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Hinata figured he would just run down to the conbini. He didn’t want to run for very long and it was relatively close. The sun was still up, and scent-wise he felt fine. He had changed his clothes just in case to try and get rid of his Heat scent. As upset as he was towards Kageyama, he did bring him extra shorts that still smelled of a chain store.

Hinata didn’t feel hazy like he was in heat, but it had to return at some point. He gave it another hour before things started to go downhill again. If he started feeling hot again he would just sprint back home. He didn’t think he would feel this clear after being with an Alpha.. He had heard that the symptoms lessened for a while, but to almost disappear completely? Was this an after effect of the half-mark? Or was it cause he was probably pregnant? Hinata had nothing to compare it to, so he didn’t know. He would just roll with it then.

Although its not like his head was any clearer now than it was when he was in Heat. He had so many things running though his mind, moving faster than he did during his freak quick.

Hinata started jogging, upset still at the situation. His shoes crunching on the ground provided a soothing and familiar sound at least. He took a deep breath, taking in the clean air. He ran frequently, with and without his team. It made him feel good, the release of energy that had built up. If he didn’t get the energy out he was just bouncing off the walls at home and he annoyed his family. His regular run route was extensive, it was a couple blocks and through a park, but he was changing it up to get to the conbini. He wanted some junk food. He felt emotional and wanted comfort food like ice-cream or gummies or something. He knew if Kageyama found out he would be angry, but he was already angry so it didn’t matter. The image of an angry Kageyama sent shivers up Hinatas spine.

Hinata couldn’t get Kageyamas face out of his mind, especially the last face he made as he left. The disappointment and anger had cut into Hinata. Kageyama didn’t understand what was going on. He didn’t understand what things would be like now. Hinata wanted to be just as angry towards Kageyama and his lack of understanding but he could only muster up sadness. His chest ran cold with loneliness instead of hot with anger when he thought of Kageyama leaving him earlier. He never thought Kageyama would abandon him like that. Earlier today he said he wouldn’t leave, he would ‘see him on his worst days’. Was this worse than a worst day then? Was not being happy over a baby worse than the worst?

Hinata slowed to a walk and out his hand to his stomach. Did Kageyama think that he would do something to the baby? He had heard about some Omegas who stopped their pregnancies, most having to do with being Stolen by an Alpha. But it was still almost unheard of. The experience of losing a pregnancy was said to be one of the most traumatic things an Omega could go through. Hinata hated even walking past hospitals because he could feel the sorrow from Omegas inside. It wasn’t common but every now and then miscarriages happened. Just the thought of stopping his pregnancy sent an uncomfortable chill up his spine and he clutched his stomach. Yea he wasn’t happy but he wouldn’t do anything to hurt the baby. It was his and Kageyamas baby, it was so special and precious and beautiful. Yea he didn’t like the timing, but he wouldn’t hurt the baby..

Hinata kept walking, keeping one hand on his belly. He didn’t even know where Kageyama went.. if he went home or what. He just.. left him, alone on the bathroom floor crying. Lonely.

Picking up the pace Hinata dead sprinted until he reached the store. His chest heaved and his legs burned, which was exactly what he wanted. Something else to hurt.

Walking in he headed to the junk food aisle, passing a few other patrons. They made him feel wary. Two of them smelled of Alphas, one a Beta. One of the Alphas was browsing the shelves while the other two watched, standing closer together.  Hinata felt their gaze turn towards him, and a shiver ran up his spine. He moved his hair so the half Mark was visible. They may see it and assume the second half was covered by the collar and leave him alone, at least he hoped.

Grabbing a bag of chips and chocolate bar Hinata approached the counter. The patrons behind him were quiet. But Hinata was hyper aware of their presence. As he pulled his money out to pay, he felt a hand on his shoulder, making him freeze. The air suddenly felt very thick, it was choking Hinata. He felt so small, the Alpha behind him overpowering him without even speaking. He wasn’t sure what the male wanted, and tensed up when he felt the male get closer to his neck, inhaling sharply. He was going to see the incomplete Mark.

Hinatas hand shook as he slid the cash on the counter. “please don’t” he whispered, pleading with the Alpha behind him. The hand slid across his shoulder to touch the collar lifting it slightly, a trail of goosebumps following the gentle touches before the hand dropped from his skin.

The interaction lasted seconds only, but it felt like an eternity. Hinatas pulse was racing, he had never met an Alpha with such a presence. He pulled all of Hinatas attention, Hinata hadn’t even realized his change was returned to him. Even after the physical contact was severed, Hinata couldn’t normalize himself. He still felt the hot hand on his skin, holding him in place.

