Season 2 introduces more characters, and we get to spend more time with Nekoma!


More Inuoka! Or so I had hoped.


The team is off to Tokyo for a weekend, and there’s a challenge our protagonists face, their ever falling grades.

One thing Haikyuu does is in-game or in-practice suspense.  Majority of the meat of the show takes place while the ball is in motion. So having a mini-plot outside of the court was a nice segue, and even helped introduce a new character, Yachi.


Yachi is a first year, and is possibly going to be the new manager, now that Kiyoko is a third year and will be leaving. The drama with the exams allowed us to see a lot of her in a short time, as Hinata and Kageyama began studying with her.

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So the plot is moving forwards with a regular timeline, the Spring Tournament that was mentioned in the first season is the next big event, so a training in Tokyo has been arranged with all of the big schools. This includes Fukurodani, with Bokuto and Akashi.


The first 5 episodes are their own kind of mini arc, spanning from the end of season 1, to the return from the weekend in Tokyo. In this time we are given a short introduction to the new characters, namely Lev, Tanakas sister Saeko, and Yachi. There is background given on other characters and other schools as Karasuno has practice matches against the teams, but we have not had any dedicated time on the new feature characters as of yet.

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My two favorite moments in this episode block is in episode 1, when Kageyama and Hinata find Ushijima, and follow him. The intense moment where Hinata jumps, surprising Ushijima and introducing himself as ‘from the concrete’ sent shivers up my spine! It really created a powerful ending to the season premiere.

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My second favorite scene was when we got to see Inuoka again. Although he was now sidelined, in favor of Lev, a half-Russian giant. Hinata and Lev seem to hit it off pretty well.

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So far I really enjoying the second season. Im seeing a lot of motivation from Hinata, between the moment with Ushijima, to the moment he dove for the ball when it was clearly Asahis. There’s a power struggle between Kageyama and Hinata now, with the setter wanting to keep Hinata doing what he’s doing, despite the need to grow that Hinatas suddenly filled with. That Nekoma couch, I sweat he’s psychic or something, he seems to be able to narrate the struggled the Karasuno team is going through every time.

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Either way, it was a great opening, and im hoping to have these posts out more often! Checkout my other Haikyuu posts HERE!


Thanks for reading!