Hey all, heres another story of mine, sick of them yet? haha. This one is OCxOC, so its more fiction than fanfiction. It is intended as a backstory for a character I have roleplayed as. The general plot of the roleplay was similar to Sekaiichi Hatsukoi where the characters separated and were reunited. This story basically explains why they separated.

It is NOT set in the OmegaVerse, and there isnt any smut, so far. i dont have it all planned out so i cant guarantee anything later on, but there is sadness and death.

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The school bell rang loud to signal the school day ended. Seconds later the hallway was filled with the deafening sound of students as they poured from their classrooms. Students from all grades mingled in the 4-foot-wide space pushing and shoving to reach their lockers and attend their afterschool clubs, Going Home or otherwise. The chaos would subside in a few minutes, leaving only the delinquents and student assistants in the hallways making travel significantly easier for the smaller students who were likely to be trampled in the initial cour.

Small heads poked from the classrooms, looking left and right to check the hallway. A few stepped out into the hallway and rushed in their own speed to the lockers. By now they were certainly late for their club.

Mio was one of the smaller students, and timid. He was born in December, so he was often the youngest in his class, and with the Yamagi family name he was often last on attendance lists and likely to be forgotten, contributing to his timid nature. He didn’t mind it at all. He didn’t want to be noticed or have any attention drawn to him. Classmates could be mean to anyone who stands out, and they were. In middle school he was teased about his hair. The blonde hair he had inherited from his foreigner father stuck out like a sore thumb in a sea of native black mops. He was forced to endure the bullying because his father wouldn’t let him dye his hair. “Be proud of your German hair, it’s handsome” his father would always say. Kids in preschool didn’t treat him differently, but when girls started talking to him because their liked his hair, the boys started to hate him. Mio didn’t even want the girls to talk to him. He didn’t care about the girls, but the boys didn’t see that, they saw Mio, the playboy; a different girl hanging off of him every day. Shortly after the bullying began Mio tried to use permanent marker to color his hair, but it didn’t take.

Books became his escape. His Senpai at the school library was the only person who was nice to him. He was the librarian’s assistant but he suggested books for him. They were always books he had read himself, signing his name on the back page. He would always tell Mio he would talk about the book if he wanted to, but Mio never took him up on his offer. He would never be able to challenge Senpai opinions or assentation’s so it would have been a boring conversation for the elder. He would take the suggested book and hole himself in the classroom or the table in the corner of the library until the school was closing.

Senpai was 1 year his senior, and graduating this year. He had been kind to him, when no one else had been. He was tall, with a proper head of black hair, albeit shaggy with his bangs pinned above his forehead. Mio never saw him play sports but he wasn’t skinny. He was strong, he could carry a lot of books at once. Mio avoided direct eye contact with his Senpai, but he noticed he had pretty blue eyes, despite being 100% Japanese. Senpai never asked about Mios hair, and Mio never mentioned Senpai eyes. But he did notice them a lot. His eyes, they never matched his smile. Senpai would be smiling, but his eyes wouldn’t be.

Mio was headed to the library now, with the hallway being clear and free. He held his finished book to his chest as he made his way down the hallway, turning and climbing stairs. The first thing he did was return the book at the self serve desk at the door. He didn’t want to take up more of Senpai time; asking for a recommendation and checking in the book, when he could just do it himself. If he really wanted to he could find a book for himself, but knowing Senpai considered him and chose a book specifically for him made his stomach feel lighter.

He headed towards the counter, Senpai usual place. He wasn’t there. So he started checking the aisles, Senpai was probably restocking books. In all the aisles, Senpai wasn’t there. Suddenly a voice called out from the front desk. “Hey! Are you okay? Do you need help?” The owner of the voice wasn’t Senpai, and he wasn’t the librarian either. Who was he?

Mio crept up to the counter. “I-is… the usual assistant… is he here?” Mio asked timidly.

“Tanaka? He is studying for his exams. The librarian told him not to come back and asked me to take over. Was there something you needed with him? I can text him if you’d like?” he asked and pulled up his phone and started clicking buttons.