As he slid his change back in his pocket the Alpha spoke, his voice cutting into Hinata, making his blood run cold. “You’re cute” Hinata turned and backed up just in time to see the hand reaching to touch him again. It was stopped in midair now, a smirk covering the Alphas face. It didn’t give Hinata a good feeling.

The Alpha was standing in front of him, looking down on him. He was easily as tall as Asahi, if not taller. His spiked black hair adding more height. His shoulders were wide, giving him a huge physical presence as well. He didn’t feel like Asahi though. The Ace was kind and gave off an aura of kindness, of warmth. This Alpha here was overpowering everything with pure dominance. There was just fear. His smile offered no warmth, and the threat of his touch scared Hinata. If he was touched he would be consumed by this predator in front of him.

The world opened back up when the Alphas attention was moved to one of his companions behind him. It was the Beta. “Zuzu” he whispered, his bright blue eyes flashing to Hinata for a half second. He touched the Alpha so casually, but still hesitantly. When he lifted his head his blonde hair lifted to reveal his neck.

Hinata couldn’t help but notice the Mark on the Beta, if it even was a Mark.. It looked like two Marks on top of one another, but the skin was all raised and red. It looked like it hadn’t Sealed properly. Most Marks healed flat against the skin, indentations the only lasting scar but this one looked.. scary. Hinata felt his own neck when he saw the Betas mark. It looked painful, but it didn’t look new either.

The Beta seemed to at least be a concern for the Alpha, who had turned away from Hinata to focus on the Beta.

The Alpha behind the pair stood there quietly, glaring at Hinata. His eyes flashed towards the door, like he was saying to run. He was significantly smaller than the scary Alpha, his short black hair gelled to a point. He reminded Hinata of Tanaka, but he had never seen Tanaka look as defeated as this Alpha.

“Hey!” The Alpha, “Zuzu” growled, making Hinata jump. This would be where he died. Hinata pulled his arms up to his chest to try and protect himself, but the growl wasn’t directed at him. It was directed at the smaller Alpha, who now wore an expression of fear. The Cashier had even stopped moving at the outburst.

Hinata watched as the smaller Alpha was backhanded across the face, and knocked into the shelf, almost knocking it over but definitely dislodging product. The slap seemed to echo in the silent store, especially when no one said anything afterwards. Before he could stand up, the Alpha had ‘assistance’ when the taller Alpha grabbed him by the hair, revealing a Mark on his neck.

Hinata had never seen a Bitten Alpha before, he didn’t even know it was possible. Then this Alpha had a Beta and Alpha mate? Why? Wasn’t he supposed to love them?! Why was he hurting one then! Hinata wanted to help, he wanted to run, but he was glued to the floor in fear. This was an Alpha, this was the anger he had been warned about, this as the reason Omegas lived in fear. Another Alpha was powerless against this guy, how could an Omega protect himself!

The Beta at least cared and grabbed the dark sleeve of his jacket. “Zuzu, stop, please” he asked. “Stop, please. He’s bleeding” and he was right. Blood was sliding from the corner of the Bitten Alphas mouth.

Dropping the Alpha on the floor, Zuzu turned to the Beta and touched the Mark on his neck, confirming its visibility “you’re right, he’s bleeding” he said, his voice soft. “but then he shouldn’t try and screw me over” he said and sighed and rolled his eyes at the Bitten Alpha. “Get what you want, Ma, lets go home”

The interaction the Alpha had with both his mates was like night and day, and it reminded Hinata of Kageyama.. one moment he’s kind, excited, soft, the next he’s yelling and screaming and leaving. Add in Kageyama on the volleyball court and there’s three personalities. If Kageyama had gotten physical with Hinata, would he have been able to defend himself? Or would he be submissive like the Bitten Alpha had been?

“You can go” The Beta whispered to Hinata, while his Alpha purchased the food. “sorry about everything.” He flashed a weak smile, fear underlying it. But fear for who? Himself? Hinata? The Bitten Alpha?

Hinata nodded and gulped. “Are you okay?” he asked, but the Beta just smiled and walked back to the Alpha, sliding his hand into his, interlocking their fingers, leaving the Bitten Alpha to clean up the fallen product.


Once he was outside of the store Hinata felt better. He took a few deep breaths, looking back at the store to see if they were going to follow him. Was it okay that he left? The Beta had said to leave, and the Alpha didn’t stop him..

