New character, new arc introduced, and more information on the main inmates.. That we already kinda knew.

Tanabata, the blue haired small guard is told the ways to handle the inmates, by giving them items that seem insignificant, but that makes prison like an adult daycare. The information given is like that 69 being obsessed with food, you give him the food menu for the day, or that because 11 loves women so giving him a  survey from a women’s magazine would keep him occupied all day. Its not new information but its funny. It reinforced the idea that the characters are relatively happy and aren’t bad people.


The introduction of a new character counteracts all of those measures though and they are trying to escape again. This time it’s because the new inmate, 99, issued a challenge to 15. He heard that the top escapist ws at this prison, and wanted to take his title. But.. Just because you beat someone 1 time doesn’t mean you are better.. Especially when they have a track record like 15. The new character is dressed like a shinobi, which enthralls  69, 25, and 11. 15 isn’t really fazed, because he’s Japanese while the others are American/Western.


As for this characters importance, I don’t see him being a long term character, or joining the main 4. He’s been added to cell 13, but I don’t think he will remain a mainstay. He does utilize the same kind of humor that the other 4 do, and carries the same happy tone in his actions, but he’s too confrontational with 15 to stick around for a long period of time.


The new arc that is coming up seems to be a New Years tournament. If the Chuunin exams, and the Grand Magic Games taught me anything, is that tournaments don’t end well when they are in an anime. After a good New Years cleaning and decoration of Bamboo bundles there was a meeting about this tournament. From the amount of characters that were included in the meeting, I don’t think it’ll be a one episode deal. We were shown silhouettes of other characters, so whether they are serious characters or carry the same happy-go-lucky vibe that the cell 13 inmates carry will be something to watch for.


The Wardens crush on Hajime seems to be in full effect still, with the contrast between her sight being filled with stars and hearts, but Hajime sees her affections as glares and angry looks. If something goes somewhere between the two I don’t think it would be good for the Wardens character. The contrast between the two is a nice break from the inmates, and it also creates a different side of Hajime. We see him angry and aggressive, but then scared and diligent around the Warden.


Overall the episode was nice. Nothing shocked me, nothing disappointed. It was comical, and I still love 15. The way Hajime said that 15 could be controlled was to take away the other inmates or distract them. 15 wanted them to participate, although, 15 has broken out by himself before.. So Hajime may not be entirely correct. 15 is still a mystery, and I want to unwrap that package~


I don’t think the new character will show up in the new arc, he was funny, but usually battles are when people build up the characters who are already connected, to create hype. None of the main 4 seems to know the new guy.


I’m looking forwards to the new arc though. The main 4 each have talents, so it’ll be fun to watch! Checkout more Nanbaka HERE!


Thanks for reading!