Small packages sometimes hold great treasures, and this little mini show seems to be pretty damn precious.

Its short, only 2 minutes, and we meet 3 characters. The boy, his love interest, and his obstacle.

The elements are introduced easily enough. Hirai the love interest loves Kanji, and Sagara, the protagonist, loves that about her.

No boobs!

No Boobs? No boobs!

No panties either. *gasp*

It gives off a slightly educational vibe, with information on the Kanji being almost the primary focus. The kanji in the episode are drawn delicately and Hirai outlines its sound and its meaning which is pretty cool!


I don’t think this ill be a deep plotted anime, but I definitely want to see more, if even just for the information each time. Its cute without the need for ecchi elements.


Besides, the guy listens to the girl gush about what she loves, and he loves that she loves it. That’s goals.

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