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Mio walked down the halls for the last time before summer break. They were renovating the library so he wouldn’t be able to come here at all. He waved to Kino and went to find his own book. He ended up not settling on a book and just sat on the couch. It was hot, even in his summer uniform. He felt like he was sweating and closed his eyes. The couch wasn’t uncomfortable, and he was practically the only person to ever use it. he shifted a little before he was comfortable and fell asleep.

He was woken a couple hours later by Kino. “Hey Chibi-chan. Schools closing” he whispered, and put a couple books in Mios bag. “Tanaka sent me a list for you for the summer” he said, being honest this time. “He told me he was happy when you sat with him 2 weeks ago” he said.

Mio bit his lip and sat up, looking at the clock and then his bag before rubbing his eyes. “th-thank you” he whispered. “h-have a good summer, okay?” he asked and yawned.

Kino smiled and ruffled his hair. “hey, do you want Tanakas email? So you can ask about books during the summer break?” he asked. “I know he wont mind” he said.

Mio looked down before nodding. He reached into his bag for his phone, touching it to Kino’s. “y-yours too” he said quietly when the phones exchanged information. “Kino Sima” he said. “Sima-chan” he teased gently before looking at the other contact. “Tanaka Yuki” he said with a small smile. “I… I never knew his name” he said and closed his phone. “Thank you Kino-Senpai” he said.

Kino hummed. “I’ll see you in the fall though right? You and your adorable hair” he ruffled the golden locks. “I’ve been meaning to ask… do you dye it?”

Mio shook his head. “my dads foreign.” He said and moved Kinos hand. “I don’t like it. people pick on me because of it. I- “

Kino jumped up and hugged his shoulders, holding him close. “don’t say that.” He said and lay his cheek on his hair. “I think your hair is beautiful. I think you are very cute, and anyone who says otherwise, I’ll beat them up for you” he smiled. “but don’t hate your hair. It makes you who you are”

He let go slowly and ran his thumb over Mios cheeks, the evidence of a single tear. He didn’t mention the tear, but he figured Mio had a hard time with this subject. He didn’t want to hurt him, but his crying face was adorable. “Why don’t you come to my place for dinner” he said. “I’ll make dinner and we can watch a movie. One of the books you read was turned into a movie” he said. “we can watch it and I can play with your hair” he said with a genuine smile.

Mio looked up at him. Kino was completely average. His hair was short and black, his eyes were dark, his skin clear and pale, but his smile was real, and his eyes smiled with him.

Mio looked at the clock, his parents were on a trip for the weekend. He would be home alone for the night… he could start reading the books Tanaka-Senpai had given him.

“Pleeeeeeease” Kino whimpered.

Mio blushed and accepted. “Okay. But I have to pick up pajamas from home”

“You can wear my pajamas” Kino offered.

“Hentai” Mio muttered. “you can come with me though” he said and stood up.

Kino followed him and grabbed his own bag before walking out with him.

The two took the train for a half hour before getting off at the stop closest Mios house. They proceeded to his house. “Tadaima” Mio mumbled to the empty house as he slid his shoes off.

“Gomen Kudasai!” Kino said with a smile. “Where’s your parents? Do you live alone?” he asked, looking around. The place didn’t look lonely, but the cleanliness gave off a kind of hard feeling. “you didn’t murder your parents did you?” he asked, giving a scared face.

Mio looked up at him, confused. “no, I didn’t” he said, his voice stale. “they are on a trip for the weekend. Its just me until Monday night.”

Kino purred. “what if we stayed here then. I’ll go get food and we can cook here. I mean I live alone, so wherever you’d like to be is fine with me. I just wanna cook and chat and play with your hair” he said and reached for a couple golden strands.

“sure. I don’t have a tv in my room though” Mio said. “so we would have to watch the movie in the livingroom.”

Kino hummed in consideration. “that sounds reasonable” he said. “okay, its settled!” he declared. “I will go get the food while you have a shower, and after you’re done we can make dinner” he said. “I’m gunna make… poutine!” he said as he looked up how to make poutine on his phone. “Okay I’m going to make chicken carbonara” he laughed.

