The Grand Magic Games! Naw it’s the Spring Tournament. But it should be the Grand Magic Games, I mean its got knives for feet and spontaneous combustion, wait what? Yea.


SO! So while the mystery behind 15 has been looming over us all, we finally are revealed some information about him! Finally! I mean its only been since Episode 1 that we’ve been curious.

Now as anyone whose been watching the show *ahem I’m supremely late as always* this show is rather light, save for the major mystery that is inmate 15, Jyugo. He is the only Japanese inmate, his hobby is breaking out of prison, and he looks like a little kitty! Plus he’s wearing a striped uniform instead of orange like the other inmates. Style choice or is there a reason?


The Chuunin Exams here are chalk filled with matchups of characters from our protagonists past, or future friends. We are shown the hidden talents of the cell 13 residents, from Unos knack with cards, to Nicos memorization ability. It is pretty standard throughout and while the interaction between the characters is interesting, it ultimately has nothing to do with the plot. There are so many new characters introduce that its impossible to remember names, let alone follow any side-plot with them.


The one character that we will definitely be following up with  is -surprise- 15s rival. We are treated to the intricate background between the characters, and their history with the Man with the Scar! So maybe we are getting closer!

The interactions are cut short because 15 loses it and between him and pyro they are destroying the arena.


Up until this point the episodes had been rather light hearted. Yes they were battle driven, and used a myriad of challenges to keep things interesting, and the humor was pretty spot on with 15 assuming all the Japanese based challenges would be delegated to him. But these battles didn’t provide much in the way of plot. Again because the characters were not going to be continued, they were fluffed up just to make the episode spicy and contrast the character from cell 13 that they were matched up with.

Screenshot 2017-01-16 23.07.01.png

And as for Spicy! Any Hajime fans out there? The relationship between the inmates and Hajime has been on the more positive side up until now, so how will the results of this battle affect that relationship.


In the end with the Event ruined, what did they expect? My bigger question is how long has 15 been at Nanba Prison? Under a year? They’ve probably told us at some point but I wasn’t listening. But if he’s been there longer than a year, then he must have been aware of the games. And if the way cell 13 was chosen, the warden wanted to choose Hajime, then would 15 have participated in the last games? Could any of the members from cell 13 have been involved in the games the last year?


So things went too far and now everyone’s mad at everyone. 15 lost his cool and a major reveal about the metal cuffs on him as been exposed, and it’ll be important down the line! Finally! We get down to the nitty gritty that was promised in episode 1! Although episode 1 sort of promised a more sinister type of plot surrounding 15. Like he was going to be the antagonist in the long run, not the long-term victim.. Also I want to see more of Hajimes brother. I feel like him and Nico would get along well.


Out of all of the high action moments in the episode group, my favorite was when they had Nico checked out by the doctor. He wasn’t hurt, but after witnessing a pyrokinetic and a Edward Scissorlimbs, and his ability to absorb any technique after seeing it once, they had a right to be worried! Just that little bit of info was so awesome to see included, as I had forgotten that nugget of information as well.


Well that’s what I got for this episode group! A lot of action with little lasting effects. It wasn’t filler but it wasn’t plot dense. It was entertaining, like the majority of the episodes so far.


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Thanks for reading!