Hinata felt overwhelmed. He just felt a range of emotions all at once, some of which scared him. He had been terrified, just being in the presence of the Alpha had his blood run cold. But there was a part inside of him that envied the Beta, being Marked.. but what was up with that Mark! It looked as if he had been mauled. But the Alpha had been so gentle with him. Seeing the affection, the blatant crave of attention from the Beta struck a chord in Hinata. He wanted attention like that. He wanted to be caressed, to draw the attention of his Alpha.

Yes, the Alpha slapped his other Mate, but that was what Alphas did.. But he was so gentle with the Beta.

Hinata couldn’t help but blush when he thought about that interaction. Most of it terrified him, but just that Beta.. he was so happy to be there, it was so special.

The dynamic of the group confused Hinata so he didn’t dwell on it too much. He wanted Kageyama. He wanted to see him, to apologize, to nuzzle into his arms and interlock their fingers, just like the two at the conbini. He wondered if he had come back, if he would be worried, or scared to find the house empty.

Seeing his panicked face would be pretty cute, and being able to reassure him in the only way he could would strengthen their relationship.

Hinata hummed as he neared his house, but frowned when he saw the lights still off. All of the happy warm feelings he had been walking with dissipated and the coldness of his own house felt foreign. Just a few hours ago it was the happiest place Hinata knew, but now it was a den of abandonment. Kageyama hadn’t come back for him. Maybe Tsuki was right, and Alphas sucked. Being an Omega sucked. If he wasn’t an Omega he wouldn’t feel this lonely just because Kageyama hadn’t come back.

Opening the door Hinata stepped inside, and locked the door behind himself, keeping the lights off and leaning against the door, sliding down to sit on the floor. He didn’t even want his chips right now, he wanted Kageyama. He hated that that was what he wanted, and as the warm glow inside him faded it was replaced with fear. He just had a scary encounter with an Alpha, and he wanted HIS Alpha to hold him and promise to protect him.

But Kageyama left.

Hinata forced himself to stand up. His parents would be home, and his heat would reignite soon enough. Kageyama wasn’t coming back so he may as well prepare for the next few days in his room.

An hour later the front door clicked open, and Hinatas parents walked in, flicking on the lights. Hinata didn’t call out to them, he was back in his nest, burning. He had managed to clean up and change his clothes before crawling into his nest. His heat was back in full force. He didn’t know if it was worse now, after having experienced such pleasure the first time, but this insatiable need felt hotter than before, like his body was angry at him and punishing him again.

He rolled over and whimpered when his bedroom light was flicked on, and he felt the edge of his bed sink lower. He had pulled all of the blankets and pillows even closer to him, with each pillow making contact with his body, hugging him. He felt a hand touch his sweaty hair, his mother. Oh god what did he tell her?! He couldn’t tell her.. but he couldn’t not tell her..

He looked up at her, his eyes half closed and even less focussed. He leaned his face into her hand, craving the Touch. It felt so good, to have someone Touch him. He felt a tang of guilt after wishing it had been Kageyama touching him like this instead.

“How was your day?” she asked softly, noticing his need for Touch. “Did Kageyama come over?” she asked.

Hinata nodded. “He left a little while ago” he said, which wasn’t a lie. “I love him mom” he sniffled, before letting out a groan at the heat wave rolled through his body.

Leaning down she kissed his forehead and rubbed his back. She kept up the touch for a few minutes, watching her son pant though the heat. “why don’t you message him and ask him to spend the night?” she conceded and reached for his phone. From what she could tell nothing bad had happened, so a sleepover should be fine. It was probably crueler to both of them to only allow contact for one day, then keep them apart again. When they were partners they would be together the whole time, at least she could somewhat supervise things now.

Hinata was surprised and bit his lip. Would he even respond? He opened up the thread and typed out “come back, spend the night”

He closed his phone and set it down while waiting for a response. He looked up at his mom and asked her for a water bottle. She helped him sit up and opened a bottle. He took a sip just as the phone sprung to life. He opened the message.


Hinata closed the phone and smiled softly at his mom, or as soft as he could muster as he boiled from the inside out. “he can’t tonight. If he’s late for school he would get chewed out” he lied. Tomorrow was Sunday. There wasn’t even school, but he couldn’t change the story now.

“Surely the school would underts-“

“They wouldn’t. We aren’t registered partners so the school doesn’t care” he said and finished the water bottle and set it on the bedside table. “im fine, im going to go to bed” he lay down and rolled onto his side, facing away from his mom.