Mio watched him before nodding. “okay then” he turned and set his bag in the bedroom and headed off to the shower.

“What, not even a ‘be safe’ or a goodbye?” Kino pouted playfully before calling out his own goodbye to Mio and left.

Mio leaned on the wall, pulling his knees to his chest. He didn’t know how Kino could be so cheerful. Why was he so happy? Because he got to spend the night with him? Or his hair… he didn’t like that. As much as he hated people disliking him based on his hair, being liked for his hair didn’t feel good either. Without really thinking he pulled out his phone and opened Tanakas-Senpai’s email. “Do you like my hair?” he sent, almost screaming when he realized what he had done. He didn’t mean to! he spaced out! He needed to time travel back and erase that email! But a reply came fast.

“who is this?”

Mio felt like his soul left his body both with disappointment and relief. Did he think Tanaka-Senpai would automatically know it was him, he only recently added him, and without permission…

“Sorry. Wrong email” he sent back and closed his phone, he was so embarrassed, he wanted to cry. In novels the boy always knows it’s the girl who texts him. Its already assumed they would be talking together. The protagonist has everyone’s attention. But Mio wasn’t the protagonist. he was a side character in his own story. He was about to turn the phone off before it rang. He clicked the answer button by accident.

“Hello?” the voice in the phone called. “Chib-Mio? Is that you Mio?”

Mios face shot white and he hung up, turning the phone off and taking the battery out. Why would Tanaka-Senpai call him? He was so embarrassed!! He ran into the bathroom, locking the door and stripping. He warmed the water and started washing his hair. His stupid hair. It was long, past his ears, close to his cheeks. He hated it. he wanted to just dye it already. He wanted jet black hair like everyone else. He wanted a Japanese father. Someone who understood how hard it was if you don’t fit in.

Mio slicked his hair back with the shampoo and started washing his body. he couldn’t stop thinking of the phone call, and Tanaka-Senpai. Why had he messaged him? Why had he just… messaged him like that, out of the blue. It wasn’t about books, or a character. He had emailed him…. Because he wanted to know something personal; which wasn’t okay. He couldn’t message him about non-sensical things. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t allowed. He didn’t want Tanaka-Senpai to come to think he was annoying, that was the last thing he wanted. Plus, he was probably busy. Being messaged by an annoying Kouhai was inconveniencing him.

Mio rinsed out his hair and crawled into the tub, feeling depressed. He closed his eyes, not hearing Kino come home.

Kino had gotten a text from Tanaka. “Did you give Mio my #? He messaged me. Did he say anything to you at school today?”

Kino had dropped the ingredients and ran back to Mios place, and knocked on the bathroom door. “Chibi-chan. Are you okay?” he asked.

Mio lifted his head a bit. “yea. Sorry I’m taking so long. I’ll be out in a minute” he said just loud enough to be heard.

“No rush, they didn’t have the right ingredients. I’m going to order food instead” he said. “so take your time” he said and backed away from the door. He wanted Mios hair to be nice and soft and shiny. Rushing would result in breakage and damage!

Mio slumped back into the tub, rubbing conditioner in to sit.

Kino took the time to snoop. He looked at all the family photos, the big man with a blonde mop like Mio, and Chibi Chibi-chan, looking miserable. “Does he not smile?” he chuckled when he found 4 photos of Mio looking miserable. The only one he didn’t look miserable in was a festival photo and he was wearing a black wig.

He snuck into Mios room and reassembled his phone, and started his snoop again. There was a big difference in the photos in his room s the livingroom. All photos with Mio in it were ‘corrected’, his hair was drawn over in black Sharpie. Kinos eyes widened and he felt a deep sadness. In the yearbooks the comments were cruel, ‘go home blondie’, ‘stupid foreigner’, ‘nazi head’, a particular mean one. But the phots in the yearbook were the same as the others, sharpied. Kino wanted to pull Mio to his chest and hug him. He wanted to drive the sadness from that tiny boy. He wanted him to know that these comments were written by small people who didn’t matter.

