The finale! The culmination! I must not have seen episode 25 last time cause I thought it ended once they got off the bus.

So Haikyuu Season 1, geez am I late on this one. But this season had me cheering from.. About episode 3. Episode 5, and 19 were the big jaw droppers. The first god spike, and when Tobio did that dump, Teehee! Id pay to see my face. I enjoyed this season SO much, it easily is my favorite series. Im so excited for season 2, and Bokuto and all of the new characters.

The last few episodes deal with the loss to Aoba Josei and the reactions afterwards. Each member is show having a difficult time accepting defeat, and it all culminates into Kageyama and Hinata screaming and running around the gym, getting all the emotions out. Its kind of funny to hear Kageyama just wailing angrily and spiking every which way.

The third years are facing the dilemma of leaving the team or staying. I guess Japanese highschool only goes for 3 years? Is it grade 11, or does highschool just go 10-12? Or do seniors just not participate in clubs? I don’t know! All I know is that all 5 third years stick around, and im glad. The team would have a different makeup without them, and they keep the team balanced. Who would keep Tanaka in line if not for Daichi? Who would Nishinoya contrast to if not Asahi? And who would reject Tanaka and Nishinoya if not Kiyoko. And of course Suga. Kageyama needs Suga at this point. Suga comes from the opposite of Kageyama, he has had to work at the talent, and he has had to get to know the team members and understand tactics and strategies that Kageyama kind of knows, but doesn’t know how to use them. The team is balanced well, and in their own way. They are not Aoba Josei, or Dateko or Nekoma. They are distinctly Karasuno and they are good that way.

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Season 1 didn’t feel rushed, a few plot points, like Kageyamas personality transition felt a bit quick, but it could just be the binge watching it.

Im sad that they don’t really get more opportunities to play Nekoma, because the parallels between the two teams is awesome. Each Karasuno member has a pair in Nekoma, either in Position or personality. Seeing Kageyama stalk Kenma was pretty funny, and I still think Inuoka should have been more of a focus. He was able to keep up with Hinatas God Quick, but no one mentions that incredible feat. Just his reactions to Hinata were amazing. He didn’t underestimate him because he was small, and genuinely enjoyed facing off against him.

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The season brought joy to my heart, from the characters to the matches, and the excitement. The series does really well with keeping the games interesting, not only through the plays but through the character development in the matches, or the flashbacks and motivations behind the characters. With highly skilled players on both teams, there are levels to the reasoning’s behind the characters. Kenmas thought process is different from Oikawas, and that is different from Kageyamas.

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Overall, great series. I absolutely love it, it is my favorite anime. And I used to think I wouldn’t like sports animes. Geez was I wrong!

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Thanks for reading!