Taking the hint, she stood up and rubbed his back. “Im sure he loves you too” she kissed his temple. “invite him over tomorrow then. Ill make dinner, and if your feeling up to it we can eat together” She said and left the room.

Once Hinata was alone he sniffled his nose and slid his hand between his legs. It looked like it would be a night of fervent masturbation to try and satiate his body, even though it would do less than nothing. The only thing that would help would be an Alpha, and his hated him right now. He felt so alone.


4 days later Hinata was back at school. He had waited at their usual spot to walk with Kageyama, but he hadn’t show up. The Alpha hadn’t even messaged him after Saturday night, and so far, they hadn’t spoken to each other in class yet. Hinata was nervous. Did Kageyama tell the pack? Did they know? Would they treat him differently? Would he be kicked off the team today?

The only person who treated him differently was Kageyama. He kind of ignored the Omega. For the practice sets he asked to be on the other team with Tanaka as the spiker and he practiced setting to everyone except Hinata in drills. He wasn’t mean to Hinata, but he acted like he wasn’t there. It didn’t help the anxiety at all either. Hinata had gone to initiate a conversation multiple times, but he felt uncharacteristically shy today. He kept patting his hair down to make sure the half-mark was covered, and he was less.. bouncy. His legs didn’t have the same strength they usually did. After his heats he was usually so filled with energy, bouncing, snuggling, chatting up a storm after being away from the pack for so long, but today was different.

Everyone in the gym could tell the pair was on the rocks. They were rarely separated during practice, and now they weren’t even looking at one another. A few times Hinata had zoned out and was almost hit with a stray ball. Usually the Alpha would at least chew the Omega out for being careless, but now he barely gave him a passing glance.. The only time he seemed to acknowledge his presence was when Yamaguchi ran into Hinatas back, knocking him to the ground down face first. Kageyama had snapped at Yamaguchi and asked if Hinata was okay. They didn’t make eye contact, and from an outside perspective it looked like they were just awkward, but Hinata knew Kageyama was just asking about his stomach, not him. After Hinata brushed off the fall Kageyama went back to being stoic and ignoring him.

Hinata didn’t even care that he was knocked over. It was the most Touch he had gotten all day, and it burned a bit, which meant he was on the verge of starving. It really didn’t surprise Hinata, he hadn’t really touched anyone since Kageyama left on Saturday. Natsu could only give so many hugs before she got bored and went to play with her dollies.

After another near collision Hinata made his way over to Daichi.

“You want to go home?” Daichi asked, rubbing the back of his head. It was a request he never thought Hinata would make. “Your heat finished yesterday didn’t it? Are you feeling okay?” he asked, reaching for Hinatas shoulder. Hinata moved without thinking, avoiding the touch.

Hinata shook his head, playing with his own fingers and smoothing his hair down again. “I probably should have stayed home today.” He said and looked up at his Pack Leader. “Ill be fine tomorrow, I promise” he said and gave a small smile.

Daichi sighed and nodded. “Fine, you can go home” he said. “but stay here a sec” Daichi called Suga over and swapped places with him. Daichi stayed on the court and Suga walked over to Hinata, asking him outside for a moment.

Suga closed the gym doors and sat on the grass by the steps. Hinata sat next to him, looking over at the silent Suga for a moment. Was he going to speak?

“A-ano Suga-Senpai..” Hinata started, but he didn’t have a question lined up.

“I’m going to hug you” Suga forewarned, and wrapped his arms around Hinatas shoulders shortly after.

Hinata squirmed, the Touch burned and it felt like a harsh rejection. He wanted to push Suga away, to get out of the Touch. It hurt, it stung, it didn’t feel good. He knew that it stung because he was Touch starved, and the only way to fix it was to endure the touch. That didn’t make it any less uncomfortable though.

Suga let go of Hinata after a moment. He proceeded to give him smaller touches, such as touching his hand and brushing his hair back. “Daichi said you wanted to go home” he said softly. He had a much nicer tone than his partner. “You’ve been a little off all practice. Was it just being Touch starved?” he asked, moving closer to rub Hinatas back. It still burned a bit but it was less painful than even a minute ago.

Hinata didn’t meet Sugas gaze. He shrugged. Which was a lie. It was a lot of things. It was possibly being pregnant, it was Kageyama ignoring him, it was being Touch starved. He wanted to both run into Kageyamas arms and slap him. He wanted to be needy but he also wanted to scream and cry and run around and jump and just go back to how things were a week ago.