Kino took a photo of the comments and of the ‘corrected photo’ before replacing the yearbook. He knocked on the bathroom door again just as it opened, and Mio stood in the doorway in just a towel.

“What’s wrong?” Mio asked, noticing Kino looked like he was going to cry.

Kio scooped Mio into his arms and hugged him tightly, shaking him as if that meant he would hug him tighter. “Ahh!” Mio cried as he tried to free himself, “Hentai! Pervy! Shotacon!” he shouted, and eventually Kino let go with a chuckle. Mio stepped back, not realizing the towel had fallen, and without thinking Kino muttered. “so its blonde there too”, causing both of their faces to shoot red. Mio took off to his bedroom, slamming the bedroom door and locking it. he whimpered and leaned against the door, his chest heaving. He got dressed and walked out of the bedroom brushing his hair, roughly pulling out the tangles.

Kino screeched when he saw how Mio brushed his hair. “Your going to go bald!” he called out and grabbed the brush, puffing his cheeks out.

“So?” Mio said and sat on the couch in his pajamas. “I’ll get a wig then” he said and sighed.

Kino sat behind him and started brushing his hair gently. “you are a nut” he said softly and lay his forehead on the back of his shoulders. “brushing like that causes YOU pain too” he said. “I don’t want you to be in pain.” He said softly and brushed softly, getting the tangles out gently.

The doorbell rang, it was the dinner. Kino got up and paid for it, setting it on the table by the couch. “if you want to talk to me about anything you can, about books or anything. I mean it” he said and hugged him again. “I’ll be your Onii-san” he smiled.

Mio was quiet, he hadn’t spoken this entire time. He opened his mouth to speak a couple times before closing it again, biting his lip. He couldn’t ask Kino what he wanted. He knew the answer, and he knew Kino would lie to him about it. he didn’t want to make Kino lie to him, it wasn’t fair. So he kept his mouth shut. Kino sighed after the silence became unbearable.

“Tanaka emailed me” he said, and felt Mio tense up. Kino persisted, wrapping his arms around Mios hips to keep him close. “You messaged him? Then dismantled your phone?” Mio went rigid. How did he know? “He messaged me to ask if you were okay.” Kino answered the unasked question. “he didn’t get to tell you his answer to yo-” Kino started but Mio stood up.

“I don’t want to know the answer” Mio mumbled and walked to his room, locking the door again. He saw his phone had been fixed and that there were messages. He opened one. “Do you like my eyes?” it said, and Mio felt sick. He did like Senpai’s eyes, they were his favorite part of him, physically. To Mio it was what connected them, their foreign looking parts. But if he heard that answer, he would hate whoever sent it. He hated that Kino liked his hair, he didn’t want Senpai to feel that about him. He closed the phone when he heard the knock.

“I’m sorry if I upset you” Kino said. “I want you to know… but I do like your hair. But not just your hair. I like your smile too, and how you light up when you read. I like how you are tiny and strong; you are so strong to me. And I want you to rely on me. I want you to know you have me here to lean on, not because you are an adorable blonde boy, but because I am your friend, and I like every part of you. Even the part of you who hates your hair” he said. “even your ugly parts, I think are beautiful” he knocked on the door again. “please come watch the movie” he asked, staying at the door for a minute later and returning to the couch with a sigh.

Mio bit his lip, and opened his phone. Another message poured in. “I know you’ve noticed I have blue eyes. Are they strange to you? Do I look like an outsider?” Mio leaned his head on the doorway. ‘you look sad’ he sent. ‘I like your eyes. I like the blue. Its pretty.’

Seconds later his phone buzzed. ‘if I had dark eyes would you ignore me?’

‘no… but you would probably ignore me. If you were normal you would probably make fun of me, like everyone else’ his heart pounded, he was confrontational with Senpai! He would hate him now, he would tell him to go to hell and hate him!


