point, considering she really cant know if she completed her goal or not. I feel like this scene is very HP at Kings Cross scene. In the next episode she will emerge with Deus Maganas heart and fight Guy for control.


The emotional kicker came from Kaoruko, who had to retrieve Zanpaza from the ocean. Migiwa kicked Souya out of the Buranki and took it down to Treasure Island. Somehow Souya survived being in the ocean despite the major energy expulsion of Rinzo and the awakening of the God of Buranki.. But hey.


When Kaoruko asks how Zanpaza got so deep into the ocean, cementing that she didn’t know her mother had been there, Souya just awkwardly covers it up. So Kaorukos mother is possibly dead, and Kaoruko is piloting the Buranki she died in without knowing. Migiwas kind of a crap mother to her daughter.

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Justin Leon’s character has completely fallen apart. He’s more Epizo than anything right now, minus the gut and the laugh, although.. Naw Justin’s got that laugh too. He’s gone from an angry, aggressive, psychologically tormenting character to an unobservant egomaniac without two brain cells to rub together. He assumes that by walking close to his former limbs that they searched him out, and that they want to regroup with him. They force him into an inauthentic apology, the entire time he is whining about it. Personally, I never liked Justin, but at least when he was an asshat he was a good character to play off of.


So the climax is set up to be the next episode. What im looking for will be a mother-daughter scene most of all. Its been neglected thus far, and everyone seems to be chasing Migiwa, while she rushes to her own death.


I had hoped a bit that the final conflict would be more inorganic, with Deus Magna still being alive and maybe not able to be controlled by Guy. So far everyone in Demokratia has become a pathetic character, so Guy following suit would also fall into the ‘tough guy is actually a weenie’ element. But alas, Guy is relatively successful in his attempt so he’s kind of like an ultimate villain? With Entei acting as the Neck of Deus Magna, feel like a possible ending could be the destruction of Entei, and subsequent death of Reoko. She wants to die.. So it could be an attempt to recover some of the positive emotional content, instead of adding more neglect and loss like they have been. The season overall has had a negative feel emotionally.


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