I called it, I so called it. It just took me 7 months but finally a prediction of mine came true!

Episode 11, it really feels like the final episode. Are we sure there’s an episode 12? The ED music and credits overlaid a montage of the characters looking into the distance.. That’s usually a final episode scene. Although there hasn’t been a beach episode yet, so maybe the final episodes just a filler? We do get confirmation on what this whole Migiwa situation is, and I totally called it. this also works in with why there was clearly a body in Enteis brain, and why Kaoruko was able to control Entei without Souyas ring. The episode did feel very fast, with the main conflict… not really feeling like a main conflict.

The battle with Guy wasn’t so much a battle. He left Deus Magnas head of his own free will to deal with the kids pounding on ‘his’ Buranki. If he had stayed inside Deus, he could have succeeded. Enteis removal seemed to be the crux of the battle. So it was very anticlimactic. There wasn’t really any repercussions after the conflict, aside from maybe Azumas mental state. Mid battle Reoko chose to be the one who dealt the final blows to keep Azumas hands clean.

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Reoko and Azuma working together was a kind of twist that created a ‘with the power of friendship!’ solution that im not too much a fan of. The series dealt with some medium sized issues, getting pretty gruesome when it came to Reoko, being torn apart and reborn.

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Migiwa is partly to blame for Reokos state, not only because she destroyed Enteis heart, but because she is Enteis brain! Whaaaa?!? Migiwa is the ‘child’ of Buranki like I expected. She is essentially a Buranki herself, which is why she didn’t lose her abilities after giving birth. *I called it! im proud* So apparently being part Buranki means you can time travel, and Oubo of the past(?) came and took Migiwa back to the moment in which she crushed Enteis heart, and sacrificed herself to become Enteis brain. So she’s been living in Enteis brain for 10 years.. Eh? Which explains so muuuch! It explains the body looking shape in the thermal scan of Entei back in episode 7/8. It could also explain how Kaoruko was able to pilot Entei for so long without Souyas ring to trick Entei. This is only a possibility as Migiwa said that she didn’t realize she was in Enteis head until recently..

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This whole time travel element doesn’t really have a place in the series. Nothing so far has hinted at time travel. It feels like a slapstick idea, but there are elements from previous episodes that it kindof explains, like the body in Enteis brain, which no one else really addressed.. But there has been no hint at Buranki being able to time travel, so it’s very annoying to have a new element introduced just to kill off a character in the most garbage way possible. Migiwa claims the Comet is ‘here for her’, destroys Enteis heart and takes off. And thats the end.

That’s the end.

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That’s the god damn end. Well, earth is saved and Migiwas self sacrificial goal has been achieved. Yes things turned out okay, but its not satisfying! Season 1s ending with the destruction of the island was more satisfying, and while that was a terrible event it wasn’t some weak ending like this.. This wasn’t a slice of life series, this was a battle anime.

So with Reoko probably able to age again, and with a new appreciation for life and possible motherly responsibilities*thanks again Migiwa, run away and leave the post-suicidal Reoko with your kids* things seem to be hunkey dorey. Whether or not she is going to age or just.. Die may be addressed in the 12th and final episode. There aren’t many elements that need wrapping up, maybe explaining to Kaoruko just how much her mom hated her, but everything was fairly wrapped up beforehand.

So, lets see them all at the beach. Checkout more BRNK posts HERE!

Thanks for reading!