‘I helped you because you were interested in books, not because you were different.’

Mios stomach dropped. Yup. Senpai hated him. Senpai was disgusted with how stupid he was, how could anyone who knew Senpai think he would be that shallow? The blood rushed through Mios ears so loud he barely heard the final ding. ‘Kino may have approached you because of your hair, but he stayed because he likes you. You don’t have to be paranoid, he isn’t going faking being you friend. He’s the most genuine person I know’

Mio sniffled and wiped his nose, setting his phone down. He wiped his eyes; they stung because of the salty tears. He hadn’t realized he had been crying. He felt like a ball of emotions, he was angry, Kino was an idiot hentai shotacon, he was afraid of Kino faking this all. He was afraid of being lured into safety and having his world turned over. He was angry at himself for being so confrontational with Senpai. He never meant to challenge him or accuse him…

Mio sniffed again and stood up, leaving his phone in his room. He opened the door and slowly made his way down the hallway.

Kino had popped the movie in, and sat on the couch with his knees pulled up to his chest. Mio snuck up behind him, his eyes red from crying. Kino saw him and stood up, immediately pulling him to his chest. “Chibi-chan” he whispered, rubbing his back. He didn’t reach up to touch his hair, he held onto all of Mio right there, squeezing, holding him together. “I’m sorry, I really want to be your friend” he whispered as they stood there, silent tears streaming down Mios face and staining Kinos shirt.

When Mio calmed down, Kino pulled him onto the couch and restarted the movie. Mio sat in Kinos lap, with Kinos legs wrapped around his waist. Kino finished brushing Mios hair, taking tender care to free the tangles painlessly. Mio occasionally shifted as he became sleepy. He would never admit it, but having his hair played with tingled and made him sleepy. When he was fully asleep Kino lifted him into his bed and tucked him in. He left to turn off the tv, fridge the pizza, and proceeded to crawl into bed beside Mio and join him in sleep.


During the summer break Kino made it a point to bleach his own hair. He sported a blonde mop now too, a fact Mio wasn’t quite happy about. “you used to be normal” he huffed when he saw the change, before closing the door and locking it. “Now you’re a perv. Shotacon” he could hear Kino whimpering outside the door. “But but butttt….” He frowned.

Mio let him inside, and poked Kinos head. “did you bleach your brain first?” he asked with a frown. “Why would you do this?”

“I did it for you” he laughed, taking Mios hand in his own and sliding Mios fingers into his hair. “and for me” he smiled.

“for me? Why? Did you think I would like it or something?” he asked roughly. “because I don’t.”

Kino grasped his chest. “Straight to it then” he laughed, and leaned on the wall. “I did it because I like your hair, and I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. You feel like an outsider because of your hair don’t you? Well now we are the same, we are the blonde boys, here to cause havoc and be sexy as hell” he winked, and puffed out his hair.

Mio looked up at him and let out a small chuckle. “You are an idiot” he said.

“I know” Kino said with a smile. “But I’m happy”

Mio puffed his cheeks before resigning himself. This had happened, he couldn’t change it. “Your hair feels all rough now though. Its damaged a lot, are you okay with that?”

“Awe is my Chibi-chan concerned for me?” Kino cooed and blushed.

“Tch, hentai” Mio mumbled. “I don’t want you to be bald okay? You’d be… I wouldn’t like it if you were bald. That’s all.” He said defensively. “anyway! Let’s go. The new book comes out today and I want it” he grabbed his arm, pulling him towards the door.

Kino moved his hand and slid it down to Mios fingers, interlocking them. The two of them weren’t dating, neither of them had said anything close to it. Kino knew Mio liked Tanaka, but he allowed him small vices like holding his hand or snuggling during movies. During sleepovers Kino would wait until Mio was asleep to pull him to his chest and hold him tightly. He just had to wait for Mio to give up on Tanaka, and then he would confess to him.