“I just feel weird”

“Did you fight with Kageyama?” Suga asked, confirming when Hinata flinched. “I’ve never known him to be overly affectionate, but I didn’t think he would let you go Touch Starved” he frowned. “stupid Alphas” he smirked to try and get Hinata to smile. It didn’t work.  Hinata looked more uncomfortable. He looked on the edge of tears.

Suga sighed. “Lets go up to the club room” he said, wanting more privacy. He was concerned for his packmate.

They stood up and headed up to the room, locking the door behind them. Last thing he needed was Tanaka bursting in unceremoniously and seeing Hinata upset. It would come from a good place, but Ryuu Tanaka was not known for his tact and grace.

Hinata walked over and grabbed his bag, sliding his jacket on and zipping it up. Normally he would change from his gym clothes but he didn’t want to strip in front of Suga. He still had bruises from Kageyama and he didn’t want Suga to see them. Noya had been questioning the bruises on his arms earlier, only adding to his negative feelings about them. He didn’t really want anyone to see them. They were still sensitive, especially the red marks. They were more pink than red now.

With this jacket on Hinata looked over at Suga, who seemed to be waiting on him quietly. “s-sorry” he said and sat down. Suga sat next to him, and touched his cheek softly. “Does it still burn?” he asked, and Hinata nodded, flinching away. “A little”

The two sat quietly for a few moments. Suga had pulled Hinata into his lap and continued to give him Touch, rubbing his back and playing with his hair. “Does the fight have to do with this?” Suga asked, touching the half-Mark on the side of Hinatas neck.

Hinata gulped. He hadn’t meant for it to be exposed. He covered it with his hand and turned to look up at Suga “I-its not a full one, its nothing. It wont get in the way” he said. Hinata had half-hoped that it was enough to be a full Mark but he hadn’t felt sick around other Alphas like Noya said it would, so it probably wasn’t enough..

“Good. Your too young to be partnered off” he said, feeling his own Mark. “The collar came in handy” Suga chuckled and touched the metal. “I guess you two spent your heat together?”

Hinata blushed, his neck reddening. “only the first day” he said. “he went home after”

“because you two fought?”

Hinata nodded. “I think he hates me now”

Suga hummed, playing with Hinatas hair. It was matted down a lot from Hinata trying to cover the mark. “I don’t think that” he said. “You may not have seen it, but he kept watching you today. When Yamaguchi ran into you im surprised he didn’t tear him apart” he smiled reassuringly.

“But.. he didn’t want to be on the same team as me..”

“its hard to see your partner when their beside you. If he’s in front of you he could see you in whatever rotation you two were in” he said.

Hinata thought for a moment and bit his lip. That could be it. Was he just seeing things weirdly? It didn’t feel like Kageyama was watching him. It felt like he was actively avoiding him. He didn’t feel any warmth from the Alpha all day.

He shrugged. “it was a big fight. I didn’t think he would avoid me though.” He said. “i-I didn’t think-“ the door jolted. Someone tried to open it, but it was locked.

It was silent before there was a knock on the door.

Suga stood up and unlocked the door, opening it to see who it was, it was Kageyama. “Speak of the devil” Suga said and let Kageyama in. “we were just talking about you Kageyama” Suga closed the door behind him.

“You were were you” he said, sounding unamused and walked over to his bag and grabbed his second water bottle. He looked over at Hinata, wondering just how much the Omega told the Beta.

“Yes, about how I was surprised you let Hinata get Touch starved” Suga said, the disappointment showing in his voice. Kageyama clicked his tongue and turned to leave.

“Its not my fault. his parents don’t like me going over during his heat.” he waited for Suga to move from in front of the door, but he didn’t. “Please move so I can return to practice” Suga didn’t budge.

“Was the fight that bad that you wont even touch him?” Suga asked.

“you told him?!” Kageyama turned and growled at Hinata. “how much?” before getting an answer he turned back to Suga. “Move, please” he tamed the anger in his voice when speaking but he looked visably angry.

Suga frowned. “he didn’t tell me what the argument is about, but whatever it is, you should either talk it out or get over it. You two avoiding one another is only going to negatively impact the team. And leaving your Omega Touch starved-“

“Who said hes-“ Kageyama stopped himself. “fine, ill walk him home and we will talk then” he said, his voice nearing that Alpha growl that affected the lower statuses.