“N-No!” Mio blurted as the camera flash went off. He flinched at the light but the photo was already taken. “I-I was just… he suggests books for me…is all” he said and gave a small shrug. “Its fine. Please don’t bother him. I. I’ll look around. Thank you for speaking with me” he said with a small bow and headed back to the shelves to browse.

Kino waved. “Let me know if I can help you” he said and looked at the photo on his phone. He wasn’t sure if Tanaka would know who he was asking about, but the blonde hair would probably be a dead giveaway. There weren’t many blonde hair boys that weren’t delinquents, but the photo was so cute he couldn’t bear to delete it. Mios cheeks were red with embarrassment as he began to refuse the offer. He sent it to Tanaka. “Your cute Kouhai stopped by looking for you. Looking for book recommendations?”

Shortly his phone buzzed with a reply. “you are a terrible photographer, give him Careful Blooms. Its got a blue cover by Shinozaki Kira. He should like it.”

Kino chuckled and found the book. “Chibi-chan” he called out, not knowing Mios name. “Here, read this. I think you’ll like it.” He said. “Come to e for recommendations if you would like” he said. “For each recommendation though I want a payment of one picture” he said and smirked as he wiggled the phone. He knew he was passing off Tanakas info as his own, but the Chibi had been so against bothering him that he felt it would be cruel to tell him the truth.

He ruffled the blonde hair and headed up to the counter to sign the book out. Before handing the book over Mio checked the back page, signed with Senpai signature, sloppy and illegible, but he knew it was Senpai’s. He handed the book over and prepared to head back to the classroom to read it. “Bye Chibi-chan” Kino called out, waving.

Mio ducked out, embarrassed.

The next week he returned for another book. He scanned the book in and headed to the front desk. He was nervous. He didn’t like his photo being taken. The assistant probably only took them to make fun of his hair with his friends. He considered just looking through books to find one with Senpai signature in them, but before he could head to the shelves he was spotted.

“Chibi-chan!” Kino called out and leaned over the counter to rub his hair. Mio was a good foot and a half shorter than him. “Did you enjoy the book?” he asked but didn’t wait for an answer. “would you like another?” Mio bit his lip. He did…but, “Nervous about the whole picture thing?” Kino asked. “Awe I was kidding about that” he said half sincere. “you’re just so cute, I couldn’t help but try and get photos” he admitted, rubbing the back of his head.

Mio let out a small sigh of relief. He was confused about him thinking he was cute, but he probably meant his hair. Kino fiddled with his phone again before headed to the shelves and taking a book from its shelf. “Kindred Green” he held the book out. “But” he lifted it before Mio could take it. “You have to read it in here. No running off today, okay?” he asked. Mio nodded slowly, eager to take the book to see if Senpai signature was in the back. It was. He smiled softly before seeing the flash of the camera again. He went rigid and stepped back.

“Gomen Gomen” Kino chuckled. “you had a smile and I wanted to keep it for myself” he said and showed him the photo. He was smiling at the signature like it was his firstborn son.

Mios face shot red and he took a big step back before heading to the chair to start reading, ignoring the mewled apologies from the assistant.

He cracked the book open and tilted his head. “Manga?” he whispered to himself but shrugged. It was okay. He read manga every now and then. He just hoped it wasn’t in the middle of a series.

A few pages later he squeaked and dropped the book, causing the paper jacket to slide off and reveal the true cover. “Mans Paradise” was now lying spread open on the ground, much like the protagonist.

Kino heard the noise and poked his head out and went over to find out what was wrong. He couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw the book and opened the contents. “Geez, how did this het here?” he looked at the jacket, tape had been used to hold it to the book. “Gay porn in a school library, tsk” he took the book back to the counter and fiddled with his phone. “Bakana, recommending gay porn for Chibi-chan? He’s mine now :p what’s the real recommendation?”