It had been that first day in the library when Kino fell for him. His expressions, they appeared to be so guarded, but there were glimpses of the real emotions behind them. The way his face changed while reading, he could immediately tell the tone of the book just by looking at Mios face. He was jealous of Tanaka. He wanted to be the target of this boy’s affections. He wanted to see his hazy, heated face. He wanted to see his embarrassed, erotic faces. He wanted to love every part of his body Mio hated. He wanted to show him just how much he meant to him.

But he couldn’t right now. All he could do was hold his hand and revel in stolen midnight kisses.

“You alright Space Cadet?” Mios voice cut into him and he smiled. “just thinking” he rubbed the back of his head. “Its my birthday soon and I’m thinking about what you should get me” he said and hummed.

“I already know what I’m doing for your birthday” he said and took a big breath. “I’m… I’m gunna….” His face shot red and he shook his head. “It’s a surprise” he switched, looking sideways. “so shush.”

Kino laughed to cover how much he loved Mios embarrassed face. “Well it better be good. I want a cake and a party and balloons” he said and hummed.

Mio bit his lip. “I’m not doing those things” he said. “none of that” he stopped walking. “I…I…” he took a deep breath. “I’m going to confess to Senpai” he said and squeezed his hands together. “So… so he can reject me and so I can give up on him” his eyes flickered up to Kino for a mI’llisecond before flickering back down. “So you can confess to me properly”

Kinos face was the red one now. He felt a range of emotions, confessing to Tanaka? Why! Oh. Oh? OH? “Wh-when did you…”

“you touch me when I’m asleep” he answered dryly, as if annoyed. “you wake me up when you kiss me and hug me. I can feel…. Your thing.”

Kino ran a hand through his hair and exhaled. “okay” he reached for Mios hand, kissing it softly. “well if you’ll have me, id love to be your rebound boyfriend” he smiled.

Mio kicked him. “Don’t say that” he frowned, stomping on his foot. “you aren’t a rebound! Don’t say that!” he pushed him, drawing a bit of a crowd. He flushed, and pushed his way out of the crowd. Kino followed.

“Mio…” He followed him into an abandoned alley.

“You wouldn’t be a rebound” he said, punching his chest with zero force. “I… I don’t hate it when you kiss me at night. I…”

“you just wish it was Tanaka right now, right?”

Mios stomach sank. “Just until I get over him.” He felt guilty.

Kino put a hand on top of his hand and smiled. “Its okay then. Just until you get over him. Then I’ll confess to you properly. And then I’ll kiss you when we watch movies, or read books, or sleep together” his voice purred as he got closer and swiped Mios bottom lip with his thumb.

Mio shrieked and pushed Kino backwards, his face red as a beet. When Kino said sleep together it reminded him of that porn manga at school. That was sooo not happening!

Kino laughed and moved closer, and leaned down and kissed him, holding his hands against the brick wall. He pulled back for a second to see Mios expression. It was surprised, but not angry. He leaned down and kissed him again, sliding his hands from Mios wrists to his hips. Mio had stopped resisting and was almost an active participant.

After a couple minutes both boys leaned against the wall, out of breath. Mio whimpered, the brick wall had scratched up his back a bit, and now his lips felt swollen. “h-hentaiii” he whined as Kino laughed and pecked his lips gently.

“You’re damn right” he purred.


Mio never got to confess to Senpai.

“Delinquent Student beaten outside of train station”

‘Blonde boy beaten to death’

‘Attack on a foreigner? Embassy enquires!’

‘Gang attacks? A rise in violence’

‘Is your son at risk?’

‘Parents Against Bleaching has rallied hair salons’

‘Foreign Teenage boy killed, second in hospital’


“Mio, the boy in the news, is it Kino?”

“Mio, please reply. I know it was Kino. Are you okay? Were you there?”

“Why wont you answer? He was my friend too; I want to know what happened”

“you are attending my high school aren’t you?”

“I need to talk to you, meet me behind the gym tomorrow”

“did you go to his funeral? I didn’t see you”

“you didn’t come today, please tell me your address, I’ll come to you”

“Mio! For fucks sake where are you!”