“Hinatas going home now” Suga said, and Kageyama scowled. “Fine, ill stop by his place after practice” he waited for Suga to move.

Content, Suga side stepped and flinched a bit when the door slammed shut behind Kageyama. He sighed and looked to Hinata. “Alphas are stupid” he said again, leaning on the wall. “Are you going to be okay walking home, or should I call your mom” he asked.

Hinata stood up and shook his head. “Ill be fine” he said. “Thank you though, Suga-senpai” he grabbed his bag. “sorry for Kageyamas attitude..”

“You don’t have to apologize for him” Suga touched the top of his head. “Ill try my best to exhaust him before the end of practice.” He smiled and opened the door, closing after they both left.


Hinata rode his bike slowly. He wasn’t really in a rush. He was thinking about what Kageyama said. Not that he said much, but snapping and saying “who said he’s..” he’s what? Not his Omega? Not touch starved? Hinata frowned. So when Kageyama came over to talk, would he be breaking up with him? Was he done with him now? Was this it? Hinata touched his belly, would Kageyama care about the baby? He didn’t tell anyone about it all week.. was he just going to deny its existence?

Hinata was zoned out, biking slowly. He was biking through a park he liked, it had a swing set and playpark and the monkey bars. Hinata always love the money bars. He would practice jumping to grab hold of them as a kid.

It wasn’t until it was almost too late did he see someone in his path and slam on the brakes. “Whoa! Careful!” he said, more concerned than angry. “you should be more careful”

The pedestrian turned to look at Hinata, and Hinata froze. He had on a hoodie, but Hinata could tell it was the Bitten Alpha from the conbini. The one with the scary Alpha and the Beta. This guy didn’t move out of the way, and he didn’t speak, he just looked at him. It was creepy!

Hinata waddled his bike around the Alpha, and turned to look at the creepy guy. Just as he was starting to pedal he felt his bike stop suddenly and jerked forwards. He let out an oof as his face flew forwards, the rear wheel lifting a little.

“Ahh, Gomen” he groaned, rubbing his butt. Even without looking up he felt a sense of dread overtake him, it was an Alpha, it was THE Alpha from the other night..

“Hello there” The other Alpha smiled down at him, his grin just as terrifying as it had been before. He had a grip on the handlebars of Hinatas bike. Hinatas eyes flashed up for a second before he looked down again, unable to speak. He didn’t like this situation. The memory of him slapping the Bitten Alpha came to Hinata and he flinched internally. He had almost biked into the Alpha, was he about to be hit?

The Alpha reached down and gripped Hinatas chin, forcing his face up to make eye contact. The dark eyes bore into Hinata, making his heart race again. His whole body felt like a pulse, being gripped by the hand on his chin. The Alpha licked his lips and chuckled. “We meet again” he purred softly, his hand trailing down Hinatas neck to touch the collar. His face scrunched at the metal, holding onto it until Hinata pulled away. The Touch still hurt a bit.

This seemed to amuse the Alpha, but only for a moment. Hinata hadn’t responded to him, which just wasn’t acceptable.

“I said, Hello” he growled “Aren’t you going to say hello back?!” his eyebrow was raised, and the soft smile from earlier disappeared.

Hinatas blood ran cold and he looked down. The Alphas voice scared him, it made him feel small and submissive.

The Alpha looked down at him, waiting for him to speak. “Well?!”

“H-hello..” Hinata croaked out, keeping his head down. His heart was pounding with fear. Or was it excitement? He wanted to be scared. He was scared! He could smell the absolute Alpha scent coming from his captor, and the unmarked Omega in him wanted to comply completely, but he didn’t want to.

“That’s better” The Alphas voice softened, but kept the power behind it. “now, what’s your name little one?” he asked, lifting Hinatas chin to meet his gaze again.

“Hi-Hinata…” he answered quicker, not wanting to hear the voice in anger again. He was shaking. He could only see one way to get out of this, he had to run. He was fast! He could outrun all of them. He could make it if he tried.

“Hinata huh, so cute.” He purred, tilting Hinatas head to see the collar. “Oh this will get in the way” he tugged at it, his skin hot against Hinatas. “My name is Kozu, and im going to be your Alpha”

Hinata gulped. This guy was dangerous. He was so dangerous! He hit his mates! He was dangerous! Every cell in Hinatas body urged him to run, but the Omega instincts in him told him to stay, to be Marked, to find a mate. To let this happen. It was all overwhelming.

