We are back to the comedic formats of misunderstandings and drop-off humor.

Not that that’s a bad thing, the way the humor is built in the different types of situations is pretty entertaining. The misunderstanding are highly perpetuated by Collette though, and her naivety and innocence. She’s able to pick up certain nuances, but not others.

Imari at this point is not really a threat anymore. She’s now just a member of the gang, but I still think a more serious mini story surrounding her and Uchimaki could be in the works, taking into account the only long term plot line being Usamis feelings for Uchimaki, and the randomness in which the stories are chosen.

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I am not a fan of Yume-sensei, like at all. She is a shallow character, who is just there to create a clumsy character, and the scenes she’s involved in are unnecessarily difficult to get through. I guess she’s supposed to be cute? But its not cute. We already have Uchimaki whose the cute guy, and Collette whose the cute girl. We don’t really need the teacher.. If anything she’s a blank character with a bit of glitter to be brought in intermitted to fill a plot gap.

The challenge character is brought back, and I swear if this show is ever dubbed, Todd Haberkorn needs to voice him. He just looks so much like a Haberkorn character. We still don’t know his name though, but we know he likes Usami. Im gunna call him Todd though.

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So Todd comes back, and we kinda get a semi-unbiased look at Usami and Uchimaki, or we at least have someone’s reactions to compare them too, and it very much resembles a middle school crush, with the teasing and the taunting and the violence. I did say crush right?

Usamis very violent. She angers easily, and is quick to hit people, but then she pulls the cutesy girlsy ‘ooh I need help’ act. And thus could be puberty, not just her personality. But if she continues with that behavior, she isn’t going to win Uchimaki over. Realistically, she isn’t making progress in her crush. Yes, they may be locked in a room for the night together, and she’s nervous, but that is the perfect opportunity to say something. She had a better chance of sealing the deal in episode one than she does in episode 9. If she really wants to win Uchimakis affection she needs to step it up, or tone it down.

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The episodes end on a cutesy note, Moeka returns and plays the shadow game with the Prez. Its all lighthearted as they walk around the school, avoiding other teachers, cause the Prez skipped class. It’s a revisiting of a cute mini story, and it reminds me of the stories that Great Sword of Excalibur told in Soul Eater. I like Moeka more than I like Yume-sensei.

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So the romance element doesn’t seem to be budging, especially since when confronted with a porn mag, Uchimaki was still unfazed. Sure he’s into 2-D girls but at least some part should have spared with him right? No? well Usamis got a long journey ahead of her.

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