“Gay porn? Kindred Gleam isn’t… well there’s a little insinuation of lesbian relationships, but nothing between men”

Kino bit his lip. “oops, read the title wrong. Gave him Kindred Green. It was a porn mag taped in a jacket. Chibi-chans squeaks are adorable.” He sent him the photo of the smile before getting the correct book.

“Hey, sorry about that” he sat on the ground next to him and handed him the real book. “if your curious about anything you saw though, just ask me” he rubbed his knee before standing up and heading back to the counter.

When the school closure was announced over the speaker system Mio checked out the book and left school property, making it home in record time. He opened his laptop and opened an incognito mode tab, looking up Mans paradise on one of the manga reading websites. The cover art showed up and he clicked through the first couple pages. They were the same as the ones in the library. He turned off his bedroom light and locked the door. The main character has blonde hair, like him. His seme had black hair, and…. resembled Senpai. The panel where Senpai was kissing him with his hands in the blonde hair made Mios tummy tingle. Wait… Senpai was kissing HIM? No! the two characters were not him and Senpai…. And Senpai was a man, he didn’t want him. And Mio himself was a man so he couldn’t want anything like this with Senpai!

He slammed the laptop closed and got up to go to dinner. He puffed his cheeks out embarrassed and angry as he marched downstairs for dinner, but stopped when his father burst into laughter. “Kid, Mio… I know you’re that age…” his eyes flicked down. Mios eyes followed. He had gotten… excited at the panel if him and s-The two men who in no way resembled him and Senpai. But the embarrassment soon deflated him like an old balloon, and he sat down to eat dinner in silence. His parents seemed to accept he would be silent and didn’t really push the issue. Towards the end of dinner his father mentioned he would be returning to Germany for a couple days every few weeks. Mio didn’t really pay attention and headed up to his room to crawl into bed. He opened his laptop and blushed when the tab was still open. He quickly closed it and shut off his computer and went to sleep.

The next time he heeded a book he just looked for Senpai’s signature in the books, avoiding the wannabe photographer. That didn’t stop Kino from catcalling him the entire time he was in the library.

The following week Mio started looking for a book, only to be handed one. He took the book. “Gunna take my photo again?” he asked a bit angrily, keeping his head down as to avoid the inevitable flash.

He heard someone crouch and chuckle. “Nope” Senpai said. “no photos. Promise”

Mios eyes widened and he stammered to find words.

“I decided to study in the library today” Senpai answered, knowing the question. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was leaving” he said and tilted his head. “I hope Kino’s been good to you, he didn’t ask for a recommendation last week. Did you come by?” he asked.

Mio nodded. “I… I looked for one with your signature” he said. “he… the manga…” his face reddened.

“Kino grabbed the wrong book. I wrote Gleam, not green” he chuckled. “gave you quite the surprise huh” he said and hummed.

Mio nodded. “b-but your signature…. Was in the back of it” Mio asked timidly.

“my brother is the author” he admitted. “I took it home because it embarrasses him” he admitted.

Mio bit his lip. So Senpai didn’t take it home so he could read about having sex with cute blonde boys? WHAT! Mio shook the thought from his head. “o-oh” Mio said. “S-so you were giving Kino-Senpai the names?” the idea made him smile.

“Yes, because he’s an idiot. He would have picked out terrible books for you” he said. “and it made me happy. I like picking books for you. I want to know how you like them too, but you’d never talk with me about them” he said.

“I-it would be boring for you” Mio admitted quietly. Why was his heart pounding? He had conversations with Senpai before, but none so personal or confrontational. It was always about books…

Senpai smirked. “I highly doubt that. If you can read these books, then I want to talk to you about them. Please? For me” he asked and tilted his head.

Mio looked up at him, his eyes still weren’t smiling. He felt like Senpai was forcing himself to be kind. “y-you don’t have time… you have to study. You have to get into a good school”

Senpai chuckled. “I’m fine, come on.” He took his arm and almost pulled him to the table, clearing away the study materials and grabbing the last book Mio read from the return pile. “ooh, maple ridge. You chose this one yourself. I read it last year” he smiled. “how did you like Maria?”


2 weeks later Senpai graduated and left for high school.