“Oh?” the Alpha looked down at him, surprised. The surprise morphed into a soft chuckle, and a thumb swiping across Hinatas cheek. “Someone’s crying” he said. Hinata blinked. He was crying? He felt his cheeks, pulling his face away from the Alphas grip. He was shaking.

“I’m not” he said, wiping his eyes more, making them redder, but the tears wouldn’t stop. He couldn’t get a hold of himself, it wasn’t fair!

With a chuckle, Kozu gripped Hinatas face again, holding it still as he wiped more of the tears a bit roughly with his jacket sleeve. “Why are you crying? What’s wrong little one” he asked, in a tone that could almost be mistaken for genuine concern.

Hinata tried puling away again but his face was being held tightly. “I-im scared” he admitted when his eyes connected with Kozus. “I don’t want to be bitten. I can’t be. I have a mate. I have a pack, I can’t please don’t” he resorted to begging. He revealed so much information about himself, why did he do that? Why did he just say everything. He panicked! He was panicking! He heard somewhere if you humanize yourself to an attacker they might let you go!

Just like in the conbini, the Alphas face dropped and he looked angry. Hinata flinched, prepared to be slapped, jut like that Bitten Alpha.

Hinata closed his eyes and tried holding his hands up to protect himself again. His heart was racing and he couldn’t even feel the bike under him anymore. He was so consumed with the fear around him, he just wanted Kageyama! Breathing was hard now that the snot was pouring out of his nose and it was so hard to even catch a steady breath. His body was shaking, waiting for that slap across the face.

“Zuzu” a voice piped up, the same one from the conbini. The Beta!

“Zuzu, I got it”

Hinata opened his eyes to see the Beta who hand placed something in the Alphas hand.

“Perfect” Kozu said and touched the top of his head. “Ill leave this to you then” he motioned to Hinata before walking over to the Bitten Alpha.

Hinata was now alone with the Beta who was now wiping Hinatas face with tissues. He still had a chance! “you’re scared” the Beta said, smiling softly. “so was I” he kept his voice low. “don’t worry, it’ll be over quickly” he said and held a tissue to Hinatas nose, motioning for him to blow. Hinata obeyed. He was in shock. “Zuzus not really.. turned on by guys, so just make it easy for him and it’ll be over soon” he smiled. Hinata looked horrified.

The Beta helped him escape last time, why was he doing this now! Why was he trying to comfort him instead of helping him escape! “Just let me go, please” Hinata grabbed the Betas hands. “please, don’t do this to me” he begged.

“Off” The Beta murmured, motioning to the bike.

Hinata sniffled. “Pease, no. please. I have a mate already, I love him, it has to be him, he promised” The Beta wiped Hinatas face again.

“off the bike please” the Beta repeated, his tone remaining the same. He wasn’t swayed by Hinatas pleas. “Zuzu wants you” he touched Hinatas belly, then his own “because I cant..” he frowned, and looked up at Hinata, who was still on his bike. “get off the damn bike” his voice had a bite to it. Hinata lifted a leg and slowly got off the bike, almost losing his balance once. The bike toppled to the side as Hinata was held up by the Beta. He was being Stolen because he could get pregnant? Why! Why!

“I hate this” he sniffled, crouching down and covering his eyes. The Beta was quick to pull him to standing up again.

“Everything will be okay” he kept being told by the Beta. Like this was going to be okay! How was this going to be okay! Nothing was going to be okay! Nothing was ever going to be okay again! Everything was over!

“Take off the bags” he said, and Hinata let the bags slide off his shoulders. They hit the ground with a thud.

The Beta was pleased by his cooperation this time, and cupped Hinatas cheeks, noticing the flinch. “You said you have a mate right? Then why are you Starved?” he asked, tilting his head curiously. “Zuzu would never let you get like this” he smiled softly.

“D-do you love him?” Hinata asked. “How! He hurt the other guy, what if he does that to you?” or me.

The Beta let out a small giggle. “Id love him even if he hit me” he said. “he doesn’t hurt me, he wont hurt you. He chose you. He wouldn’t stop talking about you after we saw you before. Im jealous” he blushed.

Hinata mimicked the others blush. The other was making him feel special, what the heck! Now wasn’t the time to feel all sappy! He shook the blush from his face. He needed to escape. His bags were gone, he was standing, he could easily dead sprint and escape, he would make it home, he would lock the doors, he would be safe! He just needed to get a head start.

