Its not a happy ending, but it’s a satisfying ending, more than the last episode.


After time skipping for a year we see the characters again, and how life without Buranki is going. Its essentially an update video, with Reoko, Zetsubi, Epizo and Azuma and the others. Kaoruko is shown, but its not really an update on her.. So once again she’s shafted.

First off, Zetsubis pregnant! We don’t know the father, but she’s been around Matobai in every one of her scenes this episode. Matobai already has a kid.. With someone we don’t know, so it may not be him, it probably isn’t him.

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Who is dating though, is the cute couple of Hiiragi and Kinoa! There were hints throughout season 1, not so much through season 2 though. Granted they were a bit busy at the time. They seems to be the two characters who kept in touch after the final battle, and Kinoa even called him “My Hiiragi’ which was cute.

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Since the battle they have all sort of drifted apart. Azuma enrolled in Koganes school, but he doesn’t really attend. Kogane seems bothered, but she doesn’t seek him out. She seems to have readjusted nicely. Although, when re-meeting Hiiragi at a train station the two are awkward around one another.


Azuma throughout the episode is sad and looks empty. When confronted with a homeless man you see the flashback of Guys prediction that regular lives wont matter, but Azuma showed concern, so I think he will be okay.. There’s a lot of waking up, laying around and eating for him though. He doesn’t seem to have found something yet.


Throwback to episode one, he’s confronted with police officers being hostile to him. In episode 1 he was chased, but one of the officers are nice and just tells him to go home. He’s a high schooler sitting in a park at night, they go through some emotional stuff. Now if they knew he was a Kazuki, he may not have received such nice treatment, but having that type of interaction come full circle was nice.

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Reoko is in the hospital, alive and memoryless. She behaves like a 16 year old now, and its quite funny. She throws Azuma off kilter when she accuses him of being a pervert, like any good 16 year old would. Her situation is stable, but she is never going to be free from the hospital. The hospital is still attacked for housing Reoko, and Souya has taken on the role of her doctor.

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Between the team falling apart, Azumas depressed state and Reokos permanent caging, it seems like not everything works out after the ‘victory’. Its not sunshine and rainbows, they aren’t regaled as hero’s, they just go back to life, and some of the negativity still follows. This isn’t a happy ending, this is a fairly realistic ending, I guess. The cast of characters are brought together by this conflict, and after the conflict they go their relative separate ways. Reokos team stayed together because Reoko still needed them, but if Oubos heart no longer works.. Is the team necessary? Take away Bubuki, what do they have in common? The end of the episode had them flying off into the literal sunset on Koganes insistence.


As to the mental trauma inflicted on Azuma, Guys warning that he wouldnt be able to live normally anymore, it feels left unresolved. And it may be an ongoing issue for Azuma, but the way the scene was framed with the homeless man felt backwards. It shows Azuma being relieved that the homeless man was okay, and then the menacing flashback occurred. It felt like that flashback should have sparked up the ‘evil’ in Azuma or something. It felt backwards.


The season overall was packed with a lot of characters, and it built on the first season plot wise. There are definitely aspects that irk me so badly. The treatment of Kaoruko the entire season was poor. She is a vibrant character, and throughout the season we see her essentially lose everyone again. She is still in Taiwan right now, and her ‘update’ is that she has been sent boxes of her moms things, and that Reoko revealed to her that Kaoruko and Azumas are names that her and Migiwa picked out when they were friends. That’s it. we don’t know if she knows her mom is dead, because last episode, they left her in the middle of the ocean again! This girl is constantly abandoned and she is so vibrant and expressive, I cant help but feel like she’s expressive to cover up pain. That whole ‘the funniest people are the ones in the most pain’ thing. If anyone should be depressed between the twins it should be Kaoruko, but she is shown alone, being crushed by her moms boxes. For living on an island forever that was destroyed, Migwa had a lot of items.

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Overall the season did well with turning last seasons villains into protagonists. It also did a good job of watering down powerful characters. Azuma by himself isn’t really a powerful character like Reoko, or even Justin Leon. Migiwa had a watered down personality as well, so I guess like mother like son.


There was a lot of buildup over a small conflict. And some things are still left unexplained. For example, where did Deus Magnas body go after the head took back off into space? And, when were Kogane and Azuma childhood friends!! 24 episodes later!! This was literally the first thing said in the first episode, this is how the 5 of them came to be friends, through Kogane, but its never addressed and it drives me nuts *can you tell?*  I did like the series though, it had its ups and downs emotionally and there weren’t a thousand open ended questions. In the final moments there some nice throwbacks to when Hiiragi wanted to steal the Buranki heart, which he did. And boy Azuma mad is pretty cool! Id like to have seen more of it. but its not really in his character..

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So this was my final post on Bubuki Buranki! It was a journey, with 19 posts spanning the 24 episodes! Thanks to everyone who came read along, and if this made you want to watch the series, let me know! It’s a good series, id definitely recommend it.


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