“Ma” the Alpha called for the Beta, and his face lit up. “Yea Zuzu?” he looked over at him, and tugged Hinata over to the Alphas.

As they got closer Hinata saw what the Alpha had, it was a key to his collar. The shiny metal rested in his palm, teasing him. How had he gotten it?! did they go to his house? Did they know where he lived?

Hinata stopped walking, but the Beta just tugged him forwards. “Lets go, come on” he looked back at him. “Zuzu wants to just take it off. He wont hurt you.”

Hinata resisted still, trying to take steps backwards. He was still significantly smaller than all 3 of the males, but he had to try! “Please don’t so this” he pleaded again, half afraid of angering ‘Zuzu’. Kageyama ran through his mind, all of the times he had been ignored, all the times he wished for Kageyama to appear, all of those paled in comparison to right now. Why hadn’t Kageyama wanted to go home with him then! Why had he ignored him! Why was this happening!

“Mamoru” the Alphas voice growled. “What’s taking so long?” The Beta, Mamoru, tugged Hinata again and pulled him over to the Alphas.

“Sorry Zuzu” he smiled weakly, upset at having disappointed him. He wiped Hinatas face again, he was still crying. “He’s upset, he’s been left Touch Starved, so he’s battling off the depression” he explained. “if.. if I could have just 5 more minutes, I’ll have it better” he asked, but he was waved off.

“Get over here” Kozu grabbed Hinata by the collar and yanked him closer. He tripped and fell into Kozus chest, before being pulled off him. “Keep your damn footing” he growled. “And stop crying for fucks sake” he turned Hinata around, lifting his hair and sticking the key in the collar.

“No, no, no please” He pleaded one last time, but felt the key turn and the collar unlock. The metal fell away from his neck, revealing the pale skin and the half-Mark.

“You’ve been through this before I see” he said, tracing the half mark.

“I didn’t want it. I don’t want it. I don’t want to leave my pack. Please”

“Your pack? Your packs right here” he whispered, turning him to look at the Alpha and Beta. “The four of us will be a pack, just for you” he pushed Hinatas hair back, looking for the perfect place to leave the Mark. “On the front of your throat, or directly over this one” he said out loud, but Hinata didn’t answer. He tensed up, and squeezed his eyes shut. He waited for the feeling of the Bite, he waited for what seemed like hours, his heartbeat pounding in his chest, the Alphas chest hot on his back.

When he felt the body pull away from him his eyes flashed open and he felt his neck. He hadn’t felt it happen, and he searched his skin for the puncture wounds. He couldn’t find them.

“Run” He heard, and looked up at the Alpha. Did he mishear him? “I said, Run. You don’t want it so much, leave” he growled, and pushed Hinata forwards. The look of disbelief in the Omegas eyes enthralled him. “Before I change my mind”

Hinata took the opportunity and bolted away from the three of them, leaving his bags and bike on the park path.

He pounded pavement, sprinting as hard and fast as he could. He needed to get home, he needed to lock the door, he needed to find his way out of the damn park! He hadn’t even seen another person the entire time.

Hinata paused, he didn’t know which way was the exit. He had to find the exit!

After only 5 minutes Hinata heard footsteps following him. He held in a scream and ran again, looking for a sign, any kind of sign to point him to the road or a police box or something!

Backing up he jumped behind a bush, trying to hide from the footsteps. “Where’s Zuzu?” he heard the Beta asked, speaking to the Bitten Alpha. Kozu wasn’t anywhere to be found. He waited, and waited, but no one followed the two of them. Was it safe? Was it okay to run again?

Hinata stood up, and looked around. It was getting dark, and from where he was standing he could see a street light across the grass. There was a street! The end of the park! He would be okay!

“Took you long enough” a voice in the shadows said, scaring the life out of Hinata. Kozu chuckled. “You didn’t even notice I was here did you” he laughed. “You were so wrapped up in your fear you couldn’t even feel me” he grabbed Hinata and lifted him onto his feet.

“Well, I found you. You know what that means. You had your chance” he held Hinata to his chest, pressing one hand over Hinatas eyes and leaned down to lick the soft skin. “you’re going to be my Omega now” he could feel more tears trickle down his hand.

Hinata could feel the Alphas heartbeat though his body. The Alpha was enjoying this, he was excited. Hinata couldn’t see him, but he could hear his breathing, deep and ragged. “you put up a nice fight” was the last thing Hinata heard before searing pain, and immeasurable pleasure filled his body.

A weak ‘noo” left his lips, but it was too late.